Don’t Forget to Join Aaron Rutten and Me Live…July 1…3:00 PM EDT

Hi Friends,

Wanted to remind everyone to join Aaron and me, July 1, 3:00 PM EDT.  All you have to do is click the image below.  You can watch from here, or click the You Tube icon at the bottom and watch from You Tube.

Hope to see you there,


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    • Hi Sandra, Thanks for watching. We had the blog and emails closed during the live session so didn’t get your notes until today. I am not sure if changing the nib changes the brush. I haven’t noticed a difference myself. For me, different nibs feel differently. I used to like the one with a spring, but now find I use the hard plastic ones most. Hope this helps, Skip

  1. Hi Skip, I was finally able to attend your workshop yesterday! Thank you for having it 😊…i found it to be very helpful in some ways however, I was not able to actually see the most important part of what you were doing which would be the drop down menus on the various brushes and the controls for them. 😢 I took some notes so that should help me. I wanted to ask a question about the paper you used,specifically the paper with holes?… Is that an add on or was it in the pre loaded papers or did you make it? Thanks again, Nancy

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    • Hi Nancy, Sorry, I couldn’t see what you could see and I thought I was bringing the images over to the center of the screen so you could see the panels. Phooey…my bad. I just posted the recording…or the link to the recording. I also posted the brushes, papers and scripts that I used. I did make all the papers that I used. Enjoy, Skip

  2. Hi Skip
    Been enjoying all the Watercolor lessons so much I went out and purchased a 20 color Reeves watercolor set and some Arches paper to try some traditional painting. Should be fun, hope I can paint something.

    • You will find the practice will help bunches when you paint digitally again. It is different, but working traditionally gives you first hand knowledge of what the marks should look like. Enjoy!!!!

      • Hi Skip,
        So far I am loving it and am working on a sunflower with a very loose wet style. Hope it turns out!

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