Corel Painter 2017 Update 1 Is Available!

Hello Everyone,

Update 1 for Corel Painter 2017 is available for download.  You can get the download one the Patches and Updates Page.  Following is a copy of the information provided about the update.  It looks great!

Painter 2017 Update 1 – Readme Notes

Important note for users of OS X Sierra (10.12): To apply this update, you must download the Painter2017Update1.dmg file directly from the web site and install it. Trying to install the update from within the application on OS X Sierra will result in an installation error.
Click here to download the update for Macs.

Windows users can download the update from Patches and Updates Page.

Painter 2017 Update 1 will update the initial release of Painter 2017 to the latest version.

If you experience any issues after installing this update, we recommend that you reset your workspace to ensure that all of the new features appear correctly. You can reset your workspace by holding down the Shift key when starting the application. A dialog box appears to confirm the restoration of the factory default settings.

Support for OS X Sierra (10.12)

  • (Mac 10.12) When purchasing a brush pack, the Close button in the payment wizard is now displayed correctly.

Application Fixes

  • (Mac OS, Wacom tablet) Now Painter properly changes focus to the selected brush after you use keyboard shortcuts.
  • (Windows 7 and Windows 10) The icons in the Toolbox now display correctly on second launch of Painter. If you still experience this issue after applying the update, reset your workspace.
  • (Windows) All items in the following menus are less likely to be cutoff at common display settings: Window > Brush Control Panel, Tools menu (Window > Custom Palette > Add Command), Other menu (Window > Custom Palette > Add Command). Some related menu items are now grouped and appear in submenus.
  • (Windows) Painter file associations now work as expected when Painter 2017 coexists with a previous version on the same machine.
  • (Windows) The Help > Messaging Settings command lets you choose whether and how often to receive notifications about product updates and set other message preferences.
  • Applying gradients with the Interactive Gradient tool works as expected when switching channels.
  • Choosing a paper after applying a paint effect to a gradient no longer affects your brush size.
  • Dual monitors: The Brush Selector appears as expected when moved to the upper-left corner of the secondary display.
  • It is now easy to add nodes to shapes.
  • Now when you hide all palette drawers in the Default workspace layout and exit the application, and then re-launch the application and display the palette drawer list (Window > Palette Drawers), Painter properly displays a list of all palette drawers that are available in the Default workspace layout.
  • Now when you reposition a palette, hide it, and do not display it over two consecutive launches of the application, the next time you launch Painter and show the palette, it opens in the expected location.
  • Painter no longer stops responding after you choose a Digital Watercolor brush, try to transform a texture, and then cancel the transformation and exit the application.
  • Painter no longer stops responding when you delete content from custom palettes by using the context menu.
  • Painter no longer stops responding when you manipulate nodes on captured gradients that have numerous nodes.
  • Painter no longer stops responding when you remove, rename, import, or export a brush category and then try to purchase a brush.
  • Painter no longer stops responding when you try to paint in the image window using a Wacom stylus pen without first creating or opening a document.
  • Texture Cover brushes now work as expected when you paint on a document, then create a new document, paint on it, close it, and then paint on the first document.
  • The cursor icon size no longer affects the accuracy of the sampled color when using the Dropper tool.
  • The Preserve Transparency layer setting is no longer ignored when you apply a fill (Edit > Fill) while the Interactive Gradient tool is selected.
  • The Scale Selection dialog box accepts new values by default so you can now complete the scaling operation by pressing Return (Mac OS) or Enter (Windows).
  • There’s no longer a flow map or paper shift with dab stencils when you paint on a layer versus when you paint on the canvas.
  • When you reinstall Corel Painter or install it on another computer, you can restore your purchases. This will help you download the brush packs that you have already purchased and reinstall them.
  • When you select a custom media library and relaunch Painter, Painter no longer reverts to the default library.

Check it out and enjoy Corel Painter 2017,


20 responses to “Corel Painter 2017 Update 1 Is Available!

  1. Skip, I am trying to run the patch for windows 10 on the PC and it keeps getting stuck at “INITIALIZING THE INSTALLATION WIZARD” Tim said you might have had this problem. Any clues?

    • Hi Barb, yep I have that problem and I don’t know why. It isn’t stuck…it just takes forever. Just start the installation process and you will get the little window that says the installation wizard is initializing. Let it do its thing. Do not stop it. Go have a cup of coffee…or go shopping. Or if you want to stay around, surf the web while it is doing its thing. On my fastest machine, it took 35 minutes to initialize. On my slowest machine about an hour. Have faith…it does work, but you have to find the patience of Job…or a tranquilizer or maybe you can take a nap. Hope this helps, Skip

  2. Hi Skip,
    I just upgraded all of my equipment with iMac, with Sierra, painter 2017, Cintiq 27 QHD and an ergatron arm. After doing all of the changing from my old Mac to the new one and adding Sierra I developed a problem in all of my versions of painter x3 through 2017 crashing upon opening. I contacted support regarding the crashes and was told that Painter 2017 is not made to work with Sierra. Our final solution was to wipe the Mac clean and start over only with 2017 installed. Now everything is working well. My major question is if your brushes will work with 2017. I really like the buttery oils library but am afraid to install them for fear I will have the same problem again. Do you think buttery oils will work in 2017?

    • Hey Marty,
      Yes, any of my brushes will work in Painter 2017. I haven’t heard that about Sierra and I know folks who use Painter with Sierra. I know of no issues with the brushes in Painter 2017, either. I can’t believe it was necessary to wipe your system in order to make Painter work. Yes, I can see running repairs on the older versions or doing shift starts to get them to work, but to wipe your system…that is awful. Skip

  3. Hello Skip,My name is Raul and I am an aspiring digital artist. I have read many of your posts over the years and would like to request some technical advice from you. I am in the market for a new laptop and have read many reviews regarding performance, but I am more interested in hearing from someone who actually has experience in the digital arts. Could you provide any pearls of wisdom on what I should be most concerned with when considering a laptop pc to use with Corel Painter and Photoshop? Best wishes,Raul

    • Hi Raul, It is very difficult to recommend a product for someone. I can tell you what I have and what I like, but what is good for me may not be good for someone else. What I generally tell folks is decide on a budget, and then increase it at least 10% and buy the most powerful processor possible within your budget. There are more things to consider, but processor is key. Hope that helps a little.

  4. Hi, Skip! I just got Painter 2017, and I was wondering: is there a way to have a default setting for brushes so that they’re all tapered? I’m thinking of one of the default photoshop brushes where it’s fatter in the middle and nicely pointed on the ends. I really wanted to find a brush that I can use to do linework. I was trying to figure it out, but I can’t see any option, even with using my Wacom tablet. Worst comes to worst I can try importing my photoshop brushes or my old ones from Painter X, I guess. Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,
      Any brush can be made to paint with a thick to thin stroke based on pressure. And there are quite a number of Painter brushes already set to do this. From your brush selector, select Sumi-e, Thick Blossom Sumi-e. Paint a few strokes. You should get a thin line with light pressure and a thicker line with heavier pressure. If you go to Size icon in the property bar or go to Window > Brush Control Panels > Size and open the size panel, you will see that this brush has its size set to 50, min size to 10% and expression to pressure. That means that as the pressure changes from lightest to heaviest…the brush size will change from 10% of 50 to 100% of 50. So the size will go from 5 to 50 depending on the pressure applied with the stroke. I prefer to take the min size all the way to zero or very close to zero so that I can get a very thin line to a fatter line. Most brushes can be altered in the size panel to go from thin to thick. I’m not suggesting using the thick Blossom Sumi-e; I just used it for an example. But, if you look around you will find many brushes already set up for thick and thin…or as I said, you can change most of the variants your self to use pressure to create the size of the variant. Hope this helps, Skip Happy New Year

  5. Hi Skip, i recently downloaded painter essentials fully functional demo to my new mac powerbook running sierra os. it is almost impossible to use. I was trying to use a small, simple soft cloner brush on an 8″ x 12″ 150 ppi image, and the brush lags at about half the speed and just randomly trails off much further than the stroke i make. i contacted customer support and their reply was that painter essentials and painter are not compatible with sierra. they did not mention any patches for essentials. i then downloaded the essentials program to my desktop running yeosemite, and when i launch the program, the brush will not even move when i try to paint in the image. i am not using a tablet, i am just using a mouse, so i can rule out a wacom driver issue. any suggestions?

    • Hi David,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a Mac, so I cannot test your issues. I do know folks are running Painter 2016 with Sierra; I do not know anyone using Essentials with Sierra.
      But…do try this and see if it helps. When you first install Essentials, it is best to use a Shift/Start when your open it for the first time. I am guessing that you didn’t do that. If not, try it now. Before launching Essentials, hold down the shift key and keep it down, then start Essentials. Hold down the shift key until a window opens to reset the program to factory defaults. Once that window opens, you can let go of the shift key. Now select reset to Factory defaults…do not save any old customization. If you have made custom stuff you want to keep, then save it before resetting Essentials to factory defaults. OK…after the reset, try your brushes and see if they behave better. If not, I would suggest uninstalling Essentials and installing it again. This time, on the first launch, hold down the shift key and reset to factory defaults. See if that corrects the problem…if not…send me another note and I’ll try to think of something else. Hope this helps, Skip

  6. Hi Mr Allen!
    My Art Pen(with Intuos Pro S) is not working on this update, or even before the update. it doesn register pressure, tilt, rotation, its functioning just like a mouse pen. Its like this on Mac OS Sierra and High Sierra. I already did the clean reinstall of both Painter and Wacom driver. I bought Painter 2017 last week and it was a disappointment to not being able to take advantage of the tool! Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

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