2 responses to “Altered Express Paint

  1. HI Skip! It’s been some time since I’ve read anything in this website because I tend to get here after my day is done. That doesn’t leave much time to do any ‘real’ and careful reading so I tend to scan and skip around in the hope of catching a glimpse of some revealing tips.

    Anyway, I just purchased and installed my Corel Painter 2017 about a week ago. I still have my Painter X3 installed and don’t have any plans to remove it until I get some time to evaluate whether I like the differences or not.

    I’m sure I’ll like the new CP 2017 but not sure enough to believe it’ll replace my CP X3 entirely.

    Regarding the great painting!:
    It’s always great to come to this site and when I saw this painting I said “THAT is exactly what I want to create!” Well… something similar and I’m referring mostly to the brushes, gradients, the papers used and the technique applied to get that great effect.

    I have a similar version of that image in my mind but it’s in a wooded Cypress swamp. The idea I have, (or envision), involves creating the same effects that are in your painting as part of the ‘distant background’.

    Then I’d bring in the closer foreground in muted color shades, (or something like that).

    You asked what we may see when we look at this painting.

    To me, I see a lake in the foreground and the distant forest that surrounds it is reflected off the still surface.

    The trees are following the grade of the hills, which gradually begin climbing after a few hundred feet from the lake’s edge.

    It’s getting near dusk and the farthest trees from the lake are ‘splashed’ with the remaining, but quickly disappearing flash of light from the sun as it descends to mark the end of the day…

    That’s what I see but then, that’s just me…
    PS I seem to have trouble finding some new brushes (watercolor, in fact), for the CP 2017 version. I think I’m not looking in the right place because those I have found are for CP11, 12, and 13… Have you created any custom watercolor brushes for CP 2017?

    • Hi Rich…sorry for the late reply, my sister has been ill and back in the hospital. She is out now and doing better and I have a little time to catch up. I haven’t been posting much because I have been helping her over the last few years and my participation in her care is taking more of my time.
      I keep all my copies of Painter that are still compatible with the newer OS. I do it mainly for teaching purposes, but it doesn’t hurt anything to keep them if you want. Of course it does take up storage space, but if you have a lot of that…then just keep X3 and 2017.
      Thanks for the comment about the painting. I see what you are talking about. I hadn’t seen it they way you do before. The reflection is pretty obvious now except for the color being a little odd…but I can even accept that because of the setting sun. Very cool…thank you bunches for the comment.
      Yes, I have created new brushes for 2017, but remember that the ones for 2016 and earlier will work in 2017. I haven’t posted any new brushes because I haven’t really had time since I have been helping with my sister. I hope to post some soon. I think she is stable and I should be able to return home soon. When I get back I hope to post a bunch of stuff. I just got notice that folks can’t download the brushes and I have sent a note to the server trying to figure out what is happening. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks again, Skip

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