Webinar is Over; Thanks for attending

Hey Gang,

Well, it’s done.  Did you get to attend?  Did you like it…or…dare I ask…hate it.  Any constructive criticism would be welcomed.  Would you like to have more live meetings?  I thinking about getting Go To Webinar and hosting  for fun.  I would alter times to make the live session available for a variety of time zones.  The program is pretty expensive monthly; I might have to charge for the webinar, but it wouldn’t be much…$1.00 or $2.00 US.  Would you still attend? 

I was surprised the time went so fast.  I hardly painted and I am usually further along in and hour…or finished.  I am posting the final image.  I will tell you that it wasn’t a keeper for me.  I am keeping so I can refer to it for any questions.


Webinar Landscape, Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

If you have any questions, please feel free to post.  If you would like to comment on the webinar, feel free to post.  Comments are welcome. 



PS:  I’ll post when the video is available to view.  I think it will be Friday.

What’s New in Painter 12.1 Webinar ready for download

Hello Everyone,

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker and I had a webinar today demonstrating what is new in Painter 12.1.  Karen recorded the session and we have the recording available for you to download.  We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  Thanks to all those that attended.

What’s new in Painter 12.1 webinar recording.

I really love Painter 12.1 and I know you will too.  The new brush management system is fantastic.  Thank you Corel Painter Developers.

Have fun with Painter 12.1,


Great Tips from Karen Bonaker Art on Painter 12.1

Hey Friends,

I’m falling behind keeping you updated on the Painter 12.1.  But my best friend, Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker is right on the mark.  Do visit Karen Bonaker Art for some terrific and exciting news about Painter 12.1.