Floral Splash

Floral Splash

Another watercolor done in Painter 12 using Real Watercolor Category

Using various custom variants in Real Watercolor in Painter 12.

10 responses to “Floral Splash

    • Hi Joan,

      Thanks! Painter 12 is amazing and it is hard to believe we can emulate watercolor so well in the digital arena. I am really excited about Painter 12, but it is still a struggle…always the learning curve of new software…LOL.


  1. Wow! I just looked at your entire watercolor gallery and I am quite impressed. Do you teach any Corel Painter classes to beginners like me at the Digital Arts Academy? I’d love to learn more… Thanks Skip!

  2. Hi Miguel,

    Thanks for the compliment and thanks for visiting the site. I do have beginning Painter 11 class starting Jun 18th at the Digital Art Academy. I will have a beginning Painter 12 class in a few months.

    Thanks for stopping by…come back when you can.


      • Hi Miguel,

        Painter 12 has changed considerably from Painter 11. If you are going to be working with Painter 12, then I would not suggest you take the beginning class for Painter 11.
        Should you try the Painter 12 class is really up to you. The class is about the software and the changes made. If you have worked with other graphics software or you are a quick study, you will be fine in the class. You would certainly learn how to navigate Painter 12. In the end, it is really up to you.

  3. I believe I will give a try to the Painter 12 course. I am currently using Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 and I just need someone to guide me through Painter and its myriad of tools and features.

    • That’s terrific Miguel. I look forward to seeing you in the class. You will do fine; Photoshop and Painter are compatible and even use some of the same shortcuts.

      See you in class,

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