Painter 2018 Is Here! Check it out.

Painter 2018, New Thick Paint Palette Knives


Hello Everyone,

Corel Painter has released its newest version today.  As usual, I will have a “What’s New” class which will start on Saturday, July 8th.  Register here for Painter 2018: Is It Real Paint?

Paint in the latest version of Corel Painter is better than ever.  It is stunningly luscious.  The new “Thick Paint” will surprise everyone.  I used to say I could smell the paint when using Corel Painter, now I am concerned I will need to clean paint off my screen. You are going to love “Thick Paint.”

As in previous what’s new classes, Painter 2018: “Is It Real Paint?” will focus on the new or enhanced features.  The class is primarily for intermediate or advanced users, but I still encourage beginners to join. With a new version, we are all beginners, right?  I cannot cover all the older functions of Painter in a class like this, but if anyone, beginner or advanced user alike, has a question about some earlier function that helps you understand a new feature…no problem…I will help.  So…let’s talk about what is new in Painter 2018?

I think everyone is going to be very excited about the new “Drip and Liquid Technology.”  Remember how the Sargent Brush could only be used on the Canvas Layer…or a layer that already had pigment…well…not any more.  We can now use Drip and Liquid Brush methods on any layer. I can’t wait to show you the ton of possibilities this added feature allows us to do.

Do you love to clone?  Oh my gosh, wait till you see the “Enhanced Cloning Features.”  Remember how you hated to clone an object that had blank space around it…remember…it cloned white…yuck.  Not any more, Painter recognizes transparent areas…and more.

And then there are “2.5D brushes!”  What are those?  Well, they are almost 3D brushes…get it…2.5D.  OK, I didn’t get it at first.  These are basically like the texture brushes introduced last year but with added depth…sort of like a 3D effect.  These are going to be to fun play with especially when used in conjunction with other variants.

“Texture Synthesis” is surprising.  Basically, you can take any photo, texture image, whatever, and select part or all of it, and then have Painter repeat the texture in a larger area.  And you can paint with the texture using a texture variant.  Gosh…this one is hard to explain.  You will have to join the class to see this one in action, but I will tell you this, I have a secret use for the technique that I think is going to be very useful.

Oh boy…one of my favorite new things, ”Selection Brushes.”  Ready for this, you can turn almost any variant into a selection brush.  When you paint with it, it will create a selection based on the properties of the variant.  If you are using a brush that shows a lot of grain, then your selection will show a lot of grain.  I am going to use this feature a lot.

Also new is “Fill with Texture.”  Remember how we can fill with patterns, gradients, clone source, color and even weaves.  Well, now we can fill with Textures.  And since we can make neat selections with the Selection Brushes and create new textures with Texture Synthesis, filling with texture is even more powerful and useful.

Then there is this new feature called “Random Grain Rotation.”  When activated, Painter rotates the paper grain just a bit with each stroke.  It is cool…the effect is subtle but adds just a bit of spice to the image.  Of course, it only works with variants that show paper grain, which are many.

There are many new brushes, too.  As a matter of fact, there is even a completely new library dedicated to “Natural Media Variants.”  If you are a traditional painter, this library is of special interest and may be your favorite new feature.

And that brings us back to “Thick Paint!”  As you can imagine, there will be lots of bristle type brushes using thick paint, but what I really love are the palette knives.  Yes, Painter has palette knives truly emulate traditional palette knives.

Download link for Free Trial



53 responses to “Painter 2018 Is Here! Check it out.

  1. Hi Skip:

    Do you have a reduced price for upgrading to the Corel Painter 2018 version, that is now being sold by Corel for $269.00.

    Thank you so much…

    Doreen (Willushaw)

    • Hi Doreen,
      Special reduced pricing will be offered by Corel later today or first thing in the morning. Keep a look out. Most folks will be notified by email I believe.

        • Hi Ruth,
          I have heard $129.00 and $99.00, but I don’t know which one is correct…maybe both. Please look at the comments above. Several folks have called the number that John provided and gotten a special price. I haven’t not tried it myself.
          Enjoy, Skip

            • Hi Ruth,
              I’m not sure what you are saying. I suggested calling a number not using a link. But, if you are using Chrome and you are going to the download link and you get a file for Painter 2017, then you need to clean your browser’s cache. There are many products available to do this for you. I like CCleaner and use the professional version…but like I said, there are many. I am in MS at the moment and about two months ago I wiped this older computer and reloaded Windows 10. I had not loaded CCleaner on it. When I went to the download link using Chrome, I got a link for 2017. My good buddy Tim Shelbourne suggested cleaning my cache…so I loaded CCleaner and ran it. Once the browser’s cache was cleaned…I went back to the same link and got the correct download. So, I suspect that you are using Chrome and your browser needs to be cleaned. I suspect the same will be true for Edge and possibly Firefox. Hope this helps, Skip

        • I believe the #129.00 discount is still available. I just opened Painter 2018 and the offer is in the Welcome Window. If you have disabled the Welcome Window, open it from the help menu and an upgrade price of #129.00 shows. Enjoy, Skip

  2. Skip,

    You probably know this-as you know everything about Corel Painter-that you can buy an upgrade for $99.00 instead of $129 as shown on Painter 2017 Painter start up by calling Corel Support at the following number:

    1-877-582-6735 tel:1-877-582-6735

    I think this price may last about a week.

    Best Regards,

    John Levins


  3. Oh, Skip, you’re a big tease. I totally was not going to update because due to remodeling my house, I never got through all of what was in 2017. But this sounds very tempting. Will I like this for my abstract art? It really sounds like it. Plus, I think i will like it even better than 2017 for photos. I’m going to try the free trial. Will I have a lot of problems if I don’t know 2017 all that well? I understand the basics of textures. I understand the glazing brushes, but I’m not sure I 100% understand dab stencils. I keep playing with them.

  4. Hi Skip

    Painter 2018 sounds like a useful upgrade ….
    Unfortunately, the download link that you supplied for the PC trial software is only ver 2017 (the Mac ver is 2018).

    Please do you have an alternative link for the PC version ???

    Many thanks


    • Hi Brian, the link should have given you an option. It may not have been up at the time I posted…I don’t know. Try this one, but if it is only for the Mac…just google Painter 2018 and you will probably get to the right place. Painter 2018.
      Enjoy, Skip

  5. Everyone…I talked with Tanya Lux and she indicated that the $99 price means you are getting the Education version rather than the regular version. They are identical products, but with the education version, you do not have an upgrade route and you are not supposed to use if for professional reasons. You are not supposed to sell work made with the education version. So, it might be best to stay with the $129 upgrade discount offered. That way you get the best of both worlds. That’s the rest of the story as I understand it. Skip

    • I think Corel needs to get its story straight. That’s not what they told me. This is crazy. So what are people supposed to do who bought the $99 version? Once again just say we’ve been screwed by Corel? Gosh I’m tired of this.

      • All is fine Kerry. Your version is the regular version and is fully supported. You are lucky and got the $99 price, which wasn’t authorized but is being supported. They have made sure the sales team understands the offer of $129 is the correct offer and the $99 offer isn’t on the table. Sorry for my confusion. Enjoy, Skip

        • Thanks, Skip! I see the response below. What a mish mash mess. Well, I guess Iucked out! I’ll just proceed with a smile. Thanks for helping us out with Corel. I really appreciate your help. We need it. See you in class. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m frantically finishing a painting in 2017.

    • That’s nice… the gentleman at Corel didn’t bother to mention that when I ordered. Skip, are we able to upgrade to future versions with this $99 version or is this the end of the line? I agree with Kerry Mitchell, Corel shouldn’t be so sneaky. There are many other painting software out there today that are able to do the same that Painter does, for far less. I’m using other software now and am very happy. So, if my “education” version is unable to upgrade to the next version when it becomes available, Corel has lost a customer!
      Something else I wanted to mention to you, Skip… have you had the chance to use the watercolor software, “Rebelle 2”. I know how much you love watercolor painting and this software is the closest that I’ve used digitally that compares to traditional watercolors. It is very inexpensive and you should give it a try.

      • Hey…My mistake. I misunderstood Tanya. She said that your purchase is for the regular version and will be fully supported as such. The education version is priced at $99, but requires proof you are a student. The offer for a discount of $129. is still in effect, but the $99 discount that your got has been shut down…it wasn’t authorized. So, you guys were lucky. But all is good, now. So sorry for the confusion on my part.
        As for Rebelle 2. I am familiar with it and use it from time to time, but I still prefer Painter and the rest of the bells and whistles that Rebelle doesn’t have. It is more of a personal decision on my part, but I don’t use Painter in combination with any other software, but there are lots of folks who do. So far, Painter provides all that I need. Enjoy, Skip

        • Thanks Skip, that’s a relief! I’ll be more careful in the future with this. As far as Rebel, I think the software is relatively new and would expect them to be adding more features similar to what Painter has in the future. I think they just added “selection” capabilities which is a big plus. I enjoy it and am one of those that use a combo of software to create my art. Thanks again for your help and comments. Looking forward to your next post. John

          • I love Rebelle. I use it for drips. I can’t get Painter to make drips like Rebelle can. The two are very different. I like Rebelle for very certain type of watercolor painting and Painter for other watercolor painting. The big thing about the Rebelle 2 update was the ability to save in Photoshop format psd so one can easily move from Painter to Rebelle to Photoshop, etc. Plus, it is more robust.

  6. Hey Everybody,

    If you got the $99 discount you were lucky. It wasn’t supposed to be on the table, but Corel is supporting your product fully. The #$129 discount is still in effect and it is a very good discount. Do not expect to get the $99 discount anymore. Thanks, Skip

  7. Hey Skip,
    I’m curious if the information on how to get flow maps for express painting will be available somewhere again. I can’t find any info from the old seminar anywhere and I just upgraded from P12 to 18. I read the comments from the youtube sample, but maybe the terminology for the folders is different now. Can’t seem to find the painteffects folder. I’m plenty comfortable messing around in my OS, so I wanted to give it a try.
    Thanks either way, Aaron

    • Hi Aaron, I explained how to do that in the class, Painter 2017, Woo Hoo at the digital art academy. I haven’t posted those videos anywhere else, but I did explain some on the You Tube videos you found. The terminology hasn’t changed, everything is still the same for making express paint utilize flow maps. Right now I’m slammed getting the new class ready for Painter 2018. After that is finished, I may have time to demonstrate the technique…but I am not promising. 🙂 My life has been sort of hectic this last year.

      • Hey Skip, Thanks for the reply. I found the folder. Thanks again for your site, info and classes. I still use several of your first brushes (and new ones) still to this day.

  8. Hi Mr Allen My name is Jesus Abreu Glad to talk to you. I just want to know if you have a tutorial of this beautiful flower painting that you did with the new Thick Paint brush from Corel Painter 2018, and if not, another tutorial working with Thick Paint. I appreciate your help a lot ThanKUUUU Jesus Abreu


    • Hi Jesus, I am sorry for the late reply. I do not have a tutorial for this painting, but I hope to have some tutorials up in a few weeks. Right now all my energy is focused on the class. After that is complete, I’ll try and do a few tutorials using thick paint.

  9. Help! I already have 2016. I downloaded the trial version of 2017 and decided to buy 2018. But the upgrade version 2018 will not download. Do I need to delete 2017 first? Thanks!

    • Hi Rod, I am so sorry for the delay in replying. I hope your issue has been resolved. I wouldn’t think having the trial version of 2017 on your computer would stop the download of 2018, but I do not know. This is probably best answered by Corel Tech Support. If you still haven’t resolved your issue, please feel free to write back and give me more details and I’ll see if I can help. I need to know exactly what is happening when you try to download, what operating system you are using, and what browser. Again, sorry for the delay in replying.

  10. Skip, I saw your painting for the P2018 promo and thought it looked so luscious I had to have it. Tell you what,…if it was any more “realistic” it would have to smell like turps!

    Been out of the loop for a bit…okay, a couple of years, but I thought of you all often!

    wish me luck getting back into the swing of things. Any books coming out? Other crutches for we us, who prefer to curl up with a good read?
    All the best,
    Kathy Dench

  11. The gravid matter about the Rebelle 2 update was the power to save in Photoshop data format psd so one can easily relocation from painter to Rebelle to Photoshop, etc. I just desire to know if you throw a tutorial of this beautiful heyday painting that you did with the raw compact paint brushwood from Corel painter 2018, and if not, another tutorial working with compact paint.

    • Hi Kathy,
      I don’t know exactly; I don’t have plans to close the class to students who have registered prior to 31 Dec 2017. The Painter 2017 class is still available for those who registered and it is well over a year since it started. However, don’t forget that all of the materials are available now. In other words, join the class and you can download all of the resources and videos to your computer. Then you can work at your leisure. As long as the class remains open you can post your work and ask questions, but I am also available to answer questions after a class closes…just send me an email or ask a question here. Hope this helps…

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