Free Corel Painter 12.1 Real Watercolor Brushes

Desert Oasis Brushes Are Ready for Download and the Webinar Recording Is Posted


Hello Friends,

Finished Desert Oasis just in time because the webinar recording is posted.  Tomorrow, I will look at the recording and make a list of the brushes that I used and tell you the current names in Desert Oasis.  I really like this new set and I hope you do.  

I think I will retire from brush making for a while and just enjoy painting.  I have been so focus on classes, the webinar, various videos, and the brushes that I am neglecting to paint.  Not good…bad Skippy…bad Skippy.

“Yes, you are not like a ‘Good Virus.’  You are definitely a bad skippy, whatever that is,” Kevin popped up on-screen scaring me silly.

“Hi Kevin.  I haven’t seen you since you were entertaining your buds.  They have gone, right?”

“Well funny thing about that.  Good viruses like us, once invited in, we cannot be invited out.  Bad viruses can be invited out, but not good viruses.”

“Ha…so you say.  I bet I could boot you out!  So are you telling me your friends are still here?”

“Well another funny thing about that.  You see, once invited in we can come and go as we like and can invite others as well.  Now that we have the big computer and all that space, I can’t keep up with every KB.  My friends and their friends may or may not be here.  Oh gosh, you are turning red.  Settle down.”

“YOUR FRIENDS AND THEIR FRIENDS!  Viruses coming and going at all times of the day and night.  I suppose I’ll start seeing all of them waltzing across my screen now.  BTW, I have meant to ask…when I point you out to Paul, he can’t see you.  Why is that?”

“You don’t know?  Your really do not know why?  I got to run tell the gang.”

I hate it when he comes and goes like that.  It is positively unnerving.  I guess for the new readers, it would be good to explain Kevin.  He arrived when I started the blog as a practice blog.  I was taking a class and it was time to make my first post.  I didn’t know what to write.  I just started writing and it seemed I started talking with someone.  I actually thought it was my alter ego or inner child…or some other oddity.  Over the months, the entity grew stronger and bolder.  At some point he announced that his name was Kevin and that he is a good virus…sort of like Glenda is a good witch in the Wizard of Oz.  For the most part, he seems harmless.  He is actually pretty good company during those long hours on the computer.  My online friends like him, but worry about me…go figure. 

My friends make odd remarks, like did you forget your medications.  Or, don’t worry the nurse will be there soon.  I don’t know any nurses.  Wait, I do know a couple, but they do not know my online friends.  It is all rather strange.  People send Kevin messages, too.  I bet he gets some today.  Oh gosh, I digress.

Here are the links that you need:

The Recorded Webinar

Desert Oasis Brush Category

Desert Oasis Brush Library containing Desert Oasis Category.

Okay…that’s it for tonight.  I’ll send the crossover list tomorrow.

Wait, one more thing.  I did a quick sketch and need to post that…otherwise this post will look very dull.

Quick Sketch in Painter 12.1 - Splatter Trees



38 responses to “Free Corel Painter 12.1 Real Watercolor Brushes

  1. Thanks Skip..will fill my rainy weekend..i havent looked forward to a set of brushes as much before as these..

  2. Thanks so much Skip. I downloaded them and gave them a quick try. They are really wonderful as usual. I was glad to hear that you are taking more time now to paint. You have given all of yourself to so many of us with your brushes and classes, but we also love to see your paintings. Off now to watch the Webinar I missed. Hugs,

  3. Hi Skip
    I am so impressed with your watercolor drawings. They are amazing and it look simple to make. But when I want to try and use Cool Spring or Dessert Oassis brushes, I get immediate problems with my RAM.
    I am running Painter 12.1 on an 4-core Intel processor and 8 GB of RAM.
    My RAM usage is rising rapidly from 2 to 6GB of and ends with the screen is full of squares. Even if I close the document the RAM will not flush and still uses more than 6 GB. The only way is to close the painter and start over. I have never had this problem before with other standard brushes.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Carl,
      Wet brushes are memory hogs. I suspect that you have problems with the default Real Watercolor brushes, too, but not as much. There are many things that can reduce the performance. Working at a higher ppi will affect the variant. I work at 100 ppi…you can go up to 150 ppi, but I wouldn’t go any farther. You performance setting in Edit > Preferences > Performance may need to be revisited. How many cores are you using; how much memory are you using? Ram is certainly helpful…the more the better, but there is ram that is slower and ram that is faster. I am finding that processor speed is important. I recently bought a new computer and I splurged on processor speed, which made a definite difference.
      Have you updated to the latest hot fix for Painter 12.1? I am finding a lot of 12.1 users have not downloaded the Hot Fix for 12.1. There is a speed up of brushes with that hot fix.
      I wish I knew something to tell you that is concrete, but there are many variables.
      Hope this helps,

  4. Thank you for your prompt reply Skip. I am running 64 bit Win 7 Ultimate on a 2.40 GHz processor with 4 cores, and I am familiar with most parameters. 12.1 Hot Fix is installed.
    What I don’t understand is why Painter not flushes the memory when I close the document (?)
    Has reduced from 200 to 100 ppi and it helps but I probably have to start saving for a new PC.
    Any way I hardly ever produce water colors as effortlessly and beautiful as you.

    • Hi Carl,

      I’m not sure about the memory problem. There are discussions at Painter Factory about it. If you haven’t visited Painter Factory, do so. You can ask all sorts of questions and the developers follow the forum as well. It is Corel Painter’s Forum and you can find it here:


      Oops…I put up the wrong link. The correct one is posted now.

      • Hi Skip
        I think I have solved the problem by installing NVIDA GeForce GT 240 last driver for W7 64bit.
        The memory is still in use after I close the document, but it don’t increase to not manageable values. Typical now is ab. 3 MB in use

        • Hey Carl,
          That is good news to hear. When I am having trouble with Painter, the first thing I do is check my drivers. Once, I was having a lot of problems and found out that there was an update for my BIOS. Once updated the problems went away.
          Thanks for letting me know what you found out,

  5. Wow Skip, thank you so much for the webinar, I love the soft flow of colors and your “Desert Oasis Brushes” are fantastic. The painting here is gorgeous, I must try the spatter tree look. I can see I won’t get much else done today. Mahalo from Hawaii!

  6. Hi Skip,
    the files downloaded odd for me on my windows 7 pc. they have no file extention and I can’t seem to get the problem figured out. Any suggestions?

    thanks tami

    • Hi Tami,
      Hope all is well with you.
      I just tried to download the files on my Windows 7 pc and had no trouble. I know that You Send it was very busy today and some had to wait to download. I wonder if the files could have been corrupted.
      The library file should look like this Desert Oasis.brushlibrary. And the category file should look like this Desert Oasis.brushcategory. The extensions are odd looking I think, but they are brushlibrary and brushcategory.
      If the extension are not present, I would try to download again. If the same problem occurs, try renaming the file and adding the appropriate extension. All you need to do is double click the files and they will install. The brush library creates its own library containing Desert Oasis. And clicking the category installs it into the currently active library.
      Please let me know if a re-download works.

      • Hey Skip.
        I got them now. I re-downloaded, I think you were right on the corrupt thing, they took a long time to download the first time. This time boom, and they worked like a charm. I have to say, these are absolutely beautiful brushes!

        Thank you for the generous sharing of your talent:)

        • That is great news. I was afraid they were not working correctly and I didn’t have a clue to why that might be. Thanks…I’m glad you like them. Would love to see what you do with them. Skip

  7. Oh Skip, Here it is 10:56pm and I just opened my e-mailon a different cpu. How will I sleep tonight knowing I’ll have to wait til morning to get to your brushes and webinar…but that will be the first thing on the agenda for sure. Also, I was wondering if Kevin does any brush creating? You could put him to work while you paint. LOL. I know what it is like not to paint when you want to. I went 10 yrs. once because I was so busy with my other ministry. It was pure delight to get back to it. Soooo – be good to yourself and PAINT!

    • Hey Kathleen,
      It is past my bedtime, too. I have just caught up with my classes and can play in the morning with the brushes and maybe do a video or two…we will see.
      About Kevin…I’m not sure what he may be doing when I am away from the computer. But, now that you mentioned it…I have thought some brushes seemed better in the morning and occasionally worse. Oh gosh, I may have to stay and keep watch tonight. 🙂

  8. Hi Skip, thank you for the brushes and the download webinair, this is great, I love it, my compliments for all of your work.
    But I have one question, in the video you tell about the cool spring brush very wet 6a. I have only the 6 not the 6a, I have download again the brushes, but still the same. I have painter 12.1
    thank you again for all the work that you have made
    cheers Ellen

    • Hi Ellen,
      Yes, the very wet 06A was a variation on Cool Spring > Very Wet 06. The dab is the only difference between the two brushes. I planned to put 06A into Desert Oasis, but I culled it instead. I used it mainly to smooth out the linear quality of 06, but if I use pause diffusion, then I can use any real watercolor brush to do that. I will explain in a video when I finish the cross over list…hopefully today.
      Enjoy, skip

  9. We have waterbrushes for the rest of our life as an artist! LOL
    Skip thank you again for sharing with us the result of so many hours of hard work. What are the characteristics of this collection of brushes from other series, such as Cool Spring …?
    I have downloaded them and I am eager to try them.


    • Hi Pierre,
      You always ask such hard questions. 🙂 This collection is drier in some respects and it pays a lot more attention to paper. Someday, I will consolidate all the brushes into a set of FAVs.
      Hope this helps,

  10. “The ‘Jedi of watercolor’ !! Wow !! Just read comments on You Tube !! I wanted to comment , but haven’t joined yet !! Thanks so much for the brushes and the creative “renaming”. That must have taken you ages….so glad you are going to take a break and paint……love, love that last sketch you posted with the brushes…can you do a short video on that one??? please !! Glad to hear from Kevin ! I think you really like him…deep down ! 🙂 Hi Kevin, you be good now…we don’t want to make our “Jedi” angry !!! do we??? Big hug, Judi

    • Hey Judy…it’s me…Kevin. The goat is off doing a video so I can sneak out here and chat with you. Don’t call him a Jedi…he loves compliments and then gets all puffed up with big head. Oh, he says he doesn’t like compliments…but don’t you believe him. Paul says he is looking for self-worth externally whatever that means. Anyway…he is unbearable to live with. Y’all don’t know what it is like. Yikes…got to run…I hear him coming. Hugs from your pal, Kevin.

    • Hi…
      These brushes are using the new Real Watercolor brush engine, which was introduced with Painter 12. They are not backward compatible with earlier versions of Painter. But there are still a bunch of great watercolor brushes available for Painter 11, X, IX.

  11. Hello Skip. I could not install the brushes on my Mac. Can I open this document “DesertOasis.Brushcategory”? Which program should I use?

    • Hi Simone,
      We need to figure out why you couldn’t install the brushes. Are you using Painter 12.1? If so, just open painter and then go to your finder and find where you saved Desert Oasis.brushcategory. Double click the file and the category will be installed in your currently active library. If that doesn’t work, there is something else wrong and opening the brushcategory would not help you.
      Let me know if double clicking on the file installs the brushes for you.

  12. Skip, as a recent convert from the CS6 Web/Design suite exclusively, to incorporating Painter ’12 into some of my work. Forgive me if you’ve recently covered the content… which watercolor sets would you suggest for A) skin-tones, B) fabric (think a near transparent fabric, you’d see alot of this with fantasy art, usually purple, or pink dresses, etc. and C) Well, more of a question, again;

    Which watercolor set do you generally quickly plot out a background, before refining details within?

    Thanks in advanced, awaiting reply.

    Love the blog, keep it up,
    – Nyxx

    • Nyxx…

      I’m so sorry, I missed this note. It’s after midnight here, so time for bed. I’ll try to answer your questions in the morning.

      Again…really sorry I missed this…I try to answer quickly,

    • Hi Nyxx…

      Let’s see if I can answer your questions.

      A. What watercolor set would I use for skin tones. The Brush Category called Soft Water was designed because a friend wanted something that could be used in portraits that wasn’t as runny as most variants are. Even the brushes are named skin, blush, rouge, etc. But that is for a particular style of watercolor. I am partial to portraits done with very runny watercolor.

      B. Same question for Fabric. Try Cool Spring, Fill 3, Smooth 1, or thick and thin 07. It is hard to get a transparent fabric to show over darker colors. You may want to try a smooth oil or acylic on a separate layer and decrease the opacity a lot.

      C. I use Cool Springs the most for background. But there are variants in all the categories that will do this. I prefer really runny watercolor for the first washes.

      Hope this helps,

      • Brilliant, thanks a lot for the response! Can’t wait to get a watercolor peice completed. I’ve been messing around with various brushes you offer since my comment, and they are just awesome.

        Really appreciate the response, and the whole blog. One of my favorite go-to sites since I purchased Painter 12 – Thanks Skip. I’ll be hanging around, possibly troubling you with some questions here ‘n there 😉

        Much appreciated,
        – Nyxx

        • -Nyxx…

          Thanks for the follow up. I appreciate your comments very much. It is always nice to hear that the blog is useful. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
          Take care,

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