9 responses to “Hibiscus display

    • I am using two methods. First, the brushes are Real Watercolor variants. In the Real Watercolor Brush Control Panel, there is a slider for granulation…so I am using that. The paper being used makes a big difference, too. I am using a custom watercolor paper that has a heavy texture. The granulation slider can be affected by the Roughness slider as well…increasing it will increase the effect of granulation. Second, I made a separate layer and filled it with white. Then I created a selection from the paper and filled with black. Then I created a layer mask and filled the channel with black, which conceals the texture. I changed the layer composite method to overlay and using a brush with white paint, I painted on the layer mask revealing the texture I wanted where I wanted it. The overlay composite method also lightens the colors…so I get the added fading of color…you can see this on the edges of the petals. It is hard to explain in writing. I’ll explain it better when I do some videos. Right now, I am just exploring. Thanks for your comment. Skip

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