9 responses to “Kaleidoscope Tool Painting in Painter 12

  1. Hey Skip ,
    Any chance of getting a tutorial on kaleidoscopes in painter 12 ? I was thinking of some craftwork with micro macrame based in some kaleidoscope designs . I especially like the overlaying and blending . Although they are all very pretty .

    • Hi Steve,

      Sure I can do one, but first, would you check out this Kaleidoscope tutorial and let me know if it will suffice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJAUeWqlLSU If it doesn’t, no problem, I can do a video for you.

      I wasn’t aware of micro macramé and had to look it up. Wow…macramé has come a long way since my days of playing with it in the 60’s. It is very beautiful. It reminds me of some beaded work I am fond of…can’t remember the exact name, but it uses tiny beads and makes something that looks like beaded cloth. The micro macramé has a similar look. Anyway, it would be fun to try to create designs for micro macramé.

      Let me know if the video gives you enough information, if not…I’ll do one.


  2. Hi Skip ,
    After I was looking at the micro macrame I found what I think you were trying to remember . This stuff is just incredibly beautiful . To look for it go to amazon book search , type in : beadweaving but don’t click on it . A menu will drop down , go to beadweaving master class series , click on that . I am thinking of that now you can make elegant cloth and rope . One author has sold to one of the aerosmith and to a couple of the blackeyed peas . Small beads would weave those kaleidoscopes and you coul probably sell as a hanging of a sort ……..thanks I’ll check out the tutorial ……steve

    • Thanks for the link. It was the peyote stitch that I think I was remembering. I had fun looking at all that is available about the technique. I don’t think I would have the patience for it, but part of me would love to try it. Something else I have always wanted to try was bobbin lace. In my hometown there was a Spanish lady who did bobbin lace and it was amazing. I loved watching her. I was mesmerized by the sound of the bobbins clicking together. She taught classes and I asked if I could join. She laughed and said she didn’t have time to teach a man. She only taught women, who would then pass the craft along. She was probably right…sigh.


      • Funny , beadweaving does sort of have that feel to it . Only women , I guess one would have to transcend the opposites ; like in the chinese yin and yang . For myself I go to pro football , only men ; and horseracing mostly men . But , more to the point only money . Whereas with beadweaving one would offer something . Of course looking at your artwork and teaching I can’t really imagine what I would critique . What I mean is that you have something that good to offer . My own shifts though . For instance I could use photoshop filters to make an aesthetically pleasing picture . But for me it is problematic to enter into the workings of that aestetic . For instance I use zbrush a digital sculpting software , which always seems to be one step ahead of me . I can find good in it though some would make good jewelry designs .
        Sorry I probably shouldn’t go on this way . I actually haven’t studied the making of the beadweaving as yet . Patience could be a problem . For me it seems to be a regression to when I was a teen I lost interest in business and engineering for art and somewhat more directly making jewelry ( abandoned ) . All of which I guess is a further regression to childhood . Parents friends with artists art colonies that sort of thing………keep up the good work……..steve

        • Thanks Steve…I’ll keep up the work…the good will be left to others to decide. I drew and painted as a child. In Art School, I majored in Pottery and minored in Metal-Smithing…for me making jewelry. Ah those were the days of $50 an ounce gold. I still have a few pieces from those days…clunky heavy rings mostly…worth a lot more these days. Wish I had all the pieces I made in gold.


    • Great. I know it is a fairly simple video, so if you need anything extra, let me know. Also, do try the mirror tool for bilateral symmetry. You could develop beautiful necklaces or ribbon designs.

      Have fun and if I can help, please let me know.


      • Yeah , simple true . I just need to experiment further with it . Thanks for the help and I won’t hesitate to ask for some if I need it………………steve

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