9 responses to “Paul_002

  1. Nice job on the self portrait, but whats with the angry look? Serious is one thing but not angry!! Maybe you were just tired that day.

    • Hey Robert,

      This wasn’t a self-portrait…I’m usually happy looking. I took a photo of my buddy Paul, and he wasn’t amused and gave me a sour face. I couldn’t resist painting it. I liked the harsh dark watercolor style for the portrait.

      Thanks for looking and commenting,

  2. Skip, I’ve been away from Painter for the last 5-6 years. In the past I’d never seen a believable traditional water color from Painter, at least the kind of water color I was expecting. Well, you have succeeded, not just in this one but most of the others as well. You have renewed my interest in Painter with 2015. Bravo my friend.

    Joe Martin

    • Wow…high praise indeed. Thank you so much Joe. I’m glad you have a renewed interest in Painter; you will love Painter 2015. Watercolor can be tricky, just like the traditional type, but it is a very rewarding medium. Have fun and thanks again for your wonderful comment.

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