Brushes I will Use in the Flow Map Webinar

Hello Everyone,

I’m late, but trying to get everything ready for the Webinar today.  I wanted to post the brushes that I will be using.  Here is the link:

Flow Map Webinar Brushes

In the original post, I forgot to post where you can get David Gell’s fabulous Pattern Pens Plus brushes.  Here is the link.

Pattern Pen Plus Brushes



19 responses to “Brushes I will Use in the Flow Map Webinar

  1. Skip.. thank you so much for the brushes. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to your webinar today but I look forward to watching the recording.
    Thank you for all you do for us.

    • You bet, but not yet. I have to process the video which takes several hours and then post. I’ll let everyone know when it is ready and where.

  2. Hi skip……..I love your recent work. I signed up for your live session you had today but I couldn’t figure how how to get to it so I missed it. Hope iI will be able to download it later.

    also, i just bought an iPad 3 yesterday and am trying to down load ArtRage and am having trouble getting to download.

    I also am trying to find the iPad app for Corel painter and cannot find it on corel or apple site. I give up. help, Connie Lee

    • Hey Connie Lee,

      You are having a bad day. I’m sorry you missed the webinar, but both were recorded and will be posted in a few days.

      I’m jealous…I wish I had an iPad! Go to the iTunes Store and search for Corel Paint It…I believe there are two apps, Corel Paint It Show and Corel Paint It Now. I don’t know anything about them, though.

      Not sure about your problem with ArtRage. If you want to contact me some other time, I’ll be glad to go online with you and try to help.

      Take it easy,

  3. Thank you for the late webinar Skip, I’ll catch the morning session after the upload. and the videos do give us the opportunity to jump to and repeat the areas we are not clear on.

    You cleared up a few things in you demonstrations. I think I’ll like the side docking now. Less cluttered when the interface isn’t “Tab”ed away. The interface to me still need the ability to force a modifier key before popping out, moving or closing panels. Putting them back or reopening them is getting a old, real fast.

    You clarified some points for me in using real wet oils and converting brushes, thank you for that. A varied texture with the wet oils, and gel like depth flowing into to pre-determined flow maps areas will add metered randomness.

    The 12.2 update is impressive in that they are free additional features. Particularly relevant to me as I will be purchasing next month as my demo is about to end.

    Even though I chose acrylics for my physical painting ed, I very much like oil paintings, and will strive in the end to use either gel coats or phys airbrushing to achieve a lot of the oil look. A fools errand perhaps since I couldn’t use the tech in object castings, but I will put in the time anyhow. Painter provides these opportunities with greater ease and speed at reasonable cost. But being greedy I want both perspectives, physical & digital, back and forth, from the start, no matter how shallow or deep the end artistic work. Hopefully there is more method to my madness than madness in my method.

    Thanks again Skip.

  4. Hello, thank you for your sharing. If you don’t mind I want to ask a question..;
    seeing your lecture on u tube, I tried ” very runny flow map” brush, and .. the flowing action(?) does not happen..;; so I double checked “real wet oil” feature tap..and it seems not different from you have shown on the lecture…(flowmap option is unchecked.. and accurate diffusion also…so I stuck that part… How can I use the flowing effect on my canvas?

    • Hello Jung,

      I am missing one important piece of information. What Flow Map are you using. It would be helpful to know what version of Painter you are using, too. I am going to assume you are using Painter 2015. The flow map selected plays an important part in the flow of the real wet oil variant. If you pick the default flow map called gravel, you will get very little running if any at all. But, select the default flow map called Organic Verticals and the paint will run quite a bit.

      Beside the choice of flow map, the amount of paint applied is very important. One stroke of the brush will not give you any running. Be sure and stroke over the area multiple times…and then do it more. You really want to apply the paint. Please let me know if you are successful getting runs now.

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