New Wacom Drivers Available 6/18/2013

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been out and about and not doing anything on the blog…I’m so bad.  But, I had to jump in and let you know that Wacom has new drivers available.  That’s all folks.  There are posts on my blog that will tell you how to install and uninstall your Wacom Drivers.  There is a search feature above…it will take you to other posts about the Wacom Driver.

I’ll be back soon, I promise.



Additional information:

Sorry, I made this post very fast and left out some information that might be helpful.

I have not checked the regions other than the Americas, so it is possible if you live outside of that region, the drivers have not been updated for you.  All regions are usually updated within a week or so of each other.

Here is the link for the Wacom Drivers in the Americas.

You can find how to uninstall and install Wacom drivers for the PC and Mac on my blog here:  Uninstall and Install Wacom Drivers.

The Wacom Drivers can fail from time to time when launching.  Look at this blog post for some answers to that problem.

Ok…hope these links help.