24 responses to “Gold and Gold Leaf Plus Brushes Download

  1. I just finished Elaina’s beginning class and your Brush Making class and will be taking many more.I loved them both and have learned alot. I want to take more of the begining classes and then take some of your watercolor classes .

  2. Hello Skip,
    My name is Randy. I am a retired fireman. I have been drawing since the 3rd grade. My brother and I do Wedding Photography. I do Racing Photography also. My brother has been telling me to get Painter 12 and a Wacom tablet. I did..lol
    Now is the fun of learning. I appreciate you doing this. Email me sometime. I think we will have a lot in common.
    Take care

    • Hey Randy,

      We do have a lot in common. I started drawing about the same time. I never did photography professionally, but do enjoy photography. You are going to have a blast learning to use Painter 12. There is a class starting Saturday at the Digital Art Academy called Introduction to Painter 12 – Part 1. It is a great course taught by Elaina Moore-Kelly. I took a similar course when I first started using Painter and it was a great help. I highly recommend this one and it is very reasonably priced. Keep in touch. Skip

  3. Hey Skip,

    Thanks so much for offering up your superb brushes. Just finishing Elaina’s 3 basic courses and looking forward to catching you in either your Painter 11 advanced course or one of your water color classes.

    I’m a disabled vet with time on my hands- so the DAA is a godsend for taking my mind off of things-

    Keep up the great work,


    • Hey BajaMike,

      If you have Painter 12, the Advanced Painter 11 class isn’t a good choice. Several folks have taken it that have 12 and it can be done, but there are so many differences between 12 and 11 that I would wait until I can get an advanced class started for Painter 12. Basic watercolor or basic brush making are good choices.
      I bet you loved Elaina’s classes and learned a lot.
      I am glad you are enjoying painting. Thank you for your service to our country.
      Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. Come back often.

  4. Jeahhh thank u for sharing all that information and that great brushes.
    i am asking me if you could share the gradients for this type of brushes?
    they are so beautiful. greetings from good old vienna! 😉

    • Hi Adreas,
      I have just added a download link on the Gold and Gold Leaf Plus Brushes Download Page. If you will go to that page, under my signature, is a note about the gradients. Hope you enjoy them in beautiful Vienna.


        • Hi Andreas, What version of Painter are you using. The method I described will work for Mac or PC provided you are using Painter 12.2. If you are using Painter 11 or earlier, the method will not work. If you haven’t updated to 12.2, I would recommend it. There are lots of new things that I am sure you would enjoy. Please let me know your version of Painter. Skip

        • Oops, sorry Andreas. I replied thinking we were talking about brushes. Now that I realize it is about gradients, I’m not sure what to tell you. You could search David Gell’s site, Jitter brush and see if you can find his solution.
          So sorry it didn’t work for you.

        • Andreas,

          I have done a bit more research on the problem for Mac users. Currently there is a problem and to fix you do need to use a script made by David Gell. He provided a link that explains what you need to do and a download for the script. I also needed to change the download for the gradient library as well. So you do need to re-download the library again. If you have time and are willing, would you please try the script and see if you can install the gradient library. If you are too busy…no problem…it will be there the next time someone looks at the page.


  5. Hey, i love the gold leaf brushes & gradients they are really beautiful. Im quite new to digital painting, but as a graphic designer i have been using CorelDraw for years & find Corel products to be better than their competitors, im often looked at like im a lunatic by fellow Designers that all have the Adobe snobbiness which seems rediculas to me. Anyhow back to the present, ive been using a little Wacom tablet but for Christmas was given a Yiynova digitizer tablet….its like little rays of magic flowing from the screen have taken me away to a dream world full of art!!! Thanx for the wonderful videos, brushes, papers etc, they all open up this dream world in such delightful ways! I hope to attain your level of ability one day, but in the meantime its fun, fun, fun & with some luck I will gain some loyal followers. Cheers

    • So glad you are enjoying the brushes and gradients.
      I started with CorelDraw as well. As a matter of fact…I started with the first version.
      Have fun with Painter. If i can help just holler,

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