Skip’s Thick Paint Brushes Download

Hello Friends,

Here is another set of brushes.  These are impasto brushes; I am still not very good with them, but I do find them fun to use.  I was trying to paint thick paint on the canvas and then try to scrape it with something like a palette knife.  It can be done with these brushes, but I find it is difficult to control.  Here are some examples of the brush-strokes.

Skip's Thick Paint

Skips Thick Paint brush examples

Skip's Thick Paint 2

More examples of Skips Thick Paint

Skip's Thick Paint 3

More examples of Skips Thick Paint


With Painter 12.1 we can load a library with brushes included or a category into the library of our choice.

Skip’s Thick Paint Library

Skip’s Thick Paint Category



36 responses to “Skip’s Thick Paint Brushes Download

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  2. Very nice brushes! Thank you! I finally had a chance to try these out in painter 12.1…I love them! Even using some of these brushes with a low opacity and zero saturation over an existing painting can create some very nice finishing effects.

    • Thanks Pam,
      I’m so glad you are enjoying the brushes and tweaking them to work for you and your workflow. I wish everyone would do that. If you like Skip’s Thick Paint, I bet you will like Bristly Dabs.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      • You are welcome! Thanks, I’ve had some fun bristly dabs, too.

        Painter is an expensive but versatile software, so everyone should honestly take the time, not only to paint with it, but to tweak the brushes and create some truly amazing effects.

  3. Skip

    I know somewhere you told or made a video on how to get all of the brushes into painter 12 ;(( I have lost the link, and can only put one set of your brushes in at a time and then it kicks out the painter 12 brushes.

    Could you lead me to the help getting all your brushes in my brush area so I don’t have to keep loading them as needed PLEASE..

    Thanks Skip your fantastic

    Denny wicker

    • Hi Denny,

      There are two downloadable type files. One would be “name”.brushlibrary and the other “name”.brushcategory. Name is the name of the brushes. If you have downloaded say…Cool Spring.brushlibrary, then it creates a new library in Painter and switches to that library. You can only look at one library at a time, but all libraries are still there. To change between libraries, click on the brush selector, which opens the brushes drawer. On the top right of the brushes drawer, you will see an option button. Click the button and a fly out menu will open. Look down the list to Brush Library and click on it, which will open another list…the list of libraries. You should see Painter Brushes, the default library; Painter 11 Brushes, contains brushes as they were in Painter 11; and Cool Spring. You are currently on Cool Springs, so click on Painter Brushes and the Painter Brushes will be back.

      I’m pretty sure you are not doing anything wrong. You just didn’t know how to re-open the default library. Once you have all the brushes installed. You can pull one brush from each library on a custom palette. Then to change libraries, all you have to do is click on the one brush in the custom palette and Painter will change to its library.

      To find a video or something on the subject which is of interest…in the blog banner is a search function. Type Brush installation and it will bring up the videos or pages related to brush installation. You probably could even enter .brushlibrary, but I’m not totally sure about that. I don’t mind pointing you in the right direction, but I notice you posted at 4:15 and I am just now checking comments. Using the search function will get you to the information quicker.
      Hope this helps,

  4. Thank you for your brushes! I really enjoy them all. I’m sending a donation just to say thanks. Unfortunately it’s not much – the ZAR / Dollar exchange is depressing to say the least 😀

    • Thank you so very much Stephanie. I appreciate your donation. I’m hoping to enhance the blog to make it more interactive. Your donation will go to help fund that endeavor. Plus, it is so exciting to have someone think enough of the blog to make a donation. It definitely makes my day.

      Thank you very much,

  5. Thank you very much for the Thick Paint Brushes, Skip. I’m having a lot of trouble with them. They feel like I’m painting with wire. I’m really looking forward to covering these in class. I’ve had so much fun with class so far. You have opened up so many possibilities in Painter, I just can’t believe it! What a fantastical class, Skip. Bravo for you!!!!

    • Thanks Kerry…I did get a chuckle when I saw your post. Yes, these variants were created before the current new technology…and I was just using the term thick paint, which didn’t relate to anything created by Corel. Something similar happened with my brush category called Real Watercolor, which was created prior to the Corel category called Real Watercolor. But any similarity between the names is strictly coincidental.

  6. Hi Skip … these look yummy!!! I was actually on the prowl for something else entirely but had an “OO something shiny!” moment when I found these … can’t wait to play … have already tried them out and am sure I’ve found several new favorites … love “Plaster” … so just wanted to say thank you, once again!!!!

  7. Hi Skip, long time no see.
    I was just looking at and noticed a painting done by Georg Ireland that nearly took my breath away. He used these (your) thick paint brushes and they worked really well for him. The advantage of these brushes over the 2018 Thick Brushes is that they paint on a regular layer which the Thick Paint ’18 brushes. My question for you is, would you choose to use the new Thick Paint brushes over your own set which you are so generously offering to us here?

    • Hi Justin, The short answer is no. The long answer is Painter Essentials is basically Painter without all the benefits. It doesn’t have a way to easily import variants; if it did, then Painter brushes/variants might work. Why might? Painter has several different brush engines. If a particular engine is active in Essentials, then you could do some advanced tweaking and bring in brushes that are not normally available for Essentials. Here is a for instance. Painter has many watercolor brushes that are separated into three groups, Digital watercolor, Watercolor, and Real Watercolor. I may be forgetting something here, but if memory serves, you can use digital watercolor in Essentials, but not the other two. If that statement is correct, then there is a way you could go into the guts of Essentials and add digital watercolor brushes, but not watercolor or real watercolor types. And at this point you are probably thinking…the original no answer was sufficient. But, I went to your Digital Art Basics and thought a little more information would be helpful. And…I want to encourage you to upgrade to Painter as soon as you can. You will love it, but it is a bit more complex and will take a bit of time learning how to use the program. Good luck and keep up the great work.

  8. Hello Chris
    Some months ago I succeeded to download your buttery oils. that I use a lot. To day I trying to download yr thick paint brushes and I fail to do it.
    Any idea?
    Good day to you and many thanks…

    • Hi Bernard,
      I am sorry you are having problems with the download, but it is working. Your browser may be automatically downloading into your download file. I am not sure. All I can say is the download is working. Try a different browser and see if that will solve the problem.

  9. Hi Skip, I was watching your video “004-The Palette Knives” and downloaded your “Skip’s Thick Paint Brushes”, but this packet does not include the brushes you use in the video, such as the “Grainy Rough Edget Knife” – the library is also named differently – “Skip’s Best Thick Paint”. Where did I make a mistake, please? Is it possible to buy these brushes and more from Thick Painting? Thank you. Michal

  10. skip a quick hello from french riviera.
    I am a great fan of your work and use a lot your worn bristle brush.
    I fail to download your skip’s thick paint brushes.
    When I click on the download address there is no download effective ???
    Can you help me?
    I am automatically on your wordpress site when I ask for !!!?
    Have a very good day.

    • Hi Bernard. I don’t know what to tell you. The link is working. When you click on the link a download automatically starts for me. It is placed in my Download folder. But different browsers work differently. All I can suggest is to try a different browser. If you tell me the browser you are using I’ll check using that one. But as it stands now…the links are working. However, there is a newer set of Thick paint brushes that I would recommend downloading. It is called Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint and you can find it here:

      • Hi Skip…
        It’s very nice from you to come back to this problem…
        I finally have found that on the Google Chrome there is a “funny” filter for safety which prohibit the download without any warning… so I have got your brushes even the “ultimate one”. I will try, following yr videos, to use yr “Dramatic paper” with them as well the ” Natural” one and will tell you if I succeeded…
        Many many thanks.

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