New Video – Cloning in Painter 12

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I have a class starting Digital Art Academy called Painter 12, A New Beginning.  To find out more and register, follow this link: Painter 12, A New Beginning

I have just completed another video tutorial about Corel Painter 12.  The more I use the program the more I like it.  This tutorial is about cloning and using Painter 12’s new Clone Source Panel.  I show how the method works, but I don’t actually complete a piece; I wanted to keep the video short.  Also, if you like to auto-paint, you can do it easily.  Once you have set up the Clone Source Panel, just open the Auto-Painting Panel and proceed as you would in Painter 11.  This tutorial will be a two-parter.  There are a number of other things I want to show you using the Cloning Panel instead of using the Clone Source Panel.  Both tools are terrific and fun to do.  Here is the video.

If you love the music, it is by Michael Moore-Kelly. You can get his album, “Piano Without Makeup” from

Look for another video soon.


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  1. Excellent videos Skip, thank you.
    I should like to take your class “Painter 12 – A New Beginning” in oct/nov, but I am going on holyday to Turkey.
    If I enroll but not participate, it is possible to download all the videos when I get back?

    • Hi Carl,
      The class starts on Oct 22 and ends Nov 18. We usually keep the classroom open for a couple of weeks and sometimes more for folks who haven’t finished. Do you think you will be back by Dec 2? If so, you should still be able to access the videos and download all 4 weeks of them.
      Session 1 in 2012 will start Jan 28 and ends Feb 24. It is always better to participate in the class because you may have a number of questions that I could answer for you. You may want to wait and take the class next year.
      It is OK with me either way.

  2. I’m trying to register for the Painter 12 class but I keep going around in circles on the Digital Art Academy site. I land on Holiday Open House, clicking on the Painter 12 link from there brings up a 404 Error page. Is the course closed?

    • Hi Maria,

      I am sorry you are getting the error message; I thought there would be a message explaining that registration is closed for Session Six. You just missed it. Registration closes a week after class starts.

      Registration for Session One starts Dec 31. Session One classes start Jan 28, 2012.

      Hope we see you in Session One,

  3. I loved the video #1 on cloning. It answered a lot of question I had about cloning. I have one question about the use of the cloning source panel. When Karen did her painting of the Lilly painted it in Painter 12 I assume and saved it as a Rif file to preserve the layers. Then you selected it as a source file to clone, by having the layers still there, you were able to use different layers as a source. What happens when you scan a photo or pick up a photo that is a jpeg, and doesn’t have any layers. What do you use then? just the jpeg?

    Thank You so much, when is the other video going to be up?


    • Hi Pat,

      Glad you liked the first video. I’m probably not going to continue with this clone because I have done others and am leading up to the next more complex tut on cloning. First I need to do a tut or two on channels.

      You can use a jpg or photograph as a clone source, but what I do is save the jpg as a rif file and then duplicate the image several times. On each layer created, I change the image with the Underpainting panel. I increase the contrast, saturation, or use intense color. I also use the presets like Modern, Classic, or Impressionist. Now you can use each layer as a clone source.

      Hope this helps,

  4. I JUST FINISHED THE FIRST CLASS AT THE DIGITAL ART ACADEMY. It was excellent, very good PDF files to keep and refer to. From totally ignorant I can now find my around Painter 12 , can’t remember everything but know where to find it and I am starting to produce something viable . Looking forward to part 2 starting in April 4 which would be a good place for those with some experience to start. Sandy W

    My question is are all these files saved in rid for right now? I am still a little mixed up about saving the files, the last one I get. Thanks!

    • Hi Sandy,
      I am not sure I understand your question, but I think you are asking if all the clone sources are saved in RIF files. If you are cloning with multiple sources, each file that you add to the clone source panel is attached to your target document. If you save the target document as a RIF file, then all the clone source images are saved with it. If you save it as any other type file…PDF, TIF, JPG, etc., then the clone source files are not saved with the target.

      I hope that helps and answers your question.


  5. Thank you so much for the informative video. I just started using the free trial that Corel Painter 12 offered to try to decide if I prefer Corel or PhotoShop. Do you have a preference if you could only have 1 or do you use and need both?

    • Hi Linda,
      After you install painter, be sure and go to the website and update the program with SP-1, Painter 12.1, and the Hot Fix for Painter 12.1.

      I do have Photoshop and Painter and I need and use both, but for different reasons. I need Photoshop to work with my photographs. I need Painter because I enjoy painting in a dynamic way that feels like I am working with traditional media. Both programs are terrific, but I have to say that Painter is my favorite.

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