6 responses to “Water and Oil-9_001

  1. Hi Skip,
    Great work, Ive struggled to find reference of work like this in painter.

    Can you shed some light on the thick brush used over the water. Its got a rough edge , randomised where its not touching the canvas and soft texture. IS this one brush or did you scrape the paint . Or is this canvas texture related.

    I find painting so much easier with actual paint.

    Would love some info on this painting. Thanks!

    • Hi Stu, I’m glad that you like the painting. The thick paint was applied with one brush is I remember correctly. It will apply thick paint or scrape it depending on the pressure applied. It also responds to paper texture, which is why your get the randomized edges. The brush is a custom variant, which I’m sure I will release at some point down the road. But if you are interested in the complete details of how I create a painting like this, you may want to take my class, A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019. It only costs $55.00 US and I have more than 180 videos explaining everything you want to know about Painter. You can find a link to register on my last blog post. Hope to see you in class. Enjoy, Skip

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