Corel Painter Freestyle, Check It Out! I love it.

OMGosh Folks,

Painter Tutorials added a video showing Painter Freestyle using a Leap Motion controller.  The controller isn’t available yet, but google Leap Motion and you can pre-order.   It is very reasonable; I have pre-ordered.

Want to see a demo?  Check it out.

It is amazing.  I’ll be back with more posts later.  I’ve been hiding. 🙂



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  1. Amazing how the technology is progressing with digital art and tools. however, I think personally for me, holding my arms and hands like that would be painful and complicated with carpal tunnel.

    • Hi Kari,
      I thought the same thing, but I have talked with someone who has used Leap Motion in general, and he reports that it isn’t troublesome. You can rest your elbows, which should help. But, until I can try it, I don’t know if holding my arms up and out would be a problem. Actually, I’ll get some wrist straps with weight and exercise while I am painting. 🙂 Seriously, I think we are going to be surprised when we try it.

  2. Thanks Skip.I agree with Kari, I don’t think I would like painting on the screen and having to hold my hand up like that. I am happy sitting in my recliner with my Wacom! Getting old and lazy :O)

    • Eva…not you. You don’t sit in a recliner do you? Well, guess what, I got a call that my new recliner has arrived and I can schedule delivery. I’m thinking, I could hold the Leap Motion controller in my lap and lie back and make like I am conducting an orchestra. Bet that would be fun. Actually, kind of interesting…painting with rhythm. New tools, new fun is the way I see it.

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date Skip. I agree with the others about the likely discomfort of waving your arms around for a prolonged session. It looks to be more of a toy for filling in sloppy larger areas, and not a precision instrument. Definitely not a candidate for fine details or line drawing and pencil sketching. I’m not going to give up Wacom’s fine system of stylus and tablet.

    • Hey Steve…
      I’m really not sure. Have you gone to Leap Motion web site and seen their video about using the technology in many different places. And, I believe there are others making a similar product…not sure, don’t know any, it is just a hunch on my part. This technology may be important, and I’m saying it is going to make some big changes everywhere.
      I wouldn’t give up my Wacom, either. But I have found it interesting that a lot of cintiq users also have a tablet. I’m thinking that having both would be fantastic. Not everything shown was painting. Did you see the guy make commands with gestures. Those were really cool.
      OK…I got to go…folks are going to think I am just in it for the toys. 🙂

  4. Skip thank you keeping us on top of things. The new driver really does make a differece. Just read your post on Freestyle. It looks very interesting. I am wondering if one’s arm might tire much more with all the lifting to control the tool.
    Hugs as always,

    • Hey Kathleen,
      Yes, I’m finding the driver is working well for me, too.
      My gosh, everyone is worried about lifting their arms. If I think about exercise, I go lie down until I get over it. But this is a cool way to sneak it in. I’m going to have arms like Popeye!

    • Winifred, my Friend,
      That video will cost a lot! 🙂 You know it would be fun to dance and paint. I wonder if you could connect five or six and dance around in front of them. Hmmm…this may be more fun than I thought.

  5. Oh no, no, no!! It’s not for me — waving my poor old arms in the air like a crazy whirling dervish 🙂

    Even with Painter and a Wacom the subtleties of feedback are greatly diminished. For me, I love the *FEEL* of drawing; the scratching of lead on paper; that wonderful feeling when the canvas — stretched taught as a drum — yields to the pressure of my paintbrush… Swoooon!

    Ta for the heads-up though, Skip. (Is ‘Skip’ short for anything?)

    Roy P

    • Wait a minute, Roy. When I painted traditionally…long, long ago…I stood at an easel and painted with my arms raised…or at least one arm. The other was holding the palette. Your arms should be the size of the current Mr. Universe. 🙂

      I get it, age is catching up with us. But, I’m going to fight it as long as I can.

      OMGosh, I just thought of a great idea. We could make canes with a curved surface on the top to rest your arms. The canes could support your arms while your flip and flap your hands. It’s perfect. 🙂


  6. Ha! That would really look like a Dali crutch! 🙂
    Thanks for the video Skip! And I guess you are right, when you paint traditionally you keep your arms raised for hours without even thinking of it.

    • Hey Kenneth…a Dali crutch. 🙂

      You are right about painting traditionally…lol. I don’t get the worry over tired arms. I am sure mine will tire as I started using the device, but my strength would improve and I’m sure I would paint in longer sessions. Of course, none of us know what it will really be like until we try it. I’m game and can’t wait to give it a whirl.

  7. Will one need to purchase an app in order for it to work with Painter? Do you have any idea how much the apps will cost?

    • Hi Isabelle Ann,
      Looking at the video, the painter isn’t using an app, but looks to be using the regular painter program. I think we are going to have to wait until May to get the full story. You would need the Leap device, which is about $70.00 if you preorder. I don’t know if that price will change. I am anxious to see how this develops.

      • Thanks, Skip. I did look at the controller–just can’t wrap by mind around something that sophisticated being able to interact with various programs. Looks wonderful. Love the part of the video where he is gesturing with a paint brush–it would be fun to try this and you’re right, the device is reasonably priced.

        • I’m with you…I do want to try it. Don’t wrap your mind around it; that could hurt. I don’t try to figure this kind of stuff out…I just go with the flow. 🙂

  8. “I love my stylus and Intuos pad,
    although my art is sometimes quite bad,
    I don’t think waving my hands in the air
    at my dog or my wife would be terribly fair,
    so I’ll save my fluttering for flying away
    when I’ve painted my oeuvre for no pay.”

    Skip- I hope to see you in a class sometime soon.

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