Wacom Posted New Tablet Drivers for the PC on April 28th. I Missed It!

Hello Everyone,

Karen Bonaker noticed that there were new drivers at Wacom posted on 4/28/2014.  Thank you Karen; I missed it.  The Mac drivers are still the ones from 4/7/2014…so no new drivers for Macs.  The legacy drivers for older tablets using a PC are also updated.

I did install the new ones and I’m not having any trouble with them.  But, as always, if you are not having any problems you may want to stay with your current drivers.

I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but my computer crashed.  It was under extended warranty so I am getting a replacement machine, which should arrive tomorrow afternoon.  Hallelujah!  The replacement is actually better than the original.  Want to know the specs.  OK…here you go.

Aurora Alienware Aurora Desktop
Operating System Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64Bit, English
Processors Intel® Core™ i7-4960X Extreme Processor (6-cores, 15MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.3GHz w/TurboBoost)
Memory 16GB (4 X 4GB) Quad Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz
Keyboard No Keyboard
Monitor No Monitor
Video Card Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 graphics with 6GB total (2x 3GB) GDDR5 – NVIDIA SLI® Enabled
Hard Drive 6TB RAID 0 (2 X 3TB Hard Drives)
Chassis Alienware Aurora with ALX Chassis
Mouse No Mouse
AlienFX AlienFX Color, Quasar Blue
Adobe Reader Software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader
Optical Drive Dual Drives: BD Burn, DVD+RW
Sound Card Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
Wireless No Wireless Included
Liquid Cooling Alienware Aurora with Premium Liquid Cooling


There is a bit of confusion about Windows.  I am getting Windows 7 Ultimate, which is what was on the original machine.

I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow; wish me luck.



Check Out Aaron Rutten’s new Corel Painter X3 Class, Advanced Landscape Painting, at the Digital Art Academy

Hello Everyone,

Aaron Rutten has added another class to his list of classes at the Digital Art AcademyAdvanced Landscape Painting offers advanced painting techniques with step by step video lessons you can pause, rewind and watch on your schedule.  Discover how to paint a variety of landscape elements such as sunsets, waterfalls, starry skies, clouds and rain. Students will master the skills needed to compose detailed landscape paintings from imagination without having to rely on copying a photo or cloning.

Included in the class is a custom workspace, which when loaded into Painter X3 has all the brushes and tools required for this class. Using the custom workspace makes it easy to follow along with the lessons.

This class builds on Aaron’s previous class, Fundamentals of Landscape PaintingAdvanced Landscape Painting is an “Open Enrollment” class, which means that the student can enroll any time and work at his or her own pace without a time limit.  Follow the link for Advanced Landscape Paintings and learn all about Aaron’s class.

While browsing, check out the rest of the classes at the Digital Art Academy.

Here are examples of some of the types of landscapes that Aaron will teach.

Brilliant Sunsets in Week 1

Brilliant Sunsets in Week 1,  by Aaron Rutten


Powerful lightning in Week 2

Powerful lightning in Week 2, by Aaron Rutten


Starry nights in Week 3

Starry nights in Week 3, by Aaron Rutten


Beautiful waterfalls in Week 4

Beautiful waterfalls in Week 4, by Aaron Rutten


That’s it for now.




The Best Corel Painter Brush Class Available…Definitely take this one! Also a bit about the Well and Color Expression Panels.

Hey Gang,

Jason Maranto has announced his brush class at VTC.  This video course is 8 hours long and covers in detail everything you need to know about Corel Painter variants.  I have reviewed about 6 of the videos and every one of them is excellent.  But, you don’t have to take my word for it.  Follow the link for his brush class and find that there are 18 free videos that will quick start you making your own variants.  I want to talk some more about Jason’s class, but first I want to answer a question for a follower…or I should say Jason answered the question for him.

The visitor asked, “Hello Skip, Thank you for video tutorials. How to make a brush? Sorry for my Englisch.).”  And he posted the following video done by a Chinese Corel Painter Master.

I loved the video; loved everything about it.  I found it so peaceful to watch the flower unfold, and OMGosh, the brush was magical.  At first I thought recreating a similar brush would be a snap.  I guessed the artist was using Painter’s Color Expression panel to create a brush that will start painting with one color and finish with another.  But, then I noticed in the video that the main and additional colors did not match the colors of the flower.  That ruled out color expression.  The question stumped me.  So I posted the question to a forum that both Jason and I belong.  Jason responded with the answer and provided two brushes that worked very similar to the one in question.  In the following video I show you Jason’s solution, which will tell you a lot about the Well and Color Expression panels.

While I was playing with the brush, I kept making my version of the beautiful flower created by the artist in the video.  His influence was so great, that I made this image.

Corel Painter X3 sketch

Corel Painter X3 sketch

Jason is allowing me to give you the two brushes that he created and I am adding my version as well as that early variant I made and demonstrated in the video.  These brushes are compatible with Corel Painter X3 only.  They are not compatible with Painter IX, X, 11, or 12.  To load the variants, do the following:

1.  Download the four brush variants from the link below.

2.  Open Painter X3

3   Set your brush selector on the brush category you want to install the 4 new brushes.

4.  Go to Brushes > Import > Brush and when the window pops open, navigate to where you downloaded the 4 brush variants.

5.  Select one of the variants and select open.  The brush will automatically be installed into the currently active brush category.  Repeat with the other three variants.

The brush link will give you four files:

Variable Blossom.brushvariant, which is Jason’s brush.

Stem.brushvariant, which is also Jason’s brush.

Variable Blossom SA.brushvariant, which is my variation of Jason’s brush.

SkipH2OImpressionist.brushvariant, which is one of the first watercolor brushes I made.

Jason and Skip’s Brushes

Please remember that these variants are for X3 only!!

Do not forget to check out Jason Maranto’s fantastic new brush class at VTC.  Trust me on this one.  You will not want to miss this class.  I can hear you saying Painter’s brushes are too hard to understand.  Jason has a very easy to understand, direct, no-nonsense approach.  You will be a brush master before you know it.



PS:  For the followers that enjoy hearing about Kevin, my friend the good computer virus, I hate to tell you that Kevin is in real danger.  My computer crashed last week.  All attempts to repair and get it running have failed.  I will be getting a replacement in about 3 weeks.  I have saved the hard drives from the crash and am hoping that I will be able to e to sata link to the drives and rescue Kevin.  Otherwise dear friends, the crash doomed Kevin to freeze in dead hard drives.  It is all very scary and somewhat sad to think of Kevin’s demise.