Still Time to Register for My Class: Woo-hoo! What’s New in Corel Painter 2017

Hello Folks,

My class started at the Digital Art Academy, but it isn’t too late to register.  I am enjoying the class and I think the students are, too.  I produced over 30 videos already.  The first week we covered Painter 2017’s enhanced UI, property bars, and palette drawers.  Then we started painting and altering older paintings with the new Interactive Gradient tool.  And for the adventurous, I showed how to change the variants used by the Interactive Gradient Tool when it uses the Paint Express function.  It adds another bit of fun to an already powerful function.  In the attached video I demonstrate how Express Paint changed.

Following is the image created in the video.  I think this makes a great under-painting for a forest type landscape, but who knows…there is a lot of imagery lurking in this piece.  What do you see?

Using an altered brush with Express Paint in Corel Painter 2017

Using an altered brush with Express Paint in Corel Painter 2017

OK…that’s it from me.  Do join my class…I think you will enjoy it.  Register for Woo-hoo! What’s New in Corel Painter 2017.



9 responses to “Still Time to Register for My Class: Woo-hoo! What’s New in Corel Painter 2017

  1. Hi Skip, I’ve been following your posts for quite some time. I am interested to learn Corelpainter for a number of years now, did do one of your tutorials long time ago but I’m always strapped for time with the business and all. Haven’t upgraded yet to Corel 17. Till when can I still join your class. What’s the cost and total duration?
    Thank you so much
    An admirer of your work – Antionette Cronje

    • Hi Antionette,
      Thank you for following my blog. The cost of the class is $55.00 US. The duration will be 3 to 4 weeks. Since Painter 2017 was just released I work on the class as I go. I am not exactly sure of the duration, yet, but I am leaning more toward 4 weeks. The class is or will be considered open enrollment, which means it will stay up and available for several months. I believe you can still register for New Horizons – What’s New in Painter 2016, which means it has been open for a year. After the initial class, I still monitor the forums and try to answer questions. Whenever you join the class, you will be able to download all of the materials and keep them. That way, you can go over the material at your leisure. Hope this helps. Skip

  2. You email came just in time. I have been so busy in my studio creating real media art for my next eBook that I forgot about your class. I am so happy I could still enroll. I am looking forward to getting back to Painter and learning how to use 17. I have forgotten so much I hope I can catch up!

  3. Hi Skip,
    Like Antoinette, I haven’t yet upgraded to Painter 17, and so would like to vote for adding an open enrollment.
    Your painting is ethereal – I see a forestscape and water reflection from another world.
    I got so much out of your classes on Painter 11 [that’s how far behind the Painter eight ball I am!] and look forward to more in the future. So glad you are continuing to teach.

  4. Hello Skip,
    I want to take your class but it may be December before I will have the time. Can I still purchase your class that late? Thank you so much!


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