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  1. Hi Skipper, I’ve been trying to join the Sampanaro webinar for 15 minutes! Has it been called off? I registered last night and had to register 2 more times just now……GRRRRRR!

    • Hi Emms…I was working on something and lost track of time. I just joined and didn’t have any trouble. It maybe full and you have to keep trying to get in when someone leaves. Sorry you are having trouble. Keep trying.

    • Did you get in. They are not at the limit. What happens when you try to enter? Go to Meeting has made some changes in how they do stuff…you may need to download their app again. Hopefully you will we able to get in.

  2. I never got a confirmation after registration last evening. Since it’s 30 minutes into an hour long meeting I’m not going to frustrate myself. Perhaps it will be run again! Enjoy Skip.

    • That is odd. The session is being recorded so you will be able to watch it completely later. It will take a few days to get the video posted, but you should be able to find it in Painter Tutorials.

  3. I didn’t have any trouble getting in at all, good webinar. 🙂 I did log in a few minutes early because it was the first time on the new computer, also had to figure out the setup for he headset, but I got it and everything worked great.

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