Tweaking Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Making Them Work For You!

Hello Everyone,

Any new brush set comes with a learning curve and Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint is no exception.  Plus, when I make variants, I make them for me and hope that you like them or can use them.  Most brushes can easily be manipulated especially in Corel Painter 2020.  Everything I do in the following videos can be done in Corel Painter 2018 or Corel Painter 2019, but I will access the brush controls differently than in 2018 or 2019.  Just remember all Brush Control Panels can be found under Window > Brush Control Panels regardless of your Painter version.

OK, so what might you want to change in a brush control panel?  I love texture.  My brushes will always show maximum texture.  I suspect too much texture for most people.  Not a problem, dialing back texture is easy.  I like brushes to be wet and mix easily and quickly.  Again, more than necessary for most people I venture.  All you need to do is change the bleed slider to the setting that works best for you.  Those are the types of things I show you in this set of videos.

I am brave, too.  Most of the images posted are of work done while creating the variants and should never see the light of day.  They are not excellent examples of the paintings, but show you that I struggle, too.  I have the same learning curve you do…sigh.  Let’s start with this one.  I was using 012 Thin Stiff Worn Bristle.  It didn’t take very long to complete, but it served a purpose.  It began to address the learning curve.  Don’t be afraid; paint and have fun.  Allow yourself the freedom to fail.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Struggling Image 1, 012 Thin Stiff
Worn Bristle

Time to look at the first video:

Same theme, no more successful.  This one has almost too much texture for my tastes.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Struggling 2, 002 Thin Wet Bristle, 007 Wet Short Bristle

OK, stop laughing and watch the next video.

Maybe the second try will be better…or not.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Scratchy Roses, sigh, 012 Thin Stiff Worn Bristle

OK, you are hurting my feelings now.  I told you I have a learning curve, too.

I like brushes that can create single stroke imagery or flowers. Karen Bonaker is teaching a fabulous course at the Digital Art Academy called Romantic Roses.  I love the class and thought I would try to see if thick paint could work.  Thick paint can definitely paint romantic roses.  However, I can’t.  I know I will, but this type of work really takes practice and tweaking the brushes will be necessary.  This first attempt is very clunky.


Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Single Stroke Thick Paint, Oh boy…lots of practice needed.

I love abstracted landscapes.  Thick paint works well I think.  Little by little, I am coming to grips with it.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Back Bay, 002 Thin Wet Bristle, 016 Grainy Opaque Knife, 022 Grainy Edgy Knife

I have also been in a dark mood.  Painted this one Halloween night.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, River Moonlight, several variants, sorry don’t remember which ones.

Here is a work in progress.  The previous too images started like this.  If and when I finish it…I will  post it.

Work in Progress, Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, 002 Then Wet Bristles.

Now it’s your turn.  Give the brushes a try and post your work someplace I can see it.  Hey…let’s post some on my blog.  If you are willing to post an image using these variants, tell me in the comments below and I’ll contact you to make arrangements to get the digital version.  I hope somebody will send me some images.



13 responses to “Tweaking Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Making Them Work For You!

  1. Hi Skip,
    This afternoon I painted something “strange” with Ultimate.
    I do not have the guts dot post it anywhere…LOL.
    Still looking at your movies and getting lost! 🙂
    Van: Skip Allen Paints
    Verzonden: zondag 3 november 2019 22:39
    Onderwerp: [New post] Tweaking Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint, Making Them Work For You!

    Skip Allen posted: “Hello Everyone, Any new brush set comes with a learning curve and Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint is no exception. Plus, when I make variants, I make them for me and hope that you like them or can use them. Most brushes can easily be manipulated especial”

  2. Wow! Great videos, Skip. I never know what to do with thick paints. You do a great job explaining a good way to get started and to finish. I’m currently on a run with Rebelle. But I’ll try to get back over to Painter soon. I’ve just ordered your papers and hopefully that will help, too.

        • Kerry, So sorry I missed this. Were you able to get them installed. Corel puts them on your desktop and then you install them manually from within Painter. If you haven’t gotten them installed send me a note and I’ll walk you through it. So sorry I missed this. Skip

          • I contacted support. They told me to do a Shift restart (really????). I replied back that that had not installed the papers. That was ten days ago. Fortunately, I happened upon them on my desktop!!! I wonder if Tech Support will ever get back to me?!?!?! Thanks Skip!

            • That is horrible. No, the installation doesn’t require a shift restart…most problems do not and I hear that support suggests that all the time…sigh. I am sorry I let you down, too. I hear a lot of folks have issues with installing because it appears that they are being installed for you instead of just being added to your desktop. I’m glad you found them. I actually hope Tech doesn’t get back to you. I think they are scary. To be honest…it is like anything…there are folks who do a good job and folks who do not…sigh. I know Tech Support can be right on…but when they do something silly like tell you to do a shift restart…it makes the whole thing look really bad. I am hoping it is not as bad as it appears. Glad you have the papers…and I am so sorry I didn’t respond.

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