6 responses to “Fal in Purple 2

  1. Hi Skip,

    I love your work and you are an inspiration for novice like me. I’m a true follower of yours and I daily check your blog for updates. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule and posting topics. Please continue the great work. Would appreciate if you could let me know which brush you used for the “Fal in purple2” painting especially the brush used for painting tree. As I said, I’m a novice and would appreciate your help in this. Sorry if I sound insane for asking about brushes. 😉

    • Hi Radhakrishnan,

      I’m not sure I remember, but I think I do. I was using brushes from Splashing Water: Square Damp No Pool, Splatter Dab and Digital Sq Pool Blender. I would have done the foliage with the Square Damp No Pool on a watercolor layer. Then added a layer on top with pickup underlying color checked. Used the Digital Sq Pool Blender to blend the colors in the tree. Then I splattered on a watercolor layer with Splatter Dab. Tree branches were probably done with Transparent and Dry. You can download the Splashing Water brushes on the Splashing Water Download Page.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope this helps,


  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I just found this site and I’m having a blast browsing. The paintings are amazing!

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