Check Out Aaron Rutten’s new Corel Painter X3 Class, Advanced Landscape Painting, at the Digital Art Academy

Hello Everyone,

Aaron Rutten has added another class to his list of classes at the Digital Art AcademyAdvanced Landscape Painting offers advanced painting techniques with step by step video lessons you can pause, rewind and watch on your schedule.  Discover how to paint a variety of landscape elements such as sunsets, waterfalls, starry skies, clouds and rain. Students will master the skills needed to compose detailed landscape paintings from imagination without having to rely on copying a photo or cloning.

Included in the class is a custom workspace, which when loaded into Painter X3 has all the brushes and tools required for this class. Using the custom workspace makes it easy to follow along with the lessons.

This class builds on Aaron’s previous class, Fundamentals of Landscape PaintingAdvanced Landscape Painting is an “Open Enrollment” class, which means that the student can enroll any time and work at his or her own pace without a time limit.  Follow the link for Advanced Landscape Paintings and learn all about Aaron’s class.

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Here are examples of some of the types of landscapes that Aaron will teach.

Brilliant Sunsets in Week 1

Brilliant Sunsets in Week 1,  by Aaron Rutten


Powerful lightning in Week 2

Powerful lightning in Week 2, by Aaron Rutten


Starry nights in Week 3

Starry nights in Week 3, by Aaron Rutten


Beautiful waterfalls in Week 4

Beautiful waterfalls in Week 4, by Aaron Rutten


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