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Hello Everyone,

David Gell, a Master Painter Brush Maker, long time supporter of Corel Painter, and mentor to many of us, closed Jitterbrush, his wonderful website.  It was full of wonderful information and incredible brushes.  Before closing David told me that I could download anything and put it on my blog to keep it available for Corel Painter users.  I must say, David, I can’t tell you how honored I am to help keep your incredible work with in easy reach of new and advanced Painter users.  You have helped so many of us for many years.

David planned to close his site on July 9, 2016 and I was going to start putting the information on my site at that time.  Unfortunately, my sister fell and developed a massive hematoma on the left side of her brain on July 8th and I had to go to Mississippi to help with her care.  I have been gone for 3 months and all the material from David’s site was still in Georgia.  I returned to Georgia last week, and I decided to start the project today.  I plan to add little by little until it is all here.

The same rules apply for any of the downloads available.

There are no restrictions on use, other than the resources are not to be offered for sale or shared without my prior consent.

OK…lets get started.  I will pretty much follow what David said about his resources with an occasional comment of my own…or I may paraphrase when necessary.  Let’s start with:

Tribal Beads and Weaves Brush Strokes

This image is a screen capture of Tribal Beads as shown on Jitterbrush

This image is a screen capture of Tribal Beads as shown on Jitterbrush

The above image demonstrates some of the brush strokes possible using the Tribal Beads and Weaves Brushes.  The Tribal Beads and Weaves brushes for Corel Painter 12.2 and above have been primarily developed to quickly place a repeating jewellery element in your compositions.

Enclosed Variants are:

Beaded Braid 3 Strand, Beaded Braid 5 Strand, Beaded Braid 7 Strand, Beads 1 String Dab 1, Beads 1 String Dab 2, Beads 1 String Dab 3. Beads 1 String Dab 4, Beads 1 String Round, Beads 3 String Dab 1, Beads 3 String Round, Beads 5 String Dab 1, Beads 5 String Round, Beads 7 String Dab 1, Beads 7 String Round, Sequin Braid, Tiny Bead Necklace, Tribal Weave 1, Tribal Weave 2, Tribal Weave 3.

Here is a quick video showing the brushes in action.

Download Variants as a Category or as a Library…your choice:

Tribal Beads & Weaves Category

Tribal Beads & Weaves Library

If you choose to download the Category, download and save the Tribal Beads_Weaves.brushcategory “as is” to your computer.  Open Painter and go to Brushes > Import > Category and click open.  The category will load in the currently active Library.

If you choose to download the Library, download and save the Tribal Beads_Weaves.brushlibrary “as is” to your computer.  Open Painter and go to Brushes > Import > Brush Library and then click on the Tribal Beads_Weaves.brushlibrary file.  It will create a new library with Tribal Beads and Weaves loaded.

Enjoy your gift from David.


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    • Thanks Lois. I will if I can, but my email address for David was on his Jitterbrush site and when he closed the site, I lost contact. I’m hoping he will see the post and maybe send me a note. Skip

    • Thanks. It is good to hear from folks who already use these variants. I suspect a lot of folks do. These were on his site. I will be posting some that are older and were not easily available. It will be interesting to see the response. Some are pretty amazing. Skip

  1. Hi Skip,
    Having received your mails etc for many years now I just want to thank you for your generosity to share so many things with us “normal” Painter user. It is a delight to follow you and I learn a lot. I also feel affinity with you as I am also “older”…
    Thank you and also a big thanks to David.
    regards from Sweden

    • Thank you so much Evasusanne! It is so exciting to have a follower from Sweden; isn’t it wonderful the world is a much smaller place now. The affinity is that we are both young at heart, right? Skip

  2. Thankyou so much Skip, and David, I so appreciate your blog, website, all that you share, your tutorials, sending out updates of when the cintig is drivers are being updated etc. I so appreciate you and everything you do. Thankyou David also for sharing his expertise thru your site as well…his brushes…wow! What a gift from you both…and I wanted to say how much I appreciate everything you do Skip! I hope your sister is feeling better, to have such a serious injury is challenging to recover from. You are a wonderful brother to help her out as you have…your heart is open and full of love. Thankyou for everything you have done for us here in cyber space, for offering and sharing your expertise, brushes, and your beautiful painting videos etc. I am a beginner with painter and I am so happy to have found you here…and just want to thank you for everything you have done for artists around the world. You are so appreciated and David too!!! Thankyou! Wishing you a beajutiful day!!! Brenda Forsey

    • Thanks again Brenda. Joy, my sister, is doing as well as can be expected. She is still recovering and I hope she will get back to her baseline. Time will tell, but at the moment…all is well. Hope you have a great day, too. Mine is lovely so far. Fall is in the air and it is bright and sunny. Enjoy, skip

  3. Thank you, Skip, for sharing this great set of bushes and the video as well. Much appreciation to David as well.

  4. First of all, thank you for providing access to these brushes! I can’t wait to use them. The problem I am havng is that when I download the zip files and try to unzip them, it only shows the folder with the Jpg, nib, xml, and stk files in it. There is no brushcatagory or brushlibrary file to import. No sure what I am doing wrong, any pearls of wisdom to help me import these into Corel Painter?

    • Hi Raul,
      First, you do not want to unzip the files. You want them to stay in zipped format. I am hearing from others that they are downloading a zip file. I am guessing that something is wrong with your browser settings or Mac settings. I am using Windows, and I know that I can set Firefox automatically to unzip a file on download. You do not want to do this. The extensions .brushcategory and .brushlibrary are disguised zip files that Painter recognizes. I am thinking that what you want to do is download the file marked Tribal Beads_Weaves.brushcategory and if it downloads as Tribal Beads_Weaves.zip, then change the zip extension to .brushcategory and proceed. If you download Tribal Beads_Weaves.brushlibrary and it downloads as Tribal Beads_Weaves.zip, then change its zip extension to .brushlibrary. Or, find out why your system or browser is changing the file. It is definitely a .brushcategory or .brushlibrary file. Hope this helps, Skip

      • Hi, As a Mac-user I have had no problems with the downloading. There was no option about zip file. Just download as “bruschcategory” and then install in Painter. Very easy….for me at least.

        • Thank you for the extra information. I may have been wrong thinking it was Macs. I know that Microsoft Edge will also switch the file to a zip file, which would happen on Windows Machines. I’m never sure which platform will be affected. In both platforms, I believe it is the browser settings that cause the problems. Again, thank you for letting us know with your setup, you are not having problems. It helps a great deal to verify the problem is not universal. Skip

      • Hello Skip,
        Thank you for mentioning downloading the file in a different browser. I tried downloading it in Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and that immediately solved the problem. Raul

        • Great…thanks for letting me know. The browsers have settings for how they are going to download a file. If you want to keep using Internet Explorer, then see if you can find the setting that tells it to download and unzip a zipped file. I’m not sure where it is, but I am pretty sure there is a setting like that. The same issue happens in Microsoft Edge. Again, thanks for letting me know what worked. Skip

  5. Skip I’m so happy you will be hosting David’s wonderful collection. What a shame it would be for Painter users to lose access to them. Btw, I was going to send you David’s email from my address book, but it turns out that in the several years I occasionally corresponded with him, the only email addresses I had were for the jitterbug domain and his old ntworld domain…also gone. Perhaps Steve has an email address for him?

    • Hey Nightshadow,
      No problem. I couldn’t find the ntworld address on the computer I was using in Mississippi and the jitterbug one came up first on the one in Georgia. But another and better search revealed the older email address and we have since sent notes back and forth. I’m so glad to have connected again. I have been asking him all sorts of questions about the brushes and finding out information I never knew. I am not asking about how he made the brushes, but why. I am finding that very interesting. Thanks…Skip

    • Thank you so much! And yes, you will be able to download the rest of David’s brushes here. I have 32 or so categories and I will put them all up. I just wanted to spread it out a little. Once they are on the blog, I’ll make a page with all of his brushes in one place. Also, there will be some scripts available, too. My favorite resets the currently active paper to its default settings. I love that one. And in my class, one of my students came up with a script that resets Flow maps to their default settings. He has given me permission to share that as well. So stay tuned…lots more to come. Skip

  6. Hello Skip. First off, I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s accident. I saw a quiet time on your blog and was somewhat worried. Second, it is quite understandable that David entrusted you with his material, and still quite an honor. You are such a prolific sharing person and it is greatly appreciated.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this treasure and your knowledge. It is always a pleasure to learn something more from a true Master.

  8. Skip, thank you so much for your brushes. I wanted to ask if there is a way I can use the WYSIWYG brush to capture a paper pattern a different way as I cannot locate that anywhere on the site anymore since David took jitterbrush down? I realy appreciate your YouTube channel as it is helping me so much to learn more. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Hi Nathaniel…I’ve been distracted with family issues and so haven’t been keeping up lately. I do have the WYSIWYG brush and David will allow me to post it for everyone. Give me a few days and I’ll try to post it for you. Thanks, Skip

  9. Hi Skip,
    I’ve been playing with David’s tribal brushes since you shared them back in 2016 and waiting to see what was going to be next. Have you released anything since? It was so fantastic for David to share his stuff with you and I hope to see more. I was watching one of your older webcasts on Youtube the other day where you mentioned David’s site and it got me thinking so I decided to ask.

    • Hi Kurt,

      My bad…unfortunately, I haven’t posted anything else, but I promise to start very soon. I’m still in the midst of the class about Painter 2018, but I am almost finished. When that is done, I’ll get back to posting more. I have had a lot of personal issues going on as well, which has curtailed my blog and you tube post. That is also settling down…so I will be back with lots of stuff soon. Thanks for asking, Skip

      • Do what you need to do, Skip. You do an amazing amount of sharing, but your personal life needs to take precedence. I just wondered because I hadn’t seen anything and wondered if it was hidden in plain sight.

  10. Hi Skip – Any chance that you’ll be uploading David’s Suminagashi brushes? Thanks for all you do!

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