Cross Over List – Brushes used in Webinar now named in Desert Oasis

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post to give you the names of brushes used in the webinar.  As explained, at the time of the webinar, I had not finalized the new brush set called Desert Oasis.  I went through the video and identified the brushes used and matched them to Desert Oasis.

Cool Spring > Very Wet 06…Available in Cool Spring

Very Wet 06A – did not make the cut.  It is identical to the above brush, except for the dab.  With pause diffusion set, you can use any real watercolor variant to smooth the lines of Cool Spring > Very Wet 06

Dry Stroke 28 – Desert Oasis > Wet Bristle

Dry Stoke 18 – Desert Oasis > Expressive Bristle

Dry Stroke 6 – I used and then deleted what I used.  Dry Stroke 6 didn’t make the cut.

Runny fill 02-3 – Desert Oasis > Desert Tsunami 

Runny Fill 02-2 – Desert Oasis > Fata Morgana

Dry Stroke 23 > Desert Oasis > Wet Bristle  This is a cross over for several variants.

Wet into Wet 3 pickup –  Desert Oasis > Quick Sand

Any other brushes used are available in other sets.

I’ll come back and do more videos about the brushes, but I just wanted to get the cross over list available now.