Webinar with Award Winning Artist Dominick Saponaro 28 April 2016, 12 PM EDT

Hello Everyone,

Corel Painter is having a webinar tomorrow, Thursday, April 28. 2016 at noon Eastern Daylight Savings time with Dominick Saponaro, who is a Corel Painter Master 2016.  I plan to be there; it is going to be a great webinar.  Dominick is an award wining illustrator and has worked for many publishers.

The demonstration will include tips on using color effectively and showcase his illustration work flow.  He states that he works in a traditional way with an initial line drawing and builds from there.  He says that he completes a black and white painting before adding color.  You can find out more and register for the free webinar at the following link.

Digital Painting Process and Technique Webinar with Dominick Saponaro

Don't miss Dominick Saponaro's Webinar

Don’t miss Dominick Saponaro’s Webinar

And a little about me:

I know I haven’t been around in a while.  Family issues have taken all my time.  I have painted when I could and I recently finished 13 videos for Corel about using and making papers in Painter 2016.  When released, I will let you know.

The interest in paper fueled my renewed interest in “inky” landscapes.  I am actually using custom watercolor variants in Painter matched with custom papers to create the images.  I have worked this way before and find myself returning to the style time and again.  It will be fun to see how Dominick adds color to his black and white paintings.  Maybe I can give it a try with my “inky” landscapes.  Following is an example image.  When the release of the paper tutorials, I’ll do a couple of inky landscape tutorials on the blog and showing this type of image.

Inky Forest, Corel Painter 2016, Watercolor variants

Inky Forest, Corel Painter 2016, Watercolor variants

More later…until then, enjoy,


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Please Join the Free Webinar and Watch Me Paint, Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Noon, New York Time

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Hello Everyone,

I am so late posting this.  It is two weeks late; I have tons of excuses.  Honest, I do.  I know you…are not interested.

So I have the honor of being Corel Painter Master of the Month.  There are a couple of short videos Corel’ Painter’s You Tube Channel and I did a written tutorial, but alas, I’m not sure where.  But the big event is the webinar tomorrow.  I hope this post isn’t to late for some of you to make it…I hope you do…I’m a little nervous and could use your support.

Guess what, I have made a new brush set, too.  I plan to use them tomorrow in the demonstration and then post them here in a day or so.  I was going to post by today, but computer problems robbed a bunch of time today…and trust me, you don’t want to hear about what I think of Alienware at this moment.  Anyway, I call the new brushes Desert Oasis.

As a teaser for the video, I have produced three videos for the blog.  These are different…you get to see me paint, but I don’t tell you how I am doing it.  I’m saving that for tomorrow, but I will tell you I used a lot of the Desert Oasis variants, which are Real Watercolor variant.  So let’s get started.  In the videos I am “sketching” watercolors; at least that is what I call it.  I try to make quick watercolors in around 10 minutes.  The images are successful or not; I am learning with each one I do.  I hope some of you will try them too.  I promise you will enjoy the process.  Here is the image from the first video.

Practice Landscape 1

Landscape 1; Watercolor in Painter 12.1

And here is the video…enjoy:

I couldn’t stop.  I was having fun.  Here is the image from the second video. 

Practice Landscape 2

Landscape 2; Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

Next is the video, but I bet you knew that!


 The last sketch with a video. 

Practice Landscape

Landscape 3, Watercolor with Painter 12.1

And the video.

 OK, just for fun, here are a couple more sketches.  The first one was done in a live session with one of my classes and I tried to do something similar in the third video.  I failed…sigh.

Practice Landscape

Landscape 4; Watercolor in Corel Painter 12.1

Another one from a live class…very simple washes.

Practice Landscape

 Well that’s about it.  Please sign up for the webinar if you can.  If not, it will be available on Corel Painter’s website.  Come back often; over the next few days I will be giving out the brushes and doing more demos about them.  See you tomorrow, I hope.