Don’t Forget To Register For the Webinar Tomorrow…Here are a couple of quick examples

Hello Everybody,

Don’t forget to register for the webinars tomorrow.  Links for registration are in the previous post.

I’m getting very excited about sharing in the webinar.  I haven’t worked a lot with real wet oil variants and they are fun to use.  You can make the oil run down the page with a flow map or combination of flow map and paper.  They do tend to look milky or thicker than what I think of as runny oil, but I think I have answers for that little problem thanks to David Gell and Tim Shelbourne.  Both of these friends have techniques that I will use…tweaked just a bit.

Here are a couple of examples to let you know what I am trying to do.  This isn’t the only look you can get, but I am having the most fun with the gessoed canvas look.  Please understand these are not finished, but test pieces that I have started.

The first one is showing the runny background and impasto paint on the top.

This paint Flow

Corel Painter 12.2 Real wet Oils test

The next one is similar…again, I am focusing on the background…so the painted object is very small for the canvas.  Remember these are only tests.

Corel Painter 12.2, Real Wet Oils and flow maps.

I was trying to add thick and thin paint to the background in the next test.  I can do it a lot better than the example; I just need to practice.  I need to work on building a painting with this technique.  With these examples I have made the background without any thought of the finished painting.  This technique will work best if I plan the image. 🙂

Corel Painter 12.2, Testing thick and thin oil on background

OK..that’s it for now.  If you like this look or are curious about it, do come to the webinar.  I am sure you can take the technique and run with it; you can take it to the next level.



6 responses to “Don’t Forget To Register For the Webinar Tomorrow…Here are a couple of quick examples

    • Thanks Ben,
      Hope you will not be bored in the second one…LOL…but then, I don’t think I have ever done anything the same way twice.
      See you tomorrow,

  1. Hi Skip, I’m looking forward to both too as I was pretty sure they’d both end up being slightly different!
    I love the texture of the canvas you’ve got in all these samples. Is that part of the new flowmaps, and will you be covering in the webinar how we can achieve the same effect?
    The impasto in that first example is, quite simply, sublime.

    • Yes…I will be covering the canvas texture technique. It isn’t a flow map exactly, but is part of the overall look. I used Bristly Dabs for the impasto in the first example. See you tomorrow.

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