New Free Update – Corel Painter 12.2

Hey Everyone,

I am so excited.  Corel released Painter 12.2 today; find the update here at product updates.

You are going to love this update; I especially love the flow maps for real watercolor and the new docking feature is fantastic.  I’m not going to tell you much about flow maps now.  Corel posted two video about the Flow maps and you can find the links to the videos at the link provided above.  Do check it out.

The following is just a teaser.  It shows the power of flow maps.  In this example I am use one flow map, paused diffusion activated, brushed with several colors, and then pause diffusion released.  The paint then flowed in and around the hills and valleys of the flow map.  I can easily create a landscape from this image.

Flow Map Image using Corel Painter 12.2

And just for fun…here is another one.  This one really translates into a landscape.

Another interesting image using Flow Maps in Corel Painter 12.2

Go get your download and begin having fun.

Don’t forget…this is an update to Painter 12.1 and if you haven’t already updated to 12.1, do that first.  Then run the update for Painter 12.2.  I’ll have lots more about flow maps soon.  Stay tuned.