Corel Painter X3, Beyond Painting Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

I was looking through a folder where I save test or experimental images and noticed an image of a Rose that I cloned from a beautiful photograph by Melissa Gallo.…thank you Melissa for allowing me to use your photograph.  I didn’t mean to finish this image; it is just a test piece.  I was testing a cloner brush, and I discovered what I needed to know and stopped working on the image.

Test image created in Corel Painter X3, Custom Oil Cloner Brush

Test image created in Corel Painter X3, Custom Oil Cloner Brush

As you can see, the image is a bit rough, but interesting I think.  I wondered if I could do something to the image that would complete it.  I decided to video the process and share with you.

In the first video, I duplicated the canvas layer and changed the composite method to gel.  Gel composite method is transparent and over the canvas layer it tends to darken the image and add richness to the colors, but the values darken.  Using a layer mask, I show how to reclaim some of the lighter values.

The image after video 1

The image after video 1

In video two I use Adjust Colors from the Effects Menu.  This function allows you to change hue, saturation, and value similar to the way the Underpainting Panel works.  But Adjust Colors has an extra powerful feature; it can use Uniform Color, Paper, Image Luminance, or Original Luminance as guides.  Using Image Luminance is my favorite way to use Adjust Colors.  Adjust colors is global, unless you use a selection and then only the area within the selection changes.

The image after video 2.  Notice the subtle color changes?

The image after video 2. Notice the subtle color changes?

Another great function under the Effects Menu is Adjust Selected Colors.  It is different from Adjust Colors because you can select a single color or range of colors to change…it isn’t global.  And, like Adjust Colors you can constrain the changes to within a selection, which I did not demonstrate.  Video 3 will show you how to use Adjust Selected Colors.

Adjust Selected Colors I believe is more powerful than Adjust Colors.  This is the image after Video 3

Adjust Selected Colors I believe is more powerful than Adjust Colors. This is the image after Video 3

In the last video, I use Stroke Attributes, which is a brushes function.  Not all brushes can use Stroke Attributes, but the most can.  It is like painting with composite methods constrained to the brush stroke instead of covering the layer.  It is a little difficult to explain verbally, but easy to explain in a video and very easy to use.  After doing this video, I believe Stroke Attributes is a technique that fits well into the cloning workflow.  Check out the last video.

The final painting after video 4

The last painting after video 4

I think I said somewhere in one of the videos that when demonstrating I some of the time overwork an image or don’t notice a flaw.  As I was posting this image, I realized that I should have reduced the scale of the Artist Canvas paper.  It doesn’t look right at the present scale…so if you try these techniques…do check your scale setting on your paper to see if it looks correct with the size of your image.

OK, I guess that’s it for this post.  Thanks again to Melissa Gallo for allowing me to use her wonderful photograph.  Check out her site; you will be glad that you did.

I want to thank all you for visiting my blog this year.  I want to especially thank folks who have thought enough of the blog to donate; I appreciate you more than you know.  You encourage me to keep blogging.

I wish you all good health, good fun, prosperity, peace and happiness in the coming year.  Happy, Happy New Year!!!



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  1. WOW!!!! I learned so much. I was just toying with a painting and using the mask with the greys. But it needed more. Same for an abstract I was doing this morning. Now I know how to use the two color adjusting effects. Plus the stroke attributes, which I could never figure out. I’m really excited to go back to my pictures and apply what I learned. I look in Painter help, but they never give real life examples like you do, so their help never makes any sense. Thanks so much, Skip.

  2. Thank you Allen for your very useful works and information .
    I would like to have your books so I can understand more .
    Please let me know how can I order them from Saudi – Arabia .
    I would lick to go back to my pictures and work on them .
    Thank so much .

    • Hello, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and making a comment. I am sorry, but I have not written any books on Corel Painter. If you have questions, you may post them on my blog or ask me on Facebook, I will try to help. Or I will be happy to do a video about a subject that interest you.
      Thanks again and I wish for you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  3. Skip, these tutorials were amazing. I learned so much! One of the best classes I’ve ever had and it fit my budget so nicely. Now the trick is to remember what you did. I guess the best thing would be to try and duplicate it!

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing these. Happy New Year to you and may it be blessed with lots of good things 😀


    • Hi Eva,
      Thank you so very much for continuing to follow my blog and make comments. I want to know that the tutorials are well received and helpful to others. You have been so kind to let me know your thoughts about the tuts. I am glad these were interesting.
      About remembering…shoot, I don’t remember either. 🙂 I don’t always remember how it is done, but I usually can remember that it can be done. Did that make sense? What I mean, is I may not remember exactly how to use Adjust Selected Colors, but I usually can remember that it is possible to alter colors with that function. Actually in the video I faltered a bit when playing with the saturation extent slider. I was using it like it is used in Color Select, but it is very different in Adjust Selected Colors. LOL…I have to relearn how it works. I spend a lot of time, relearning.
      Happy New Year,

  4. Skip,
    Thank you for keeping us informed. I visited Melissa’s site and WOW!
    I watched all her tutorials and she is amazing and so clear and concise
    in her explanations. Thanks again and I do appreciate all you do.
    I have plans to review my brush classes I took with you.
    Happy New Year.

    • Hey Sheila,

      Thanks for the comment. I knew folks would enjoy Melissa’s site and I’m sure she will be tickled pink when she sees your comment. If you have questions about the brushes, please be sure to ask.

      Happy New Year,

      • Hey Sheila,

        For some reason Melissa wasn’t able to post to the blog. She sent this message to you.

        Thank you so much Sheila for those lovely comments! May you have a very Happy New Year. And thank you as always to Skip for continuing to supply us with amazing brushes!


  5. I also need to get back to the brush class now that I am a little (and I really mean a little) more familiar with Painter. Skip, is the part two still available? I only bought the first one.

  6. Hi Skip, Youve done another great video!!!!! Thank you so much! There is so much youve taught all of us and its very appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Ray

  7. Beyond Painting Tutorial: Skip’s a true artist and absolutely amazing in teaching and showing us phenomenal technique! Thank you.

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