New Wacom Tablet Drivers are Available

Hey Gang,

There are new drivers available from Wacom.  It appears that I missed the ones posted on 10/15/13 for Macs.  There is a new set posted on 12/10/13 for Window Users.  The drivers are for Cintiq Companion Products, Cintiq Products, Intuos Pro, and Intuos.  There is a driver posted 12/19/13 for Bamboo Tablets.  Like I said, all the ones posted in December are for Windows users, the October posts are for Macs.

I did update to the latest driver because I was having a couple of issues and I am on an Intuos 5.  If you are not having issues, I’m not sure you would need to update your driver if you are on an older tablet.

Don’t forget to back up your preferences before you uninstall and install.



Corel Painter X3 SP1, New Flower Brushes…Loads of Fun

Hello Everyone,

I have made a new brush set called HOS 2013 Florals for Painter X3.  PLEASE NOTE: These brushes are for Painter X3 only; do not try to install in any other version of Painter.  I had planned to introduce the brushes to the blog first, but I was having so much fun with them, I decided to introduce them in the Holiday Open Studio class at the Digital Art Academy, which is why I named them, HOS 2013 Florals.  HOS stands for Holiday Open Studio.

Anyway, I am making them available here, too, plus I have added 10 videos showing how I use some of the brushes to create this painting.

Painting created in Painter X3 using watercolors, specifically my new set called HOS 2013 Florals

Painting created in Painter X3 using watercolors, specifically my new set called HOS 2013 Florals

I hope you enjoy the videos.  I tried to make them around 5 minutes long, but toward the end, I did get a bit verbose.  In the first video, I set up the paper layer and added a beautiful painting by Monet to the mixer pad, which allows me to use the color scheme of Monet’s painting.

I create a simple sketch in the second video.

Next, I create the background.  Here is video 3.

In video 4, I am using two new brushes, Basic Watercolor and Basic Watercolor 2

In video 5 I show the use of a layer mask.

I create another layer mask in video 6.  In both video 5 and 6 I use a new brush called Channel Painter.

In video 7 I use a new brush called Dark Edged Wash.  I brought back several older favorite brushes and added them to this category.  Thick and Thin 17 from Cool Springs is an example.

I use a layer command called Lift Canvas to Watercolor Layer in the eighth video.  This command is a must for working in watercolor in Painter.

Finally, I bet you are tired of waiting, I use Flower Maker and Flower Painter; the two flower brushes included in HOS 2013 Florals.  And, guess what?  You find out that it was the paper making the flowers all along.

The tenth video shows finishing touches.  I hope you enjoyed the series.

There are three downloads for this post; the brushes, the suminagashi papers, and a flow map library.  I didn’t use a flow map in this demonstration, but several of the brushes can use flow maps.  I would use the Paint Jam 2 Flow maps provided in a earlier post.


HOS 2013 Florals category

Suminagashi Papers

The suminagashi papers would not have been possible without David Gell’s wonderful Suminagashi 2 Brushes.  David has a new site devoted to Painter X3 called Jitter Brush – X3 and Beyond.  Thank you David for all that you do for the Painter Community.  I have learned more about brushes from you than anyone else.

OK friends, I think that about covers it for this post.  Enjoy and I hope each and every one of you have a Happy Holiday and a fabulous New Year.

New Wacom Drivers Released September 3, 2013…Go Get ‘em!

Hello Everyone,

I just found out that Wacom released new drivers on Sept 3, 2013.  For the link for downloads for folks in the Americas look below:

Wacom Tablet Drivers

I am a little confused by the drivers this time.  There are drivers for the Intuos Pro, and the Intuos.  I am away from home and have my Intuos 4 with me.  I know the driver for the Intuos is the correct driver for the Intuos 4.  I am uncertain if that is the driver for the Intuos 5.  I believe the driver for the Intuos 5 will be the same as the driver for the Intuos Pro, but I cannot test it until I return home.

Remember you should uninstall your previous Wacom tablet driver before installing the new one.  If you do not know how to do this, look on the blog banner above for Search.  Search for Intuos Drivers or installing Intuos drivers to find the post about uninstalling and installing Intuos drivers.



Corel Paint Jam Tomorrow – Come see Karen, Peggy and Me – It will be fun

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow at 3:00 PM EDT Join Painter Masters Karen Bonaker, Peggy Gyulai, and yours truly…me, for this hands-on, three-part Jam series that covers everything you wanted to know about creating digital art from a traditional artist’s perspective.

Sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 live dynamic sessions that cover the entire artistic creation process—from starting with a blank canvas to creating your final artistic masterpiece.

  • Session 1: Sept. 11, 2013
  • Session 2: Sept. 18, 2013
  • Session 3: Sept. 25, 2013

Don’t have Painter X3? No problem. Download a FREE, 30-day trial version and join in the jam!

Download free trial

Jam Session 1:
Meet the artists

Get to know Skip, Karen and Peggy and find out what fuels their creative process. Each artist will take you on a colorful trip down memory lane as they show and tell how they became professional working artists. Plus, they’ll provide invaluable tips for tackling that blank canvas and avoiding artist’s block.

Date: Wed. Sept. 11, 2013
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. EDT

Register Now

Jam Session 2:
Digital Paint Jam!

Watch as Skip, Karen and Peggy paint live. The session will rotate from one Master to another as they collaborate and inspire each other’s progress. Paint along with them and put their Painter knowledge and skills to the test!

Date: Wed. Sept. 18, 2013
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. EDT

Register Now

Jam Session 3:
Grand finale

See the finishing touches applied to the Masters’ paintings and learn what challenges they came up against, what brushes they discovered and what lessons they learned that they’ll take with them for their next project. Plus, get some insight into what to do once your work is complete, with topics covering mixed media inspiration, social media and selling your newly created masterpiece!

Date: Wed. Sept. 25, 2013
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. EDT

Register Now


Attend tomorrow and see how I changed from this:

OMGosh...that's circa 1980

OMGosh…that’s circa 1980

to this:

Good grief, what can I say.  HO HO HO I guess.

Good grief, what can I say. HO HO HO I guess.

Hope you can join us on the 11th, 18th, and 25th of September.



Corel Painter X3 Is Here; View the Videos for a Quick Look at the New Stuff

Hello Friends,

I am so excited.  Corel Painter has announced the launch of the newest version, Corel Painter X3.  There are some fabulous new features and enhancements.  Let’s get to the videos.  They are all short and meant to give you a quick overview of the new stuff, but they do not give all the details.  Look for an announcement of my class taking you through the new stuff in detail.  Registration will be open soon for my class at the Digital Art Academy, probably tomorrow.

Have you ever had trouble finding a brush.  Not any more.  Check out the new Brush Search function.

The next video describes the new Reference Image, which I particularly like.  I am not cloning as much as I used to, so the reference image fits my work flow.

I find the enhance stroke preview very helpful when making brushes.

I really hope you like the next new feature.  We have new mixer pads made by several artist, including one from me.  Check it out.

There are wonderful new brushes in X3, using something called Universal Jitter.  I’ll speak about that in the next video; in this one I’ll give you a taste of what the Jitter Brushes can do.

You’ve seen how the Jitter brushes work…here is what makes them tick…Universal Jitter.

If you adjust brushes, you are familiar with the minimum slider in the Size Brush Control Panel.  Guess what?  Added to multiple brush controls are minimum sliders.  I love it.

I can’t help it; this is one of my all time favorite things in Painter X3.  The Advanced Brush Control makes adjusting brushes so easy.  I know you will love it.

OMGosh…the new perspective guide is incredible.  Like the other quick videos, the functions of this tool are not shown in-depth.  I will have a class that will give you all the new features in greater detail.

Enhanced Cloning is a misnomer.  I think the new Clone Source Image will revolutionize the cloning work flow.  If feel like a new feature, not an enhancement.  I love this enhancement.

The development team improved layers; they are very stable.  Also added is the ability to transform across layers, even groups.   This is an amazing addition.

I think this is one of the coolest new features.  Now when making a color set, you can set the number of colors you want returned.  Created color sets are very useful.

And the final video concerns the return of Onion Skin when making movies or animation.  But this video will also tell you about new papers, flow maps, and patterns.  And, I do not want to forget that even though Mac users will not have a 32 bit version of Painter X3, an added memory extender allows Mac users to use extra memory.

OK…whew…that’s it for today.  I’ve tried to give you a quick intro to all that is new in Painter X3.  As I have mentioned, I will have a class at the Digital Art Academy called Discover What’s New in Painter X3.  We are in the process of setting up the registration page.  As soon as it is up…probably tomorrow…I’ll let you know.  I hope some will join the class and learn the details of what’s new in Painter X3.



I Love Corel Painter Lite and Have Had So Much Fun Today

Hello Everyone,

Today, for laughs, I opened Corel Painter Lite, and I definitely had a blast.  There is so much about the program to like.  It is mean, lean and speedy.  It paints like a dream. Anyway, I wanted to practice some stuff I have learned lately.  And Corel Painter Lite was the obvious choice.  I love taking classes, both digital painting classes and traditional painting classes.

In the traditional painting classes I always ask if I can join the class but use Corel Painter instead of real paint and brushes.  Most folks don’t mind.  Anyway, for a long time my friend and mentor, Karen Bonaker,  has been preaching value drawings, which I have resisted doing.  And another mate and mentor, Tim Shelbourne, has shouted into my deaf ear, value drawings dear boy, value drawings.  Sigh, I’m not really hard of hearing, more like hard-headed.

Then I found a school while searching the web called Tucson Art Academy.  The school also has an online school presence with online classes for traditional artists.  I checked out their online courses and found several that looked appealing.  I decided to take a course called A Painterly Approach to Street Scenes and Architecture taught by Phil Starke.  I did enjoy the class, but the fates were against me…Phil talked about value sketches and value paintings a whole bunch, just like my buds do.  Surely there is a law against such torture.

Cornered by my friends and Phil, listening to them sing the praises of value drawings and value paintings, I had no other choice but to make value sketches.  Before I forget and feel the wrath of Tim, a proper British gentleman, in the Queen’s English he reminds me that the correct term is tone not value.  Tim will not listen to my comments about how Old English is exactly what it is, old.  That’s why software comes in American English now, you know.  Oh boy, I’m really asking for it now.

Anyway, I did take Phil’s class and I used Painter 12.2 SP1.  This morning when I opened Corel Painter Lite, I was just going to mess around.  But as I started playing, I realized that Corel Painter Lite is a great program to practice making value drawings and paintings.  And why not make a video of the process.

Some of the time, I work from my imagination, other times, I use a reference photograph.  Corel Painter Lite does not have a clone options, and I’ve heard a few folks say they really miss it.  So, I decided to work with a reference; I used a photograph I shot from our upstairs deck looking at the backyard with a utility building right in the middle.  Well, the class was about scenic streets and architecture; doesn’t the utility building count?

I am a fantastic photographer…my nose just grew 3 inches.  Here is the image that I decided to use.


Exciting picture of my backyard.

I have no idea why I took this picture.  I’m pretty sure I was checking out some button on my camera.  Obviously I need to salvage the photograph making it useful for a painting.  Did I go to Photoshop, or Corel Painter 12.2? Nope, I did it in Corel Painter Lite.  Doesn’t sound so lite anymore, does it?  I think we forget from time to time, that in Corel Painter or Corel Painter Lite, we are painting.  We do not need perfect photos.  I’ve seen some incredible paintings using poorly shot cell phone camera images as references.  So the first video is about how I tweaked the photo in Corel Painter Lite.  Enjoy.

OK…photo looks good.  What’s next?  I could start my value sketch from scratch.  But I wanted to make my value sketch in a way that I didn’t have to draw or block it freehand.  I think I have a good solution.  You will have to decide for yourself.  In my second video I prepare the canvas.

Now, let’s not forget that this whole exercise is about making a value sketch followed by a value painting followed by making the finished full color painting.  The last video for today does create a value sketch.  Oh, I forgot, one other important concept that my two pals and Phil harp about is simplification.  I’m not a simple person, well maybe I am, but my paintings tend to include everything seen plus the proverbial kitchen sink.  Value sketches are a great simplification tool.  Reducing an image to 3 or 4 values definitely simplifies the image.  So instead of working with details, I am working with large shapes that have a similar value.  Value sketches are stress free because they need not be perfect copies of the reference.  I can really let go of details with a value sketch.  The third video shows how I did it.

OMGosh, I heard what you are thinking.  My value sketch is the pits.  It isn’t, I promise.  It is FANTASTIC; just wait.

I mean that, you have to wait.  See, I have this idea that maybe some of you might like to paint along.  Download the Corel Painter Lite free trial.  Go on…do it…and paint along with a photograph of your choice.  I think you will love it.

Update: I discovered today that there isn’t a free trial download for Macs, only for PCs.  The Mac version is sold through the Apple Store, not through Corel.  Sorry, I should have checked more closely.



Make a Signature, Corel Painter 12.2, an Answer to a Question from Paul

Hello Everybody,

A question came from Paul via the Digital Art Gallery.  He uses Elements to make a signature and recently saw someone make a signature brush in Photoshop.  He wanted to know if you can make a signature in Painter 12.2.

Absolutely Paul, you can make a signature in Painter 12.2.  Check out this video:

Well, wouldn’t you know it.  I forgot to talk a bit about the Text Tool.  I will save covering the Text Tool in-depth for another time.

Okay, that is how I would make a signature in Painter 12.2