Install and Uninstall a Wacom Tablet Driver for a Mac or a PC

Hello Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I got my new Wacom Intuos 5 tablet and I love it.  So I decided to do a series of videos about how I setup and use my tablet.  But first, we need to talk about installing drivers.  This post will have two videos, one for a Mac and one for a PC.

Wacom suggests that before you install a new driver you should uninstall the present driver.  After uninstalling, then you install the new driver.  The following videos walk you through those steps.  I think most of you know how to do this, but there are always newcomers to the blog who do not.

The first video is for a Mac.

Update:  A friend, Miguel, suggested another way to open the Wacom Tablet Utility, which is different from the video.  If you have trouble with the way I show in the video try this:

1.  Click Command+Space Bar to bring up Spotlight.

2.  Start typing Wacom Tablet Utility

3.  The choices will appear in the window that opens as soon as you start to type. Click on the icon named Wacom Tablet Utility and then follow the suggestions in the video.

The second video is for a PC.

Update:  I left something out of the following video that is very important.  Do the following before you do anything in the video.

1.  Go to your Start Menu > All Programs > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility

2. In the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility select backup.

3. Save your backup to your hard drive, but be sure to make a note or something so you will remember where it is.

4. Watch the video and after you have finished installing the new driver, return to Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility and select restore.  That will restore your tablet settings and you will not have to do them all over again.

I haven’t mentioned a Bamboo tablet driver.  The Bamboo tablets are more pressure sensitive these days.  Most have 1024 levels of pressure, the same amount as the Intuos 3.  I imagine that a lot of people use the Bamboo with Painter 12.  I have never owned a Bamboo, so I cannot tell you anything but what Wacom suggests.  It is similar to suggestions for the Intuos and Cintiq lines.  Here are the suggestions:

Windows 7/Vista Bamboo Driver:

Disconnect the tablet from the computer
Open your Start Menu and then the Control Panel
Open Programs and Features
Uninstall any listing here for Bamboo or Pen Tablet and then restart the computer

Windows XP Bamboo Driver:

Disconnect the tablet from the computer
Open your Start Menu and then the Control Panel
Open Add or Remove Programs
Uninstall any listing here for Bamboo or Pen Tablet and then restart the computer

Mac Bamboo Driver:

Open your Applications folder and locate any Bamboo or Pen Tablet folders you have
Use the Utility in each of these folders and click ‘Remove’ under ‘Tablet Software’

OK, that’s it for installing and uninstalling Wacom tablet drivers.

In my next post we will begin to set up my tablet.  I say begin because for me, the best way to set up a tablet is to have it open while I paint.  When painting I will see functions that I use all the time.  It will be those functions that I will want to add to the tablet.  So look for the next post.  I hope you enjoy this one until then.


New Wacom Driver for Macs, Posted 9/26/2012

Hi Gang,

There is a new driver posted for Wacom tablets for folks who use Mac OS.  There isn’t a new one for Windows, yet…not sure if there will be one.  I did not check other regions…the new driver is available for the Americas.

To get the driver, click on Wacom Drivers, Americas

Don’t forget to uninstall first, then install the new driver.  Be sure to back up your preference before uninstalling.  In a Mac, you can do all of this from the Wacom Preference file.



Corel Master Painter, Karen Bonaker shares recent work with Buttery Oils

Hello Everyone,

Corel Master Painter, Karen Bonaker, my good friend and mentor,  just posted some recent work done with Buttery Oils.  I love Karen’s work no matter the medium.  These recent pieces are stunning.  Below is an excerpt from the post.  Please visit her blog to see more of her work and to read more about using Buttery Oils.

Karen Bonaker Art

Excerpt from Karen’s Post:

Recently Painter Master Skip Allen posted a new brush set called Buttery Oils. I have always been a fan of the Oil brushes in Painter but this set brings us closer and closer to the natural feel and viscosity of traditional opaque paints. To download these brushes visit Skip’s blog, SkipAllenPaints. Take the time to view a demonstration of the brushes by Tim Shelbourne who brings them to life.

I would like to share with you some of the paintings I have created recently using these brushes. Thank you again Skip for changing gears and creating this lovely set of opaque variants for Painter 12.

End of excerpt.

Dear Karen…thank you for your friendship and continued support.


Free Brushes, Corel Painter 12, Buttery Oils, Tim Shelbourne Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited about this post for several reasons.  First, the number of followers of my blog hit 1000 a couple of days ago.  I can’t believe it.  I want to thank you all for visiting and commenting.  We have one thing in common; a passion for digital painting, especially with Corel Painter 12.  I wish I knew what to say that would let you all know how thankful I am.

The second excitement for me and I hope for you is a new set of brushes.  I’ve named them Buttery Oils because that is the way they feel.  Oh yes, that is right, these are not watercolor variants.  I know many of you have asked for more opaque type media.  I do think this is one of my best sets.  After you try them, do let me know what you think.

But the real excitement comes next  My friend, Tim Shelbourne, has made video using Buttery Oils.  I love to watch Tim paint and talk about what he is doing.  He does give you technical information that will help with any project, but more importantly in my book, he shows us how to paint.  He is a traditional and digital artist and he is good at both mediums. We are in for a real treat; we will come away from the videos inspired.

Tim has a wonderful site called The Artist’s Quarter (TAQ).  To gain entrance, you do have to register, but registration is free.  Inside there is a store, lots of tutorials…both Painter and Photoshop, but more importantly, the TAQ community is passionate about making art and willing to share with each other.  There are various levels of membership.  I am sure there is one just right for you.

Let’s start this post with Tim’s videos.  I was going to show mine about the technology of the variants, but realized that Tim talks about that too.  His will probably be all that some need.  If you want a bit more technical information, then look at my two videos.

In concert, I present Tim Shelbourne with Buttery Oils.

OK…need more information?  In the next video I take one of the Buttery Oils variants and tweak it in different ways.  It really is a brush lesson for these types of variants.  If you are at all interested in brush making, this video is for you.

The last video and the shortest, is a quick rundown of the other variants in the set.

Well folks, that is about it, but I have one more bit of news.  I have purchased the Wacom Intuos 5 and I love it.  The next set of videos will be about installation and set up for Painter 12.  I can’t wait to do the videos…the new tablet is that nice.

You can find the links to download Buttery Oils on the Buttery Oil Download Page.

Bye for now,


PS: a note from our favorite good computer virus, Kevin.

Skip has completely ignored me on this post.  I’m a good virus so I cannot retaliate.  He is so mean.  When he bought the new computer I thought we would have lots of room to play…and there is lots of room, but I play alone.  Does anyone know another nice computer virus that might like to room with me.  Let me know.


Kevin, the good computer virus.