14 responses to “Sasha

  1. ooh my gosh, this is totally beautiful…looks just like my baby..Daisey May…she is a CollieRottChow breed. The smartest most well behaved dog I’ve ever seen…until it starts thundering!

    • Sasha is well behaved, but afraid of her shadow. She was found in a dump along with her brother. I was doing foster care for a rescue group, and she came to stay until she was adopted. She kept getting passed over, and one day she put her foot down and announced that she was staying put and not going to anymore adoption days. I had little or no choice in the matter.

    • Thank you JoAnn,
      She is a sweet dog. She is very old now and sleeps most of the day. I have been away from home for a month, but my partner brought her to Mississippi and I got to see her.

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