Webinar is Over; Thanks for attending

Hey Gang,

Well, it’s done.  Did you get to attend?  Did you like it…or…dare I ask…hate it.  Any constructive criticism would be welcomed.  Would you like to have more live meetings?  I thinking about getting Go To Webinar and hosting  for fun.  I would alter times to make the live session available for a variety of time zones.  The program is pretty expensive monthly; I might have to charge for the webinar, but it wouldn’t be much…$1.00 or $2.00 US.  Would you still attend? 

I was surprised the time went so fast.  I hardly painted and I am usually further along in and hour…or finished.  I am posting the final image.  I will tell you that it wasn’t a keeper for me.  I am keeping so I can refer to it for any questions.


Webinar Landscape, Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

If you have any questions, please feel free to post.  If you would like to comment on the webinar, feel free to post.  Comments are welcome. 



PS:  I’ll post when the video is available to view.  I think it will be Friday.

60 responses to “Webinar is Over; Thanks for attending

  1. Hi Skip… sorry I missed the webinar but there was something in my browser or OS system that did not permit me to join. I will look forward to seeing it on Utube though. The final looks great, and if I can get the webinar to work on my computer I would be willing to pay your fee for the next one. Keep up the great work, very inspirational.

    John Collado

    • Thanks John,
      Drat…so sorry it didn’t work for you. I hope the recording will work for you. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. I am looking forward to the day you can use your Painter 12.1.


  2. Skip, I can’t believe you don’t like this……and you did it in less than an hour while talking and answering questions. I think that is amazing and something most people couldn’t handle. I think your webinars sound like fun….and so considerate of you to think about the time zones. One or two dollars?? You are so funny !! You underestimate your worth !! Go for it !!!

    • Judi, you are so sweet to me. Thank you for the compliment!! Painting live is hit or miss for me. Sometimes it works well…and others…well…that’s life.

      Big Hugs,

  3. Hi Skip: I attended your webinar today and really enjoyed it all. I have been a little
    afraid of using watercolor because whenever I tried it nothing looked good. In seeing your demonstration I did learn some very important techniques that I didn’t
    know about. It really inspired me to try watercolor again. I only hope I don’t need
    the painter 12.1 hot fix to accomplish what you demonstrated. I can’t download it
    without receiving an error message. Corel on-line support didn’t even help. I will
    try the watercolor painting and see what happens. I am inspired.

    So I certainly would love you to do more webinars even with a slight charge. To see something being painted and be able to get a question answered at that time is, I think, the best way tp learn.

    A big thank you to you,

    • Thanks Elaine,

      I am so glad you enjoyed it. Watercolor isn’t easy digitally or traditionally, but all it takes is a lot of practice.
      That is distressing news about downloading the Hot Fix. You don’t have to have it, but it will definitely make your life painting more enjoyable with it. What kind of error messsage are you getting?

  4. Yes, I enjoyed your seminar. I keep hoping all this will make sense to me. I am so new to this that I’m still overwhelmed by all of the panels you have on you desktop, ( I guess my lables are correct). Looks like my actual drawing board :O)

    I am not one to comment on fee based webnars considering my circumsatnces, but I am sure your other followers will love the idea. I just have to learn more about what you are talking about and I’m still trying to save for a Wacom tablet.

    • Hi Eva,
      I keep too many panels open. Less is best, but when I am demonstrating I like to have everything at my finger tips.

      I’m rethinking charging…I really don’t want to do it…its actually too much trouble to keep up with. 🙂

      • Skip, the small amount you charge would really be no problem. I just meant that I couldn’t speak for everyone as I’m so far behind the curve. I love watching you paint and listening to you chuckle. Your watercolor was great. As an acrylic painter, the fading of values really throws me. I know real watercolor does that, but seeing it happens so drastically and so soon is an eye opener. Good thing about Painter, I guess, is that you can increase the values without muddying the colors :O)

  5. Skip,
    I came home early from work so that I could attend, but I only got in for the last twenty minutes or so. I loved it! I watch every one of those webinars that I can find, and yours was by far the most helpful and entertaining one I have ever seen. I would gladly pay a fee to watch more of them (I would pay for your brushes, too!)

      • Skip,
        If I quit work I will not be able to afford the toys I like 🙂
        Regarding the fee, maybe you could set up a link for voluntary contributions. That way, those of us who can afford it can pay, and it will be available to those who cannot pay anything. Who knows, you may be nurturing the next Van Gogh in your teaching!

  6. I enjoyed your webinar Skip! It was my first webinar ever. I’m also taking your Basic Watercolor class and I’m learning a lot. You are so knowledgeable in Painter and give so much to us, not only your wonderful free brushes and tutorials, but the way you respond to our difficulties. You really care to work on a one to one basis to make sure we get things right to move on. You are such a great teacher, and artist, and guy! Your painting is beautiful! I really like the way it came out. Yes, I would pay for your webinars.

    • Hey Cuela,
      You first Webinar? Wow, Corel has free ones every month. Subscribe to Corel Painter’s Face book page and you will get announcements of the Webinars. They are terrific.

      Thank you for you nice words. Skip

  7. Skip, Judy has put it much better than I could. You have great natural teaching talent for this stuff, stuff that can be quite tricky for some of us. The cost is not an issue, nor is the pace of the teaching. This is much better than the slick corporate stuff we are currently stuck with………..just dont change the style

  8. Yes I would still attend for a few bucks. I’ve looked into Webinar costs and I know it’s not inexpensive on a monthy basis.

    Great job today.

  9. Thanks for a great webinar. I participated even though I ony have painter 11. I used somedifferent brush but did a lot of experimenting whileyou painted. Really enjoyed. I’d be willing to pay a few dollars for webinars in the furute.

  10. I am devasted that I missed this. I didn’t know about it or I would have. I will check back at the end of the week to see if you have posted it. I would definitely pay a couple of dollars to attend. I think the painting is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Kathi,
      I think Corel will have it posted by the end of the week and will let us know. I’m sorry you missed it. I really posted too late about it. I’m glad you liked the painting…thanks bunches, Skip

  11. Skip, you are a natural teacher and artist. Not only are you a master Painter and painter but you deserve to be addressed as Herr. Doktor extraordinaire. I will always be trying to learn from your doodling and playing in this medium. I hope you can extend your expertise in brushes to oils and other media.

    Thank you for the teaching and the free sharing of your brilliant brushes

  12. Skip, what a brilliant webinar!! I was so inspired! Thank you for explaining the watercolor brushes so beautifully. It was easy to follow, and your painting was awesome! – Rock on! Heather

  13. They had called the meeting off Skip and I was so excited .. then, last minute .. they decided to have it .. so I missed the Corel webinar and am mad mad mad!!!! .. but am glad to know that you will be posting it and I truly look forward to it .. I love the image .. you picky dickens you!!! .. It’s gorgeous! Hugs…Charlie

  14. Hello Corel Master Painter of the month ( Skip)

    I thought I could make it back in time. Not!!! The good news is you made a recording…can’t wait to see it.

    The art work that you posted is just perfection. I have kept all your videos…from the classes I have been in with you…and I cherish them. I have all of my “Skips Brushes” too. Yes…of course…I would pay. My problem…is the time of day.
    I get free to play usually after 6:00 p.m…and stay free until 6 a.m. 🙂

    I look forward to your webinars…hugs…BarbaraBuchner

    • Hey Barbara,
      I’ve been missing you. I’ll set up something to match your times. You are fun in class and live meetings.
      I hope you enjoy the recording. Gosh…I hope I enjoy the recording…haven’t the foggiest what I did. Big Hugs, Skip

  15. loved it as always Skip..a buck or 2?. sounds fine…as for start times, maybe at half past the hours?.might give some time who come on their lunch hours..oh and i missed the clock sounds 🙂

  16. Loved it,The one thing that you can’t get from a book is to see how art flows and that all you create is not a keeper. So many of my works turn out that way and I thought it was only me. I am not a professionally trained artist and I do a lot of experimenting. Thank you for sharing the human side of art. Daryl Berg

    • Hey Daryl…boy do I wish it always turned out perfect…but, it doesn’t. I always think it works for everyone else, too, drat. The good news is that I am not worried about it…I love painting, experimenting, sharing, and just having fun. Thanks for your wise comment.

  17. Sorry I didn’t get to see your wedniar today, Skip. I was out looking for a new fridge. I hope you will have others and I certainly support paying a fee if you get Go To Meeting. Thanks….bbond

    • Hey Barbara…
      I haven’t talked to you in ages…I miss you. I hope all is well and you are loving your new living space. I know with your cooking expertise you will be getting a big fridge. 🙂 The webinar was recorded so you can see it later. Big Hugs, Skip

  18. The webinar was fantastic Skip. As far as constructive criticism goes …The soloist says “I hate my painting, I hate my painting” and the choir refrains, ” I love your painting, I love your painting”. That works! I loved your painting and what a great “tree brush” you demonstrated. I remember when you started on that mission.

    New webinars … great and even $5.00 – what a bargain.

    More constructive criticism … From now on instead of saying “I’m retired – say “I’m OBSESSED!!!!!” That is the truth of the matter. HUGS to you. Winifred

    • 🙂 My first out right laugh. I’m obsessed is accurate…now I do know what to say. Winifred thank you so much for your support and also for all that you do for the Painting community. I love your videos.
      Big Hugs,

  19. Skip, I can not begin to tell you how much this video class helped me. You are such a great teacher. To see your brilliance in action was the icing on the cake. I would pay to attend these type of video classes. Not many masters are willing to share their secrets. Thank You!

  20. Great webinar Skip. I have been so involved with Tim’s PS painting that I have not been keeping up with Painter and am now so behind. You have really inspired me to learn watercolor in Painter…….your class will be next. Would love more webinars.

  21. Hi Skip, you know I always love seeing you paint. You are the most natural teacher I have ever met. I have learned so much from you. I enjoyed your webinar very much. I love those new brushes. Can’t wait to give them a try . Along with your artistic talents and wonderful webinars, you are the most generous of all. You freely share your marvelous brushes and your great knowledge of Painter. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  22. Skip, I attended your webinar today and thought it was fantastic, as was your painting. You make it look so easy. I would gladly attend more of your webinars, even if you have to pay to attend.

    I had a few questions about your classes on .DAA Is there a way I can e-mail you? I’m not finding an address. Or perhaps email me.

    Thanks. Ben

  23. Hi Skip, I have missed the webinair, I hope the webinair is also avaible as a download, the payment is not a problem
    cheers Ellen from the Netherlands

  24. By the way dear Skip … would I pay to attend your webinars??? Does a bear poop in the woods???!!! .. you have to know that there are many of us who will gladly follow you to the ends of the earth … and, we’re willing to pay for that priviledge!!!..
    YES I would glady join in to help reimburse for the cost. Hugs…Charlie

  25. Great webinar Skip, I really enjoyed it.
    Of course I would be willing to pay to attend your webinars, they are well worth paying for, :).

    Hugs… Claudia

  26. Hi Skip, I registered for the webinar, but somehow could not get on, so I am so looking forward to it when it becomes available. Can you charge a small fee? of course you can, we would all be there. I love your work. Just keep teaching!

    Hugs, Pat

  27. Hey Skip
    What a fantastic BD present! lol! I missed the webinar due to computer problems! The brushes look really cool. (Like the feeling you got when you were a kid and got a new box of crayons! I downloaded and was partly down the list before I realized I meant to thank you most enthusiastically for them! The dab profiles look very interesting! Hope Painter doesn’t crash me when I try them. (My old computer came back to life, so no new one yet!)
    You should charge for your webinars, but just a buck or two is hardly worth the accounting hassle. I like the Voluntary Donation Idea.
    Gotta go try those brushes.

  28. HI Skip — greatly enjoyed the webinar, just an excellent job!
    I sent you a question about papers and you answered some of it on the Webinar, but, I don’t seem to find a way to get a (one or more) paper into the patterns library. I looked at Corels help but they use a different method (Effects, Surface Control …), (and I don’t find Karen’s information on her Blog site. Any chance you could point me to something that might be of some help?

    • Hi Robert,
      I’m so sorry, I thought I had answered your email. You can find Karen’s Papers at Painter Talk. If you are not a member, then join, it is free and a great group of folks.

      The easiest way to make the pattern from the paper is…
      1. Select the paper you want to be the pattern.
      2. Use any number of ways to show the paper texture in an image. Stuff from Corel’s help files or as I did…by using the Channel command from the Channel Panel..New From > Paper.
      3. Now you can load the selection from the channel and fill with a color…experiment…can be black.
      4. From the image created you can capture a pattern using the Pattern Control Panel.

      There may be issues with seams, but if you lighten the opacity of the layer the seams will become less noticeable.
      Hope this helps,

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