You Asked for It; Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint Compatible with Painter 2018 and 2019


Several folks wanted the variants for earlier versions of Painter.  Thick Paint was introduced in Painter 2018.  I was able to take the brush category back to Painter 2018.  I changed the name to Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint 18.  If you have Painter 2018 or Painter 2019, you can upload this category and use it in either version.  If you have 2020, it will work in it, too, but I would recommend that you download the version I made in 2020.  That version will work best in 2020.  You can download the category below.  Click on the red type.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint 18

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Here is a little teaser.  This is a test piece…I doodle with the brushes as I am making them.  This is an example of a doodle.

Doodle testing Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint. Corel 2020, Thick Paint




13 responses to “You Asked for It; Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint Compatible with Painter 2018 and 2019

  1. Thanks, Skip. Never really used thick paint but I will certainly give a try with these brushes!
    – Dan

  2. Hey Skip … many thanks for creating these wonderful brushes and for taking the additional time to make them compatible with Corel 2019. I really enjoyed following along on your test tutorial and creating my own little practice apple. I added it over at DAA. I’d been knocking around with the brushes prior to watching your toot and, though I loved them, I didn’t get the full benefit of their potential until I saw how they should be used. Thanks so much again for all you do for us!!!! Best regards, Lois Bryan

  3. I love what you’ve done with the thick paints and I am having fun trying them out. I have found that most all the knives wouldn’t work correctly for me and I figured out that if I take the Palette Knife/ Tilt check box and uncheck it, that I could then use the knife or brush using that one component of the brush, since I do not have a art pen that uses that technology. It’s just a plain old old stylus. Ha Ha, Kind of like me. Ha, ha. Thanks Skip for all your love for what you are doing. I appreciate it alot.
    Linda Foote

    • Hi Linda, Are you talking about corner tilt? If so, that allows you to tilt your pallet knife in a way to put paint down thicker on one side as opposed to the other. It will work regardless of an art Pen. If you don’t have an art pen, go to the angle panel and change the expression from rotation to bearing and then try the brushes and see if they will work a little better. If it does, then recheck corner tilt. Now see if you angle the brush if you get a thick side and a thin side. It takes a little practice.

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