New Wacom Drivers Available and a Welcomed Change in the Way They Are Organized

Hello Everyone,

Wacom released drivers twice since I last posted.  Wacom has grouped the drivers so you do not have to look around for the current driver for your product.  Take a look at the image below.  Notice that under Latest and Previous Drivers, you have a drop down menu that lists all the compatible products for that set of drivers.  And look farther down and you see Drivers for Previous Generation Products.  The image doesn’t show the complete web page and if you cannot read it in your browser, click it to enlarge the image.  But, best of all go to Wacom Driver Homepage and look for yourself.

Wacom Driver Page

Wacom Driver Page

I think this is a wonderful change; it makes it so much easier to select the correct driver.  Thank you bunches Wacom!!!

Happy New Year everyone,


17 responses to “New Wacom Drivers Available and a Welcomed Change in the Way They Are Organized

    • Hi Mike,
      I must be missing something. I am unsure what you tried. Have you asked a question in another part of the blog and are responding here? If so, can you tell me where the original comments are located…there are over 4000 comments on the blog and I don’t know where to look if there is more to your comment. As far as the new drivers, I haven’t tried to download them yet. I am currently in MS and I have an Intuos 5 touch with me. My 24 HD touch is back in GA. I hope to return home next week and plan on downloading the drivers and testing them at that time.
      If you want to tell me what you have tried and what you mean by “it” still doesn’t recognize my 24HD, I’ll see if I have any suggestions. If not…I hope you are able to resolve your issue.

  1. Hi sSkip ,

    I just installed the new Wacom driver and am having a problem with my art pen stopping working. I reinstalled the earlier driver and continue to have the same problem. Just wonder if anyone else has had the same problem. The Pen works for a few strokes and stops. If I turn off Painter 2017 and then restart it the pen will work for a few strokes then stop again. I’m afraid to try new drivers now. I’m using iMac with Wacom 27HQ Cintiq. The pen had been working fine up to now.


    • Hi Marty,
      Are you using Sierra OS 10.12 with your iMac? I am not sure, but I think some folks are still having trouble with Painter and Sierra. If you go to Corel’s Painter homepage and look at the specs…it doesn’t list OS X 10.12…only OS X 10.11, 10.10, and 10.9. As you know I am not a Mac person, so I cannot do extensive tests, but I’m guessing that there may be an issue on some Mac computers…not all…and Sierra. I say not all, because I do know some folks are using OS 10.12 with Painter and having no problems. Now, is the issue with Painter or Wacom…that is hard to determine. If you are only having trouble with the art pen and the grip or whatever the new pen is called with the 27 HQ Cintq is called, then maybe the issue is with Wacom. You may want to uninstall the newest driver and reinstall the older one and if it works again, I wouldn’t update until the next driver release. I am still in MS, but hope to go home this week. I haven’t installed the new drivers yet, so I can’t give you my experience, yet. I hope this helps. I will be posting another comment from another follower who is having the same issue with the art pen.

  2. With Imac running on Sierra and the latest Wacom driver for my Cintiq 24HD my pen froze twice using Painter 2017 I wonder if this is a problem with the new driver or The OZ Sierra for APPLE. Has anyone had the same problem?

    • Hi Rouben,
      I got another response from a follower who had the same problem with the 27 HQ Cintiq and an art pen. I don’t know if she is using Sierra…she is on a Mac, but didn’t mention her OS. If the issue is only with the art pen and your grip pen works fine, it would seem to be a Wacom issue, but I don’t know. I have a 24HD Touch Cintiq, but I am in MS and the Cintiq is in my home in GA. Also, I use a PC. Anyway, until I get home in a week or two, I will not be able to test my Cintiq with the new drivers. One thing I did notice…on Corel’s Painter home page, under specs…Sierra OS X 10.12 is not listed…only OS X 10.11, 10.10, and 10.9. I am not a Mac user, so I may have the numbers incorrect, but I think Sierra is OS X 10.12. I do know a number of Painter users who are using Sierra without any issue, but there may be others like yourself who are having problems. Sorry I cannot be more help.

  3. Hello Skip. I got your email about new Wacom drivers. Thanks. I still have an Intuos 4 tablet and decided to download the latest driver for Mac. But when I clicked the Download link I was told first to delete my existing driver. But I don’t know where it is, so can’t delete it. I know you don’t hold with these pesky Macs, but can you give me any clue as to what to do?

    • Hi Val,
      It isn’t just with a Mac that you get that message, I get it with a PC, too. The message may be talking about one of two things. One, they may want you to download any other downloads of drivers just so you will not make a mistake and install the wrong one. Or, they are telling you to be sure and uninstall your current driver before you install the latest one. In any event, I just download the driver and I never delete anything before the download. But, I do uninstall the current driver before I install the update. I do have a video about how to do that on a Mac. Take a look at it; I think it will show you where you current driver is located. Uninstalling and Installing a Wacom Driver.

  4. Thank you so much Skip this was exactly what I needed went right to it, downloaded fine , otherwise I was looking forever for where I needed to be! Hugs.

  5. I would give anything for the exported driver setup you have for the Cintiq radial feature. I simply get confused by it and have an impossible time trying to get that set up right! I’ve watched your tutorial on this several times and still… don’t seem to ‘get it’. Wacom could have and should have made the interface for this much more simple to assign directly by clicking on each slice and making sub menus for them however deep you wish to go with them. Frustrating how they do things.

    • Hi, I would give you my cintiq Wacom backup if it would work, but I have been trying to do just that this last week with two of my students. Unfortunately, my Wacom Backup files could not be restored on their computers. I’m sorry my videos don’t help explain the process. It has been a while since I did a video about setting up the on-screen controls (aka radial menu). I’ll try to get one done soon. Enjoy, Skip

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