New Wacom Drivers released for PC and Mac

Hello Friends,

Wacom released new drivers for the PC and Mac.  Go to Wacom Drivers to get the latest download.  I always have mixed emotions about updating or not.  I tend to always update all of my software even if it doesn’t seem like it needs it.  Most of the time I am happy that I did, but lately, I have had some difficult updates with various software.  I still update, but at least I am a little more wary about doing so.

As usual, with Wacom Drivers, I disconnect my tablet, uninstall the current driver, reboot, install the current driver, reboot, and then reconnect the tablet.



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  1. Hi Skip, I have the Wacom Bamboo Fun and just updated my ios to Sierra and a brand new hard drive. The pen lags like crazy. I went to the Wacom site to download the driver and it comes up with an error that it cannot be downloaded. Any ideas on this?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Patricia,
      I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to tell you. I would close my browser and then open it and try again. I might even reboot. If all that fails, you will have to go to Wacom support and ask them. Sorry I couldn’t help. skip

    • That is correct. The driver for the Intuos 3 has not been updated according to the US Wacom site. Loot at the Intuos 3 Driver Page. I am afraid that you are going to find it more and more difficult to use the Intuos 3. Manufacturers quit supporting older hardware…or are much slower bringing in new drivers. The Intuos Pro is vastly superior to the Intuos 3; you may want to think about upgrading at some point soon. But, let me ask you if you have updated your operating system to the latest updates? If you haven’t, try that, and then try the newest driver again. Hope this helps, skip

  2. Dear skip,

    Hope this email finds you well

    I have a painter 2016 which was working fine and I upgrade it to 2017 which caused a lot of problems. One is that when I want to increase the size of the brush using keyboard shortcut ‘cmd-alt’ it’s not working anymore. I reinstalled it again and it worked for 2 times then got disabled. Please advise

    Second issue is when I take an image and put it on painter to adjust, once I return it to photoshop the resolution drops from 300 to 72dpi, how to keep it the same?

    I appreciate your reply and help on the above issues.
    Awaiting your feedback

    Many thanks
    Samir Bchara

    • Hi Samir,
      I hope all is well with you…and Happy New Year. Let’s talk about the switch between Photoshop and Painter, first. My experience is that Photoshop opens the image at 300 ppi, but after it is saved by Photoshop, for some reason Painter opens it at 72 ppi. The file size is actually still the same. You just have to open Canvas > Resize and check constrain file size and change the 72 to 300. I don’t know why this happens, but the file will be converted to inches if you are using pixels. I don’t know if it is a Photoshop issue or a Painter issue. I rarely…actually…never…take paintings in to Photoshop and then back to Painter. I know a lot of folks, do…and they do beautiful stuff…I have just never developed that work flow…so I don’t know if there is a work around or something you can do to solve the issue.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know what to tell you with the second issue either. You tell me you are working on a Mac OS, but you do not tell me what version. I really need to know that to be able to offer any suggestions. But, in general, I would tell you to check to see if you are running the latest update for Painter. If you haven’t updated to Sierra, then I would not do so at this time. I think Painter works well with the new OS from apple for most everyone, but I have heard a few isolated references some folks are having trouble running Painter and Sierra. Reinstalling Painter isn’t always the best solution, you may want to try a shift start if you haven’t already done so. If you have imported an old workspace, that might be the culprit. If you have, then you probably will need to do a shift start and select save some custom stuff. If you want to write back and tell me the OS that you are using, I’ll try to take another stab at the question. But, I haven’t heard about this issue before…at least I don’t remember hearing about it…don’t forget, I’m an old dude and forgetful…smiling.

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