More Performance for Macs, Corel Painter 12.2 Service Pack 1

Hey Everybody,

Yesterday, the Corel Painter team released Service Pack 1 (SP1).  It includes a number of documented bug fixes and performance optimization for the Mac and PC.  For complete information about SP1, do read the Corel Blog post by Andy Church.

Here are some of the highlights from Andy’s Post:

“The patch includes a specific performance optimization option for 64-bit Mac systems that have traditional SATA hard drives. Because Painter 12 for Mac is a 32-bit application, and the 64-bit version is still in progress, our team wanted to deliver this service pack as a sign of good faith and to let you know the Mac platform is equally important to us.”

“So what does the Mac performance optimization option deliver? The option, which is called the Mac Memory Manager, lets you take advantage of more your system’s available RAM. It also lets you control how much of your system’s RAM you want to designate to Painter. When you install the service pack, the Memory Manager is NOT enabled. For information about enabling the Memory Manager, please refer to the Read Me.”

I know this is great news for Mac users because it will definitely improve performance.  Be sure to read Andy’s blog for the rest of the information.  Painter notifies you of an update, if you have notify me of updates active.  Otherwise click here for the Service Pack.

Please, do not think this Service Pack 1 is only for Mac users; it is not.  There are bug fixes as well as the performance enhancement.  You do want to download Painter 12.2 SP1.




10 responses to “More Performance for Macs, Corel Painter 12.2 Service Pack 1

  1. Hi Skip,

    Thanks for the info. Before I download for PC, would appreciate your comments on the new fixes for it. As always, you are a gem for keeping us up to date on anything new and

    important to create the best art using Painter 12. Thank you



    • Hi Alice,

      I am not sure what all the fixes are. I think I am seeing improvements for layers, selections and transformation. But, it really doesn’t matter. It is best to keep your software up-to-date with the latest updates. You do want to download and install this Service Pack 1.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Thanks bunches Skip .. I just did a check for updates and was told there weren’t any for my version (which is 12.2) .. however, after I read Andy’s blog and clicked the link .. and checked which version I have vs the update, by gosh .. I do need the update! My computer must be sleeping on the job!! Thanks again .. Hugs

    • Hey Charlie…I know…sometimes it doesn’t appear to work for all of us. Don’t know why. I have mine set to be notified and I didn’t get the notification when I opened Painter, either. But I know a lot of folks who do. It is a mystery.

      I’ll be Watson to your Holmes…I’ll tag along while solve the mystery. 🙂 Hugs, Skip

  3. Thanks for the update reminder, it seems to run fine with no problems noted. You are an inspiration to all budding artists, I appreciate all you have doneDaryl

  4. Thanks Skip. I installed it yesterday but haven’t tried yet. That’s great to know Corel is working on these mac fixes.

    • You bet! I think they are working very hard to bring us the best product for both Macs and PCs. The Mac performance enhancement is a welcomed addition. Thanks, Skip

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