23 responses to “Desert Oasis Download

  1. Hi Skip
    Your desert Oasis download seems to be broken. And I know it is pretty old as well, but would still have liked to try matching your webinars.
    Thanks for all your work!

      • Hi Skipi
        Interesting. The smaller downloads do work for me as well, but this one always downloads empty. I tried a week ago or so the first time, and it still does not work. Would be very nice if you could email them to “pixielorraine AT gmail.com”.
        Thanks again!

  2. Hi Skip,

    Thanks for providing this brush library. I too am not having success importing the library (in Painter 2016). The link works, the file downloads, but when I attempt to import the library file I get an error message in Painter that states:

    The selected item could not be imported, your library has not been affected.

    Thanks again.

        • Hi Emily,
          I just checked the link for the Desert Oasis library and it is working fine. Did you try to download and it didn’t work for you?? It should be OK.

          • Hi Skip,
            The link did work — I had assumed it was for an older version of Painter since you sent it directly to Scott Jenkins for Painter 2016, but I guess the files in the link are the new ones that will work for Painter 2016…? The download did work fine. I haven’t gotten to installing the brushes yet — need to figure out how to do that first!

            • Hi Emily,
              The installation is very simple. First download either the library or the category files. Library will have a .brushlibrary extension and the category will have .brushcategory extension. Now you have two ways to install.
              1. Simply double click the brushlibrary or brushcategory file and it will automatically install the new library or it will install the category into the currently active library. You don’t have to open Painter first. That’s it.

              2. Open Painter first. Then go to Brushes > Import > brush category or brush library. Select one of them and then navigate to where you saved the downloaded file and select it and click open. Painter will install the category into the currently active library or create a new library with the category in it.


  3. Hi Skip,

    I’m also having a problem downloading the Desert Oasis brushes. I’ve tried several times to download both the library and the category but keep getting a 0 bytes file, I had a similar issue with your Buttery Oils, but that is working now and has successfully downloaded. Thanks for generosity in creating and making these brushes available.


    • Hi Tony,
      I am currently resetting the links away from Hightail. I am very disappointed with their support. I have notified them of the problems over and over again and now I am done. I just finished updating Buttery Oils, which is why it downloaded successfully. And, I have also just finished updating Desert Oasis. Please try the download again and let me know if it is successful. I plan to spend the day re-linking all the download pages. Thanks, skip

  4. Hi Skip

    Yes that’s fine now. Thank you very much for all your work, much appreciated.

    Looking forward to trying the brushes.

    Best Wishes for the coming festive season from Devon, UK


  5. Hi,
    I tried to download Desert Oasis brush Library containing Desert Oasis But it is impossible to install them in Corel Painter 2016 or 2017. Although I already install others. I tried your two methods but with this file they don’t work but all your data are on my PC impossible to install.
    Thanks for all and all
    Bien à vous (in belgian sorry in french

    • Hello Dhem,
      I just tested the download and installation of Desert Oasis library and it loaded fine on both 2016 and 2017. Let me tell you my steps and then you can check to see if you did the same thing.
      1. Download Desert Oasis.brushlibrary and save to some place on your computer. Make sure the file that is saved looks exactly like this: Desert Oasis.brushlibrary.
      2. Open Painter 2017 or 2016.
      3. Go to Brushes > Import > Brush Library
      4. In the window that opens, navigate to your saved file…Desert Oasis.brushlibrary
      5. Select the file and click Open
      6. Desert Oasis installs into Painter as a separate library.

      If you have followed the above directions and you are still having trouble, please let me know, but tell me exactly what you did…do not tell me you followed the above steps. Actually write down what you did. If you want to write in your native language that will be fine. I can usually translate with Google translate.
      Hope this helps,

      • Hi Skip Allen,
        I can’t get from your Desert Oasis the file Desert oasis.brushlibrary. I get a directory Oasis with a lot of files in it. Extensions .nib_ .jpg_ .xml_ .stk for each brush. I already downloaded your inky landscape and all is super and interesting to study the changes into your brushes etc…
        Thanks for all
        Bien à vous Bernard

        • Hi Bernard,
          Desert Oasis.brushlibrary is a zip file and your browser or computer is unzipping the file. You need to download the file as is without unzipping. I don’t know how to tell you to change your browser, I just know that is what is happening. It surprises me when that the file is recognized as a zip and unzipped. But it happens. I wish I could help, but it is your settings that need to be changed. I hope this helps, Skip

  6. Skip
    Have been using Painter for over 10 years and have never had the creative edge (sorry for the jargon) that you provide with your instruction.
    Just got Painter 17 and have decided to use your Desert Oasis instructional for my first venture into, what I hope, will be a better Painter experience.
    PS-You are one of the very few artists, anywhere, who consistently produce images I would be proud to own–and that’s saying something.
    Thanks for a much needed insight into a form of art I look forward to being able to produce and be proud of.

  7. hi skip I posted earlier that I couldn’t get any of your download to work I found a solution that others might be able to use I tried opening them many times with no luck what I had to do is download the library files you supplied and put them in appdata/roaming/corel/painter 2017/brushes after I put them in there I opened painter and in the brushes menu I went into libraries found it and it worked but it wouldn’t open as a category so I then exported it out of painter as a category then imported back into painter as a category and it worked its now next to all my other 2017 brushes,,, big work around I’m very new to painter so I don’t know why I had to do this ,,anyway you rock thanx for all the brushes and tutorials ,,I hope to learn how to paint I never did any kind of painting but I like to create,, have a good night the Shabbat is coming so I have to stop painting till tomorrow night ,,shalom(peace)… forgot to mention that I had to delete all the libraries I brought in and changed to categories

    • Shabbat Shalom Paul, Yes, I see what you were trying to do and yes, that method will not work for you. There is a much easier method and one I would suggest using in the future. When you download the library file, it will look like this: Buttery Oils.brushlibrary. If it downloads as Buttery Oils.zip, then you need to adjust your browser to download as is and not as a zip file. Anyway, once you have the file downloaded, all you need to do is Open Painter and go to Brushes > Import > Brush Library. When the import window opens, just navigate to your saved file and click on it and click open. That’s it. It will install into Painter without needing any help from you. Now this will create a separate library called Buttery Oils which will contain a category called Buttery Oils. You will notice that I provide a library file and a category file. If you do not want a library and would prefer just installing a category, then just download the category file. It will look like this: Buttery Oils.brushcategory. To load this, you will once again open Painter. Then you want to open the library where you want the category to be installed. Now, again go to Brushes > Import > Category and when the window opens, select your saved file and click open and the Buttery Oils Category will be installed inside of the currently active library.
      Basically, you do not want to open the files, which is what you were doing. You do not want to go into the user area and save the files. Both of those actions will lead you to trouble. Simply import the file using import Library or import category depending on which file you downloaded. Hope this helps, Skip

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