New Wacom Driver for Macs, Posted 9/26/2012

Hi Gang,

There is a new driver posted for Wacom tablets for folks who use Mac OS.  There isn’t a new one for Windows, yet…not sure if there will be one.  I did not check other regions…the new driver is available for the Americas.

To get the driver, click on Wacom Drivers, Americas

Don’t forget to uninstall first, then install the new driver.  Be sure to back up your preference before uninstalling.  In a Mac, you can do all of this from the Wacom Preference file.



10 responses to “New Wacom Driver for Macs, Posted 9/26/2012

  1. Thanks for the info!

    It’s jarring to see MAC when it should be Mac — short for Macintosh. It’s not an acronym, it’s a nickname. C’mon it’s been over 25 years now, get on the program 😉

    • Hey Michael,

      I’m slow on the uptake…I have been using both Mac and MAC because I actually didn’t know the difference. I got a tweet reminding me that it is Mac not MAC, too. My apologies to all Macintosh users. Now that I know the difference, I’ll be more careful.

      But, Mac users may want to switch to a PC. It is OK (okay, I use both of those, too) to use PC, an acronym. Much easier than remembering Mac. 😉

      All kidding aside…thanks for letting me know my error. I appreciate it and will try to do better.


  2. Interesting that Wacom has has so many updates this year and that Mac was ahead of Windows. Perhaps there was more wrong.

    Look forward to your videos on Intuos 5
    Skip as I think the company has done a poor job in showing the setup, instructional use and nuances of their latest product.

    • Thanks Steve,
      I imagine with the new touch controls there are several tweaks that need to be made as the product is used more. That isn’t unusual for any hardware or software product. I am thankful that they are continuing to improve the products.

      I promise to get to those videos. I have two done, but I’m thinking of redoing them. I’ll be finished soon.

      Thanks for visiting and posting,

  3. HI Skip, thanks for the video and especially for remembering us Mac users. I’m at Wacom and don’t know which driver to choose. I have an iMac OS X verson10.6.8 , processor Intel Core i7. I use the Wacom Intuous 4 PTK 840. Got any suggestions?

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