Second Corel Painter 12.2 Real Wet Oils and Flow Maps Available

Hello Everyone,

I finished preparing the recording of the second webinar, the one done at 9:00 PM Eastern time, and I provided a link below.  A link to download the video is on the Webinar Download Page.

The video is in HD, but after you start the video, look in the icons in the bottom of the video screen and select the one that is for quality.  Then select 720 HD.

I hope you enjoy the second webinar,


Corel Painter 12.2 Real Wet Oils and Flow Maps Webniar Recording Available

Hello Everyone,

I enjoyed the webinars and hope that you did too.  I finished preparing the recording of the first one, the one done at noon Eastern time, and I provided a link below.  A link to download the video is on the Webinar Download Page.

The video is in HD, but after you start the video, look in the icons in the bottom of the video screen and select the one that is for quality.  Then select 720 HD.

I hope you enjoy the show,


Brushes I will Use in the Flow Map Webinar

Hello Everyone,

I’m late, but trying to get everything ready for the Webinar today.  I wanted to post the brushes that I will be using.  Here is the link:

Flow Map Webinar Brushes

In the original post, I forgot to post where you can get David Gell’s fabulous Pattern Pens Plus brushes.  Here is the link.

Pattern Pen Plus Brushes



Don’t Forget To Register For the Webinar Tomorrow…Here are a couple of quick examples

Hello Everybody,

Don’t forget to register for the webinars tomorrow.  Links for registration are in the previous post.

I’m getting very excited about sharing in the webinar.  I haven’t worked a lot with real wet oil variants and they are fun to use.  You can make the oil run down the page with a flow map or combination of flow map and paper.  They do tend to look milky or thicker than what I think of as runny oil, but I think I have answers for that little problem thanks to David Gell and Tim Shelbourne.  Both of these friends have techniques that I will use…tweaked just a bit.

Here are a couple of examples to let you know what I am trying to do.  This isn’t the only look you can get, but I am having the most fun with the gessoed canvas look.  Please understand these are not finished, but test pieces that I have started.

The first one is showing the runny background and impasto paint on the top.

This paint Flow

Corel Painter 12.2 Real wet Oils test

The next one is similar…again, I am focusing on the background…so the painted object is very small for the canvas.  Remember these are only tests.

Corel Painter 12.2, Real Wet Oils and flow maps.

I was trying to add thick and thin paint to the background in the next test.  I can do it a lot better than the example; I just need to practice.  I need to work on building a painting with this technique.  With these examples I have made the background without any thought of the finished painting.  This technique will work best if I plan the image. 🙂

Corel Painter 12.2, Testing thick and thin oil on background

OK..that’s it for now.  If you like this look or are curious about it, do come to the webinar.  I am sure you can take the technique and run with it; you can take it to the next level.



Two Free Webinars…Corel Painter 12.2, Real Wet Oils, Flow Maps, Docking and Real Watercolor

Hello Everyone,

Corel Painter released an update, Corel Painter 12.2; I thought it would be fun to do a webinar.  I decided to have two webinars at different times.  Hopefully, this will allow more folks from more time zones to attend.  Both are on Tuesday, July 24.  One is at noon or  12 PM eastern time, and the other is at 9 PM eastern time.

There are several new features that I want to explore.  I haven’t talked much about Real Wet Oil…so I would like to spend a good bit of time with those variants.  I love the docking feature, and I will look at it in detail.  Of course there will be time to answer questions from the attendees.

The webinar will be recorded and links provided.

Register Here for Tuesday, July 24th, 12:00 PM Eastern Time

Register Here for Tuesday, July 24th, 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Some of you posted questions in the blog that I haven’t answered.  I will try to answer those questions, too.

Here is another watercolor done with Corel Painter 12.2 flow maps and real watercolors.  Hope you like it.

Dramatic Sky

Dramatic Sky, Corel Painter 12.2 Real watercolor with flow maps

Please register for the webinar.  If all goes well, I will continue to have them.



“Hey wait a minute.  May I come too?”

“Kevin, I have told you that you may not attend.  You would just heckle me anyway.  No more discussion.”

“Look, last time I didn’t come, but this time I am coming.  And of course I will heckle you.”

“You do and I will not introduce you to Maggie, the new cat.  You have begged to meet her.  So what’s it going to be…Maggie or the webinar?”

“Phooey!  I choose both.”

“Oh good grief!”

New Free Update – Corel Painter 12.2

Hey Everyone,

I am so excited.  Corel released Painter 12.2 today; find the update here at product updates.

You are going to love this update; I especially love the flow maps for real watercolor and the new docking feature is fantastic.  I’m not going to tell you much about flow maps now.  Corel posted two video about the Flow maps and you can find the links to the videos at the link provided above.  Do check it out.

The following is just a teaser.  It shows the power of flow maps.  In this example I am use one flow map, paused diffusion activated, brushed with several colors, and then pause diffusion released.  The paint then flowed in and around the hills and valleys of the flow map.  I can easily create a landscape from this image.

Flow Map Image using Corel Painter 12.2

And just for fun…here is another one.  This one really translates into a landscape.

Another interesting image using Flow Maps in Corel Painter 12.2

Go get your download and begin having fun.

Don’t forget…this is an update to Painter 12.1 and if you haven’t already updated to 12.1, do that first.  Then run the update for Painter 12.2.  I’ll have lots more about flow maps soon.  Stay tuned.