Corel Painter 12.1 Real Watercolor…Or…How I Use Desert Oasis Brushes

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would make a couple of videos or even just one and post it.  Then the next day do another, but, no, I did four videos. 

I started by making videos about the new brushes in the Desert Oasis collection, but it was so boring.  Don’t get me wrong, there is useful information in each one and I hope you will look at them.  I was so bored, I kept going to sleep…well yawning. 

I took a nap and that helped.  With my new-found energy, I started a negative painting of an iris.  I tried to use only the brushes that I talked about in the 3 brush videos…and I almost accomplished that goal.  There is a problem with the video.  For some reason, all of Painter’s panels did not show when I went to edit the recording.  I’ve had that happen before and I usually just delete and start over, but I didn’t think I could repaint the image…so I added comments to the video to help you understand the process.  I am going to post the  image first, then the video for the painting.  Following those will be the three recordings about 10 of Desert Oasis brushes.  I hope you enjoy them all.

Negative Watercolor Painting…Corel Painter 12.1

Next is the video of the painting.

And the last three videos are about specific brushes.  The names of the Videos will tell you which brushes.

OK…that’s it for this post.  Please remember, comments and questions are always welcome.


23 responses to “Corel Painter 12.1 Real Watercolor…Or…How I Use Desert Oasis Brushes

  1. Hi Skip,
    Thanks for sending the new Desert Oasis brushes for Corel Painter. However, for some reason the extensions brushlibrary and brushcategory seem to be a little strange and the downloads won’t instal. Have you any suggestions for successful installation? I have had no trouble installing your previous brushes.

    • Hi Jerry,

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with the extension or the files. One other person was having trouble with installation. I asked her to re-download the files. She did and the new download worked fine. Files can get corrupted in the download process. Also, please remember these variants are for Painter 12.1.
      Hope this helps,

  2. Hey Skip
    I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! Fabuloso brushes! Going to try some more loosening up my style experiments! It doesn’t come easily for me, but your brushes make the kinds of expressive watercolour ‘marks’ that I adore! Have to watch the rest of he videos now. I was struggling with the edge around light petals on a dark background. Wanted the transition to look more graded from dark out to lighter and I think Dry Spell is going to work. Thanks for the wonderful brushes and the video’s on how to use them. They’re like our “play’ Sessions only recorded lol! Short segments gives me a chance of remembering something!


    • Hey Joan,
      I like our live play sessions best. I get to pick your brains, if we are live. We probably ought to record our sessions and post them on our blogs. That would be fun.
      I really am glad that you like the brushes. I’ve been playing this morning and I’m loving the brushes, too. 🙂 Its funny, when making them I am trying to get a particular look, but after the set is finalized, I begin to see other uses. So cool.

  3. Hi Skip.
    Loved the Iris video, that showed the value of your earlier lessons about using selection channels. It was a bit more difficult to follow without seeing your panels, but the ideas came across nevertheless.
    Turns out I should have looked at the Desert Oasis Brushes’ three videos first, as they explained a lot about how the brushes were working in the painting. I have been playing with them afterwards and they are a very (emphasis very) versatile and effective set. And way fun to use.
    Thank you for your tremendously generous time and energy expended in making these videos and helping us. (And you certainly earned your nap 😉

  4. Skip, you are such a generous trooper. Thanks for the brushes and more great videos. I must admit I caught your yawn, LOL.
    I just bought a the new Wacom Intuos 5 . I have a Graphire so I’m way over my head. It is really misbehaving. Do you have the Intuos 5?

    • Hi Eva,
      I do not have the Intuos 5, yet. I was just talking to Karen Bonaker and she really likes hers. You may want to go to Wacom community site and see what is being said about the 5 and if others are having a problem.
      Good luck,

  5. Hello Skip.

    Your recent webinar was most illuminating. I have downloaded all your brushes and have only dipped my toes into the possibilities. Except the three variants that default to Real Wet Replace. The challenge and pleasure of getting a grip on that brush technique is fascinating and useful. And I see this can be added to other variants. Thank you for making so much of your efforts freely available. After I make my way through a couple books I’ sure I will be taking some of the DAA courses.

    Bye the way the loss of Intuos5 profiles was solved with the latest update 2012/04/23), at least in my case.

    One thing that seemed obviously needed, very much needed; but that I have not figured it out. How can we assign a hotkey to Pause/un-pause Diffusion?

    I hope you can shine a light because I’m kind of dim.


    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I hope you will return often.

      Thanks for the info about the Intuos update; I wondered what was new.

      About pause diffusion…unfortunately, you cannot assign a short cut key to it. Almost as good it the pause diffusion toggle key in the brush property bar. It has been there all along, but I just discovered it recently. I haven’t been able to change my habit of going to the brush control instead of the brush property bar, which would be easier.

      Hope this helps,

      • Thank you Skip. I thought that might be the case. I just posted a support question to Corel, but I have a feeling it won’t happen. Reset variant would be a good hotkey too. Although I would think it would be a simple hack-tweak for someone with those skills. For now I am putting the Property Bar at the bottom of the screen and to the right a bit. It seems faster to look down than up.

        You mentioned you hadn’t opted for the Intuos5 yet. It was a no brainer from my Graphire even though that was a marvelous tool. The only negative I have found with my Medium Intuos5 (wired so far,) is in (Win8Preview) display; the fonts can not be set to Larger 150% as that messes up the Radial Dial positioning. Of course what is more important is what all the hardware and software can do. Which is pretty much anything. Again thank you Skip.


          • Skip I have good news for you! Smaller 100%, and Medium 125%, work just fine. It is only the Larger 150% that messes up the Radial Dial. I have transient visual problems so I am a big fan of short cuts. I put a shortcut to Display on my desktop and change to Medium before using painter. A very nice lady at Wacom said there is no fix for that. Not a big deal for myself, I just might have to purchase a second monitor so my palettes are closer to my face. But in truth between muscle memory and lots of hands on use keeps the squinting to a minimum.

            I enjoyed your channel masking demonstration your Iris video. I for one got the drift even though the panels took a powder. The watercolors along with all your various brushes are amazing. Impasto is the technique that will be the most use to me sketching fast alternatives to some rose sculpts I will be doing. I just did a search of your site for impasto video and found Tim Shelbournes video of Bristly Dabs. I am going to watch that tonight. Sorry if I’ve been yammering on too much. I registered at PainterTalk but there seems to be a snag; I’ll email KarenB about that.

  6. Hi Skip,

    I have to tell you that I love this new brush set even in “cover method”. Amongst my favorites are, Dry Sand, Dry Spell, Oasis Edge, Dry Cracks and Expressive Bristle. They are versatile and so very expressive.

    Thank you for your efforts. They are sincerely appreciated. Winifred

    • That is so cool Winifred. I am glad that they are working well using cover method. As soon as I get a minute to play, I’m going to try them.


      • Hey…a current student, John, suggested drip for the same brushes. I thought nope…don’t like drip, but I tried them anyway. I really love them with drip or Plugin > Liquid Brush. Adding a touch of jitter is nice too.

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