Soft Water Brushes – Download

This is another set of my watercolor brushes for Painter.  These were created when my friend Gio wanted soft watercolor brushes that could be used with portraits.  These will work with Painter IX, X and 11. Following are some examples of how they paint:

Examples of Soft Water Variants

Soft Water Variants

Examples of Soft Water Variants

More Soft Water Variants

More Soft Water Variants

More Soft Water Variants

With Painter 12.1 we can install a brush library with brushes or a category into a library of our choice.

Soft Water

Soft Water (1)



20 responses to “Soft Water Brushes – Download

  1. About a year ago had signed up for a class that you were conducting Skip … couldn’t do it because of the download time required … I was on an old OLD dial up connection and it took hours and hours to download the material … alternative service has arrived in our area, and while it is by no means fast DSL .. I will be able to keep up now! …
    Am looking forward to upgrading from Painter 11 to Painter 12 and to signing up for a Beginner’s Painter class that I will now be able to keep up with.
    I thank you so much for sharing these great brushes .. and have one question for you. I have an old OLD Wacom tablet .. old enough that the brushes don’t work “properly” with the new brushes in Photoshop CS5 … but am wondering if that old Wacom I have is still good enough to utilize with Painter.
    Again, thank you Skip.

  2. Hi Charlie,

    I need a little more information. How old is that old Wacom? What I really need to know is the type of Wacom Tablet. I don’t know of any old Wacoms that will not work with Painter at least to some degree. The value of upgrading to a new Wacom Intuos 4, at least, it the added pressure sensitivity. Most Painter brushes, and almost all of mine are sensitive to pressure. The more your tablet has, the better you will be able to make sensitive painterly strokes. I would highly recommend updating.
    Looking forward to seeing you in class.

  3. I’m almost thinking that I’ve had it for … well maybe since Painter 7???
    It is a Model GD-0912-U
    I have 4 separate pen tools, which include an airbrush Skip … and they function with pressure – they always have. The lighter my pressing on the pad the lighter and thinner the stroke and as I press down with the pens, the stroke becomes darker or thicker or heavier … depending on the brush. It’s VERY touchy and not the easiest thing to control .. but it does work with Painter 11.
    Next question .. is there enough difference between 11 and 12 to make it worth the upgrade price?
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • Hi Charlie,

      Painter 12 is a solid upgrade to Painter 11. I think it is well worth the price to upgrade.

      Your tablet will probably work; how well is up for speculation. Has Wacom been updating the drivers for the tablet?

      The difference in levels of pressure is very big between the Intuos 3 and the Intuos 4. The 4 has twice as many…over 2000. It is very sensitive.

      Only you can decide to upgrade both Painter and the Tablet…or just one.

      Have a happy day, skip

  4. I tried to download these brushes and got this message:

    The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.
    The link you have clicked is not available.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for letting me know. I have updated my account to Pro status, which allows for never expiring downloads, but apparently links set prior to the upgrade are not backward compatible. The only way I know when expiration happens is when folks tell me. So thank you very much for letting me know.

      I have updated the link and it should work for you now.

      Thanks again,

    • Hi,

      I’m sorry, but no you cannot use the brushes in Photoshop CS5. They are only compatible with Corel Painter. Painter can save files as a PSD, so you could use them in Painter and save the file as a PSD and bring it over to Photoshop for some finishing touches.

      Thanks for visiting,

  5. Hi Skip – wish I had corel so I could use your brushes. Enjoyed you on the Painted Textures webinar. I have been nervous about downloading brushes from unknown sources – don’t want to pick up viruses. Can you recommend someone that is safe to buy or download from? I work in PS4.

    • Hey Jam,

      I really use Photoshop rarely, so I don’t download many brushes. I keep my virus protection up-to-date and rely on it to protect me. I have never encountered a virus from a download…knock wood. I would google Photoshop brushes for PS4.

      Sorry I cannot help more,

    • Yes, I know and I am very sorry about that. The links are at Hightail and the problem is on their end. They keep promising to fix it, but nothing is happening. I have set up a different place to house the information, but because I have a class starting, I just haven’t had the time to fix the links. I will get to it, but it may take a week or two. Again, I am so sorry this is happening. There are a lot of links that are timing out or have broken. I am very dissatisfied with Hightail.

    • Thank for letting me know Chris. I am sorry to be late replying but my sister was in the hospital and I am just now getting a chance to see what is up. I have sent a note to the provider and am waiting to hear what is happening. Thanks for your patience.

    • Hello, I am sorry you are having trouble with your downloads. I assure you the links are working. I believe the download is happening automatically and is probably in your download folder. Each browser has a setting that controls how your downloads are handled. Go to your browser settings to downloads and change it. You want it to ask you what to do with each download. That way you will see the download and it will not be automatic. I hope this helps. Skip

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