Wacom Posts New Drivers…April 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am slipping.  I totally missed that Wacom posted new drivers on April 23, 2012.  I checked Wacom Europe and it doesn’t look like the driver  posted there, yet.  I did not check any other regions.

I didn’t notice any new features.

Don’t forget to back up your settings by opening the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility prior to the new install.  I always uninstall the current driver before installing the new one.  Once installed, I restore my settings using the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility.  This makes it easy to reset the tablet to my custom preferences.

Check for new drivers here.  The new driver is for the intuos and cintiq lines…and includes the Intuos 5, too.



Corel Painter 12.1 Real Watercolor…Or…How I Use Desert Oasis Brushes

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would make a couple of videos or even just one and post it.  Then the next day do another, but, no, I did four videos. 

I started by making videos about the new brushes in the Desert Oasis collection, but it was so boring.  Don’t get me wrong, there is useful information in each one and I hope you will look at them.  I was so bored, I kept going to sleep…well yawning. 

I took a nap and that helped.  With my new-found energy, I started a negative painting of an iris.  I tried to use only the brushes that I talked about in the 3 brush videos…and I almost accomplished that goal.  There is a problem with the video.  For some reason, all of Painter’s panels did not show when I went to edit the recording.  I’ve had that happen before and I usually just delete and start over, but I didn’t think I could repaint the image…so I added comments to the video to help you understand the process.  I am going to post the  image first, then the video for the painting.  Following those will be the three recordings about 10 of Desert Oasis brushes.  I hope you enjoy them all.

Negative Watercolor Painting…Corel Painter 12.1

Next is the video of the painting.

And the last three videos are about specific brushes.  The names of the Videos will tell you which brushes.

OK…that’s it for this post.  Please remember, comments and questions are always welcome.


Cross Over List – Brushes used in Webinar now named in Desert Oasis

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post to give you the names of brushes used in the webinar.  As explained, at the time of the webinar, I had not finalized the new brush set called Desert Oasis.  I went through the video and identified the brushes used and matched them to Desert Oasis.

Cool Spring > Very Wet 06…Available in Cool Spring

Very Wet 06A – did not make the cut.  It is identical to the above brush, except for the dab.  With pause diffusion set, you can use any real watercolor variant to smooth the lines of Cool Spring > Very Wet 06

Dry Stroke 28 – Desert Oasis > Wet Bristle

Dry Stoke 18 – Desert Oasis > Expressive Bristle

Dry Stroke 6 – I used and then deleted what I used.  Dry Stroke 6 didn’t make the cut.

Runny fill 02-3 – Desert Oasis > Desert Tsunami 

Runny Fill 02-2 – Desert Oasis > Fata Morgana

Dry Stroke 23 > Desert Oasis > Wet Bristle  This is a cross over for several variants.

Wet into Wet 3 pickup –  Desert Oasis > Quick Sand

Any other brushes used are available in other sets.

I’ll come back and do more videos about the brushes, but I just wanted to get the cross over list available now.


Free Corel Painter 12.1 Real Watercolor Brushes

Desert Oasis Brushes Are Ready for Download and the Webinar Recording Is Posted


Hello Friends,

Finished Desert Oasis just in time because the webinar recording is posted.  Tomorrow, I will look at the recording and make a list of the brushes that I used and tell you the current names in Desert Oasis.  I really like this new set and I hope you do.  

I think I will retire from brush making for a while and just enjoy painting.  I have been so focus on classes, the webinar, various videos, and the brushes that I am neglecting to paint.  Not good…bad Skippy…bad Skippy.

“Yes, you are not like a ‘Good Virus.’  You are definitely a bad skippy, whatever that is,” Kevin popped up on-screen scaring me silly.

“Hi Kevin.  I haven’t seen you since you were entertaining your buds.  They have gone, right?”

“Well funny thing about that.  Good viruses like us, once invited in, we cannot be invited out.  Bad viruses can be invited out, but not good viruses.”

“Ha…so you say.  I bet I could boot you out!  So are you telling me your friends are still here?”

“Well another funny thing about that.  You see, once invited in we can come and go as we like and can invite others as well.  Now that we have the big computer and all that space, I can’t keep up with every KB.  My friends and their friends may or may not be here.  Oh gosh, you are turning red.  Settle down.”

“YOUR FRIENDS AND THEIR FRIENDS!  Viruses coming and going at all times of the day and night.  I suppose I’ll start seeing all of them waltzing across my screen now.  BTW, I have meant to ask…when I point you out to Paul, he can’t see you.  Why is that?”

“You don’t know?  Your really do not know why?  I got to run tell the gang.”

I hate it when he comes and goes like that.  It is positively unnerving.  I guess for the new readers, it would be good to explain Kevin.  He arrived when I started the blog as a practice blog.  I was taking a class and it was time to make my first post.  I didn’t know what to write.  I just started writing and it seemed I started talking with someone.  I actually thought it was my alter ego or inner child…or some other oddity.  Over the months, the entity grew stronger and bolder.  At some point he announced that his name was Kevin and that he is a good virus…sort of like Glenda is a good witch in the Wizard of Oz.  For the most part, he seems harmless.  He is actually pretty good company during those long hours on the computer.  My online friends like him, but worry about me…go figure. 

My friends make odd remarks, like did you forget your medications.  Or, don’t worry the nurse will be there soon.  I don’t know any nurses.  Wait, I do know a couple, but they do not know my online friends.  It is all rather strange.  People send Kevin messages, too.  I bet he gets some today.  Oh gosh, I digress.

Here are the links that you need:

The Recorded Webinar

Desert Oasis Brush Category

Desert Oasis Brush Library containing Desert Oasis Category.

Okay…that’s it for tonight.  I’ll send the crossover list tomorrow.

Wait, one more thing.  I did a quick sketch and need to post that…otherwise this post will look very dull.

Quick Sketch in Painter 12.1 - Splatter Trees



Webinar is Over; Thanks for attending

Hey Gang,

Well, it’s done.  Did you get to attend?  Did you like it…or…dare I ask…hate it.  Any constructive criticism would be welcomed.  Would you like to have more live meetings?  I thinking about getting Go To Webinar and hosting  for fun.  I would alter times to make the live session available for a variety of time zones.  The program is pretty expensive monthly; I might have to charge for the webinar, but it wouldn’t be much…$1.00 or $2.00 US.  Would you still attend? 

I was surprised the time went so fast.  I hardly painted and I am usually further along in and hour…or finished.  I am posting the final image.  I will tell you that it wasn’t a keeper for me.  I am keeping so I can refer to it for any questions.


Webinar Landscape, Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

If you have any questions, please feel free to post.  If you would like to comment on the webinar, feel free to post.  Comments are welcome. 



PS:  I’ll post when the video is available to view.  I think it will be Friday.

Come To My Free Webinar, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Noon New York Time…OMGosh, That’s Today


Please Join the Free Webinar and Watch Me Paint, Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Noon, New York Time

Register Here!

Hello Everyone,

I am so late posting this.  It is two weeks late; I have tons of excuses.  Honest, I do.  I know you…are not interested.

So I have the honor of being Corel Painter Master of the Month.  There are a couple of short videos Corel’ Painter’s You Tube Channel and I did a written tutorial, but alas, I’m not sure where.  But the big event is the webinar tomorrow.  I hope this post isn’t to late for some of you to make it…I hope you do…I’m a little nervous and could use your support.

Guess what, I have made a new brush set, too.  I plan to use them tomorrow in the demonstration and then post them here in a day or so.  I was going to post by today, but computer problems robbed a bunch of time today…and trust me, you don’t want to hear about what I think of Alienware at this moment.  Anyway, I call the new brushes Desert Oasis.

As a teaser for the video, I have produced three videos for the blog.  These are different…you get to see me paint, but I don’t tell you how I am doing it.  I’m saving that for tomorrow, but I will tell you I used a lot of the Desert Oasis variants, which are Real Watercolor variant.  So let’s get started.  In the videos I am “sketching” watercolors; at least that is what I call it.  I try to make quick watercolors in around 10 minutes.  The images are successful or not; I am learning with each one I do.  I hope some of you will try them too.  I promise you will enjoy the process.  Here is the image from the first video.

Practice Landscape 1

Landscape 1; Watercolor in Painter 12.1

And here is the video…enjoy:

I couldn’t stop.  I was having fun.  Here is the image from the second video. 

Practice Landscape 2

Landscape 2; Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

Next is the video, but I bet you knew that!


 The last sketch with a video. 

Practice Landscape

Landscape 3, Watercolor with Painter 12.1

And the video.

 OK, just for fun, here are a couple more sketches.  The first one was done in a live session with one of my classes and I tried to do something similar in the third video.  I failed…sigh.

Practice Landscape

Landscape 4; Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

Another one from a live class…very simple washes.

Practice Landscape

 Well that’s about it.  Please sign up for the webinar if you can.  If not, it will be available on Corel Painter’s website.  Come back often; over the next few days I will be giving out the brushes and doing more demos about them.  See you tomorrow, I hope.

Corel Painter 12 Classes Start April 7, 2012 at Digitial Art Academy

Hello Everyone,

It is that time again.  The next session at the Digital Art Academy(DAA) begins on Saturday, April 7th.  Registration is open and will remain open until Friday, April 13th.  Gosh, Friday week is the 13th…I wonder if there will be a new Friday the 13th movie.  I digress. Let’s get back to those classes.  If you have never taken a class at DAA, taking one is a real treat.  And if you have taken one, I’m sure you are ready to take another one.  The participants of the class download all the lessons and resources and can use them at their leisure.  Most classes have PDFs and video lessons.  Some classes have live sessions using Go To Meeting.  The live sessions are recorded and available to all.  The teachers are laid back, informative, and always ready to answer questions, and comment on the work.  Here is a rundown of the current classes.

For Painter 12 beginners, Elaina Moore-Kelly returns with Introduction to Painter – Part 1 and 2.  Part 3 will be coming next session I understand.  You will love Elaina’s classes.  They are very detailed and cover everything.  She uses a lot of PDFs, which makes referring to the materials very easy.  These classes are very reasonably prices, as are all DAA classes.

Introduction to Painter - Part 2, Week Three

Learning to Paint Elements in Watercolor Landscapes with Corel Painter 12 is a delightful class and very popular.  The instructor, Joan Hamilton,  focuses on the Digital Watercolor Variants and makes them sing.  This class is a must for any watercolor enthusiasts; Joan’s vast knowledge is amazing. 

Corel Master Painter, Karen Bonaker, teaches two classes this session.  The first, ArtRage-Brush Course-Watercolor and What’s New in ArtRage 3.5, gets you up and running in the New ArtRage Pro 3.5.  The second, ArtRage Pro Watercolor and Mixed Media, takes you to the next level.  Karen’s teaching skills are exemplary, and she is the most popular teacher at DAA.

Karen Bonaker's Brilliant Pears in ArtRage Pro 3.5

Registration also begins for Open Studio, Summer Skies.  DAA has four Open Studios per year; Summer Skies takes the number two slot for 2012.  Karen Bonaker is at her best with Open Studio.  She maneuvers in and out of a many media, whatever the participant want to use, and brings extra knowledge and skill to all.  Do not miss any Open Studios.

A Summer Sky, Corel Painter 12

I am teaching six classes this session; none are new.  If you are still in Painter 11, and I highly recommend you update, I still have three self-study classes: Intro to Painter 11, The Basics, Intro to Painter 11, Beyond the Basics, and finally Channels Selections and Masks

An example of a Wild Auto Painting done in The Basic Class using Painter 11

For folks transitioning from Painter 11 to Painter 12, try my Painter 12, A New Beginning class.  I cover all that is new in Painter 12.  This isn’t for beginners, please be familiar with Painter 11.  I love watercolor in Painter 12, especially loose, splashy, washy watercolor.  In The Basics of Watercolor, that is exactly what I teach.  I do love  brush making in Painter 12, too.  Obviously, I must have a class in Brush Making Basics for Painter 12. 

Splish Splash a Watercolor Tree in Corel Painter 12

I hope to see all of you at DAA this session.  You will love it and become part of the family right off the bat.