New Wacom Drivers Released for Windows and OS X Yesterday

Hey Gang,

New drivers are available at Wacom Support.  I have just installed them, but it is too early to tell what it changed.  In my case, I have been having a strange issue with my Cursor disappearing with the 24″ HD Touch Cintiq.  Wacom support told me that this driver should fix the issue.  I certainly hope so; it has been annoying to say the least…but even so, I still love the Cintiq.

Since I have been in touch with Wacom support, I have had many emails describing how to install a new driver.  The recommendation is to uninstall the present driver and install the new one.  However, do not forget to open you Wacom Tablet Utilities and back up your current settings, so you will be able to restore them when your new driver is installed.  Otherwise you will lose all of your settings.

OK…here are the directions for installing a new driver for a PC sent to me by Wacom Support.  I’m pretty sure you would do the same thing for a Mac, but I don’t know where or how you delete the driver…sorry gang…I don’t have a Mac:

For our products, only one driver can be installed at a time, so I will include driver directions to follow for a clean install, and use Internet Explorer or Firefox, not Google Chrome, as a web browser:

Disconnect the tablet from the computer

Open your Start Menu and then the Control Panel

Open Programs and Features

Uninstall any listing here for Tablet or Wacom Tablet and then restart the computer

After restarting, temporarily disable any antivirus software, download and install only the latest driver from:

Once the installation is complete, and the system is stable, connect the tablet

As always, make sure your tablet is connected directly to your computer.
Avoid using USB hubs, keyboard/monitor ports, or docking stations with the tablets during the installation phase, as they can cause inconsistent behavior.

OK, that is what I was told and that is the way I uninstall an old driver and install a new one.




If anyone has the directions for a Mac, please post them in the comments for others.


New Wacom Tablet Drivers Released for Windows

Hello Friends,

Wacom has released new tablet drivers for Windows OS.  I am sure Mac will follow shortly.  I have a new Cintiq 24 HD Touch that hasn’t worked correctly since I bought it a few weeks ago.  Wacom support tells me the new driver will fix the situation.  I hope so.

To find the drivers, follow this link.  Wacom Drivers

Remember it is best to uninstall the current drivers, reboot, install the new drivers, and reboot.





New Wacom Drivers Posted 4/7/2014

Hey Gang,

Wacom posted new tablet drivers on April 7, 2014.  There are drivers for new products as well as legacy products.  Just my gut feeling, but it seems that both drivers are identical.  I have the Intuos 5 Touch, a legacy product.  I downloaded the legacy driver and found it works great with my legacy product.  The Wacom Desktop Center didn’t work with the Intuos 5 Touch with earlier drivers; I would get a message that a compatible product wasn’t found.  But with the new drivers, this added feature works fine.

Here are the links to the drivers:

Current products

Legacy products

Sorry about not making posts lately.  I have learned some new stuff about patterns and papers, and I will share it very soon.  It is really fun stuff.



New Wacom Tablet Drivers are Available

Hey Gang,

There are new drivers available from Wacom.  It appears that I missed the ones posted on 10/15/13 for Macs.  There is a new set posted on 12/10/13 for Window Users.  The drivers are for Cintiq Companion Products, Cintiq Products, Intuos Pro, and Intuos.  There is a driver posted 12/19/13 for Bamboo Tablets.  Like I said, all the ones posted in December are for Windows users, the October posts are for Macs.

I did update to the latest driver because I was having a couple of issues and I am on an Intuos 5.  If you are not having issues, I’m not sure you would need to update your driver if you are on an older tablet.

Don’t forget to back up your preferences before you uninstall and install.



New Wacom Tablet Drivers Available for Products Currently Being Sold

Hey Gang,

Wacom posted new drivers for the PC on 10/07/2013 and for the Mac on 10/15/2013.  I had missed the posts, so thank you to my friend Miguel for telling me about the new releases.

The new releases are only for the newer products, but I do think that the site is a little confusing.  So to make sure I understood what was up, I wrote Wacom Support and received excellent guidance from Travis Hackett, Tier 3 Support Technician.  When you go to the driver download site, you see a rather large array of drivers listed, for instance a Cintiq Hybrid, Cintiq, Intuos Pro, Intuos (previously called Bamboo), etc.  Just match your product with the proper driver.

If you have an Intuos 4 or another older tablet, then you would check the legacy driver site for the correct driver to use.  Those drivers have not changed since the September 3, 2013 release.



New Wacom Drivers Available 6/18/2013

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been out and about and not doing anything on the blog…I’m so bad.  But, I had to jump in and let you know that Wacom has new drivers available.  That’s all folks.  There are posts on my blog that will tell you how to install and uninstall your Wacom Drivers.  There is a search feature above…it will take you to other posts about the Wacom Driver.

I’ll be back soon, I promise.



Additional information:

Sorry, I made this post very fast and left out some information that might be helpful.

I have not checked the regions other than the Americas, so it is possible if you live outside of that region, the drivers have not been updated for you.  All regions are usually updated within a week or so of each other.

Here is the link for the Wacom Drivers in the Americas.

You can find how to uninstall and install Wacom drivers for the PC and Mac on my blog here:  Uninstall and Install Wacom Drivers.

The Wacom Drivers can fail from time to time when launching.  Look at this blog post for some answers to that problem.

Ok…hope these links help.


New Wacom Tablet Driver and a Note from Me.

Hello Friends,

Guess what!  We have a new tablet driver from Wacom.  Sorry, I am a few days late; the new driver was available March 18.  I did notice something strange.  Usually Wacom leaves previous drivers on the site, but for some reason, the last driver from Feb 13 has been removed.  You can find the new driver HERE.

Here is what Wacom says about the new update:

Driver supports Intuos5 (PTH),  Intuos4 (PTK) and Intuos3 (PTZ) pen tablets and the Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq22HD, Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq  12WX, Cintiq 20WSX, DTH-2242, DTU-2231, DTU-1931, DTU-1631 and DTU-1031 pen displays.

Save the file to your computer and then double-click on it to launch the installer.

Release Notes:

  • Improved touch performance
  • Fixed several issues releated to custom aplication settings
  • Redesign of calibration reminder dialog
  • Fixed a handedness issue with ExpressKeys
  • Improved pan/scroll functionality in Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes
  • Known limitations for Cintiq 13HD: Cintiq 13HD uses a new Wacom Display Settings utility to manage the display’s colors etc.. When Cintiq is one of multiple displays, the system display configuration must be set to “Extend these displays” while using the utility .

If you have any questions, please contact Wacom Technical Support at 800-922-6613.


I have been meaning to write a quick note about what’s going on with me.  Well, I’ve waited so long to say anything, you may already know I have taken a sabbatical from teaching for a few months.  I will be back at DAA with new classes in July.  I’m still around in the forums and in other DAA classes.  I had hoped I would have more time for my blog, but that hasn’t been the case…I seem to have less time.

Deciding what material to present on the blog is tough for me right now.  I guess it is like writer’s block.  If anyone, has a special topic that they would like to see on the blog, do let me know.  It will probably goad me into action. :)

OK…go get your Wacom Driver and look for classes from me around July.



“Hey, don’t close.  I’ve got questions.”

“Don’t you always, Kevin?  Look, if you are going to live here rent-free, you need to make yourself invisible.”

“I am to our Public, but I’m working on being visible on the blog”

“Good grief, what next.  You said you had a question or questions.”

Kevin pumped up as good as a good virus could and asked, “Am I on sabbatical, too?”

“Bollocks to that! Go bounce around and leave me in peace.”

OK friends, that’s it for now.

Don’t forget to get your Wacom Tablet Drivers,