John Derry Releases his New Emergence Brushes

I just bought John Derry’s new Emergence Brushes and love them.  As you know, John was one of the original developers of Painter…way back before Corel bought it.  According to his website, he has worked on these variants for the past 25 years and finally was able to complete them once Painter was able to use drip brushes on a layer.  As he says, there is no need for you to know or understand that statement, but it is of interest to anyone who loves to make brushes, too.

The brushes are very expressive and very versatile and use paper textures in a fresh new way.  Along with the brushes, you get a great paper library.  John has several tutorials about their use.  I played a little following his suggestions and then gave them a try using my workflow and papers.  They performed beautifully with his or my custom stuff.  This versatility speaks to John’s genius.

I have only created one image.  As with any new variant…and especially these…it will take a little time to become comfortable with their use.  I am not saying they are hard to use.  They are not.  They are just different.  I know I will continue to use them and enjoy them.  Thank you John for the great set of variants.

You can find out about Emergence and buy them at PixelArt, John’s site.  I can recommend them; I think they are terrific.  They are available for Painter 2017, 2018, or 2019.

Here is my first attempt; in time I will be able to hone my skills with these variants.  I love the way they use papers.

Corel Painter 2019, John Derry’s Emergence Brushes



Free Thick Paint Brushes; New Papers Available for Corel Painter

Hello Everyone,

I finally have my new category of brushes finished.  I call them Skip’s Best Thick Paints, and I believe they are my best thick paints.  I wanted a set that included stiff bristles and palette knives.  I also wanted to create a set that would work well with a new set of papers I designed and offered by Corel called Dynamic Papers.  You can get the papers by opening Painter, then go to Help > Welcome > Get More > Dynamic Papers.  There is another set available called Natural Papers that look mighty good, too.

The following videos will tell you about the brushes, papers, and a paper script library that can be downloaded .

The previous post shows some examples of work done with the new variants.  This is a work in progress, but will show you how nice the textures can look with these variants and papers.

Work In Progress, Corel Painter 2019, Watercolor and Thick Paint Variants, and Dramatic Papers

You can download the brushes at following link:

Skip’s Best Thick Paint

You can download the Paper Script Library at following link:

Paper Scripts-1

I hope you enjoy the brushes.  I think they are some of my bests.  If you do like them and find they are useful…consider making a donation.  Thank you bunches.  Skip