Free Brushes, Corel Painter 12, Buttery Oils, Tim Shelbourne Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited about this post for several reasons.  First, the number of followers of my blog hit 1000 a couple of days ago.  I can’t believe it.  I want to thank you all for visiting and commenting.  We have one thing in common; a passion for digital painting, especially with Corel Painter 12.  I wish I knew what to say that would let you all know how thankful I am.

The second excitement for me and I hope for you is a new set of brushes.  I’ve named them Buttery Oils because that is the way they feel.  Oh yes, that is right, these are not watercolor variants.  I know many of you have asked for more opaque type media.  I do think this is one of my best sets.  After you try them, do let me know what you think.

But the real excitement comes next  My friend, Tim Shelbourne, has made video using Buttery Oils.  I love to watch Tim paint and talk about what he is doing.  He does give you technical information that will help with any project, but more importantly in my book, he shows us how to paint.  He is a traditional and digital artist and he is good at both mediums. We are in for a real treat; we will come away from the videos inspired.

Tim has a wonderful site called The Artist’s Quarter (TAQ).  To gain entrance, you do have to register, but registration is free.  Inside there is a store, lots of tutorials…both Painter and Photoshop, but more importantly, the TAQ community is passionate about making art and willing to share with each other.  There are various levels of membership.  I am sure there is one just right for you.

Let’s start this post with Tim’s videos.  I was going to show mine about the technology of the variants, but realized that Tim talks about that too.  His will probably be all that some need.  If you want a bit more technical information, then look at my two videos.

In concert, I present Tim Shelbourne with Buttery Oils.

OK…need more information?  In the next video I take one of the Buttery Oils variants and tweak it in different ways.  It really is a brush lesson for these types of variants.  If you are at all interested in brush making, this video is for you.

The last video and the shortest, is a quick rundown of the other variants in the set.

Well folks, that is about it, but I have one more bit of news.  I have purchased the Wacom Intuos 5 and I love it.  The next set of videos will be about installation and set up for Painter 12.  I can’t wait to do the videos…the new tablet is that nice.

You can find the links to download Buttery Oils on the Buttery Oil Download Page.

Bye for now,


PS: a note from our favorite good computer virus, Kevin.

Skip has completely ignored me on this post.  I’m a good virus so I cannot retaliate.  He is so mean.  When he bought the new computer I thought we would have lots of room to play…and there is lots of room, but I play alone.  Does anyone know another nice computer virus that might like to room with me.  Let me know.


Kevin, the good computer virus.

31 responses to “Free Brushes, Corel Painter 12, Buttery Oils, Tim Shelbourne Tutorial

  1. Dear Skip, I just watched Tim’s video on Buttery oils. I can’t wait til my right hand heals to jump in that wonderful butter feeling and swim! Thank you again for your genius.

  2. I love these brushes. I use the sargent brush a lot and these are wonderful, plus I have learned more about brush making in painter because of you and your generosity. Brush making is so easy in photoshop and I usually resort to that. I will try to use painter more now that I have a better understanding. Thank You, Susie Reuter

    • Hi Skip: I LOVE these brushes. Thanks so much. I watched Tims Videos yesterday and can’t wait to see yours. You are just the best for sharing and I love all your brushes but think these are really special. Thanks so much,

    • Hey Susie,
      A friend once described Photoshop as her first language and Painter her second. I am just the opposite; Painter is my first language. I find Painter brushes so much easier to make that Photoshop. Actually both programs are fairly complex when making brushes. I’m glad your understanding of Painter brush making is improving. Just keep playing and before you know it, you will be making tons of brushes.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,

  3. Hi Skip,

    I’m looking forward to your video on the Intuos 5, and as soon as you post it, I will give my students the link. I’ve been getting questions, and your video will be another great resource.

    Thanks bunches,

    ps I’ve been busy configuring…wait for it…a new computer! Am hoping to have everything set up and ready to order by the end of the month. This is hard work, so I haven’t had a chance to try these new brushes, but I know I’m gonna love them.
    pps…Tell Kevin “Hi” for me. 🙂

    • Hey Elaina,
      Yep, I have been getting questions about the Intuos 5, too. Part of the reason for buying was so I could answer questions, but after I have been using for a while, I absolutely love it.

      OMGosh…a new computer. I can’t wait till you order it. You will have to tell me what you are getting. I’m so excited for you.


      PS: Kevin says, “Hi.” He is kind of upset since no one has a friend for him. I don’t know why he doesn’t just self-replicate, but he doesn’t want himself for a friend.

  4. Dear Skip, Thank you for the brushes. Most of all thank you even more for your blogs and tutorials. As a novice who is probably far behind many of your watchers, I do find you so much of a joy to watch and learn from. I have worked through all your online tutorials and you say on the tutorial, where you paint a harbour scene with waves slashing on the sand, that you think the video too long. For myself, it isn’t. That techniques are very important for me to learn in detail how to use brushes, how to paint and just the joy of the art. Please do more. Have watched Tim’s video painting which I have enjoyed. Best wishes_Tim Marshall.

    • Hi Tim,
      Thank you so much for your note. I am so happy that the tutorials are helpful. I enjoy Painter so much and hope others will, too.
      Thanks and I promise to do more,

  5. Skip,

    Fabulous post! I do love your new brushes. Thanks for your videos. They helped a lot. I still need to practice with brushes as I forget everything I learned in your class. I think I need to do a reference sheet to help me remember.

    Tim’s videos were a blessing. Tell him thank you so much for sharing with you.

    I am surprised your post wasn’t over 1000 already. I think your blog is wonderful, fabulous, informative…..


    Tell Kevin I’m so sorry he is lonely.

    • Thank you Kathi,

      LOL…I think I need a reference sheet, too.
      Yes, weren’t Tim’s videos fabulous. I learn so much from him and Karen.
      Getting followers takes a little time and I’m very excited about the number. You called them posts; that isn’t quite right. Here are a few statistics.

      I have made 71 posts and a number of pages.
      I have gotten 258,419 visits to my site.
      And I have had visits from 160 countries, which I think is totally amazing. There are 196 countries, I think, and to have 160 really is surprising.

      Thanks for all your support Kathi…I appreciate you taking classes and visiting the blog.

  6. Skip, I love the feel and look of the brushes. Very lovely creations. I have signed up for basics of brush making class at DAA. One question: I tried to paint on a layer with your new brushes and its coming up blank. Its a plain ‘ol white layer. Am I doing something wrong? I am using a Mac.

    Thanks again for the brushes.


    • Hey Donald,
      You are not doing anything wrong. These brushes will only work on the canvas layer or a layer that already has pigment on it. You could fill a layer with white and then change the composite method to gel or multiply.
      Hope this helps,

  7. Skip, the brushes are fabulous! I’ve only been able to play round with them a little. I’m in the process of moving from Virgina to New Mexico and I have a feeling they are exactly the look I want to use when I get there. Thank you!


    • Hi Jerry…
      Thanks for the thumbs up. I hope you continue to like them.

      I’ve lived in the South most of my life, but had a two year stint in Arizona, which I loved. But…for someone used to hot humid weather…thick wet air that you can feel on your skin…the arid air of Arizona almost dried me out. 😉 I was in the desert, but you may be in another environment in New Mexico. If you are going to be in an arid area, be prepared…Lotion, lotion, lotion…just kidding…it was a noticeable change, but it was nice.


  8. Skip, I downloaded the Buttery Oils and hit ‘Open’ when prompted instead of save. The brushes appear in Painter 12 but all my other brushes are gone! How do I get them back?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Ken,
      You asked the same question on the Buttery Oils Download page and I answered there that I needed more information. I’ll post what I need at the bottom of this response, but first, it occurred to me that you may have downloaded the Buttery Oils Library and when you clicked open, it would install it into painter and switch to the Buttery Oils library and you would not see any other brushes. To see your other brushes, do this:
      Go to your Brush Selector and hit the down arrow next to the variant name. After it opens, look to the far top right of the opened window for the option button/fly out menu. Click it and look down the list until you see Brush Library. Click Brush Library and select Painter Brushes. That should open up the default brushes for you. If this fixes the problem, may I suggest reviewing my video on Brush Management for Painter 12.1.

      If this didn’t fix the problem…here is what I posted before and I would need you to answer the questions.

      “Hi Ken,
      I’m so sorry you are having trouble. I need to know if you are on a MAC or a PC and if you are using Painter 12.2. Did you download the category file or the library file?
      OK…let me see if I have this correct:
      1. You clicked on one of the downloads
      2. Your system asked if you wanted to open or save
      3. You selected open…….and now your brushes are not visible, right?
      There is some missing stuff here. When you selected open, what happened? Was Painter open? Did Painter open? Did you get any message? Did you discover the problem with the brushes the next time you opened Painter? I really need as much detail as possible…OK. This is all a shot in the dark…I can’t imagine what might of happened.

      OK Ken, the ball is in your court. Try the first suggestions and if it doesn’t work, please answer the questions in the second part.


  9. Hi Skip, you might remember me from your painter classes a couple of years ago and more recently from hanging out with Tim at TAQ. I wanted to thank you for the buttery oils brushes. I had almost given up on Painter, but these brushes are so close to oil painting, I am back on board (CS6 is very jealous). Creating these brushes is an amazing accomplishment – I truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to them.

    • Hey Michelle,
      Of course I remember you and enjoy seeing your work at TAQ. Your work is beautiful no matter the process. I will have a chat with my CS6 and ask it to let others know that you still love CS6. 🙂 Michelle, I really appreciate your comment more than you know. Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you thought of Buttery Oils.

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  12. A sincere thank you for the new Buttery Oil Brushes. I think they are the most “painterly” set of brushes in the industry today. I love them. YOU ROCK! Also great review of brush controls. Tim’s painting demo was wonderful as always.

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  14. Hi Skip,
    I am working on a still life with your terrific Buttery Oil brushes. How can I get the effect of rain drops on my subjects. I love using these brushes. Thank you for all your terrific tutorials, brushes and discussions. I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Alice,
      I haven’t forgotten about you; I just haven’t had time to see how I would make a bubble with Buttery Oils. I’m thinking the brushes are too rough or smeary, but you never know until you try it. Hope I can get to it soon.


  15. “Well folks, that is about it, but I have one more bit of news. I have purchased the Wacom Intuos 5 and I love it. The next set of videos will be about installation and set up for Painter 12. I can’t wait to do the videos…the new tablet is that nice.”

    Skip…Did you ever get around to this. I saw the installation but was there a setup video.


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