My First Watercolor and Digital Watercolor Brushes – Download

When I first started making brushes, I made two sets.  Both are for Painter IX, X, and 11.  I will have to provide samples later…probably in a post in the blog.

Here is the link for the downloads:  I am sorry, the downloads for Painter IX, X and 11 are no longer available, but you can use the ones below for Painter 12.1 and later.

Skip’s Watercolors

Skip Watercolors

Skip’s Digital Watercolors

Skip Digital Watercolors



18 responses to “My First Watercolor and Digital Watercolor Brushes – Download

  1. Hello Skip,

    i’ve been looking at your video’s and wanted to play with your brushes. But the watercolor brushes link has reach it’s downloadlimit.
    Can you upload them once more?

    Thank you for all your great work.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for letting me know. I have fixed the link and the files are ready to download again. I have the pro version of You Send it and there shouldn’t be a limit, but I got the update after I had posted those brushes. Hopefully, this link will not expire.

      Have a Happy New Year,

    • Hi Kathi,

      Yes they will all work with Painter 12.1. When I post the Brush Management Primer, I will also post files for each brush category that will automatically load into Painter 12.1. Like I said in a previous comment…they should be posted no later than Tuesday.


  2. Hi skip since I am just now downloading some of your watercolor brushes and libraries for the first time…are the newer ones included in the most recent ones or should I download them all?

  3. Hi Skip. First, I want to thank you for making these brushes available to us. They are beautiful and fun to work with.
    My question. I have downloaded the “Skip’s Digital Watercolor Library”. It is installed in Painter running on a Mac Pro, OSX 10.8.2. When I go to use the brushes Painter says “Only Watercolor Brushes can be used on a Watercolor Layer”. I assumed from the name that they are watercolor brushes … I’m not sure why they are not work as such. I have tried both the library and category files, neither will let me work on a watercolor layer.
    All the other brushes I have installed and use work great and not issues. Just this one giving me a hard time. Cheers, and thanks again,
    – John

    • Hi John,

      There are three types of watercolor brushes. The types are, Digital Watercolor, Real Watercolor, and Watercolor. Watercolor and Real Watercolor brushes require the use of a watercolor layer. Digital Watercolor does not and should be used on a default layer. The way it is working for you is exactly correct. I know it is a little confusing, but it is what it is. 🙂

      Happy New Year,

    • Hi,
      That is odd, the files are empty. But, is it the zipped files that you want? Those would be for early versions of Painter. If you are working in Painter 12.1 or later, you want to download either the library or category downloads. Those will install into later versions without any problems. The zip versions will not. If you still need the zip versions, let me know and I will provide them. Thanks, skip

    • Hi Mobin,
      Thanks for the comment. These brushes are virtual, not physical. They are made to be used with Corel Painter, a digital software painting app. Corel Painter emulates traditional painting, but you do not use a physical brush. You cannot photograph the variants or show them as a traditional brush. All I can do is show you how they work within the program. Hope this helps clarify the item.

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