Corel Offers Special Upgrade Pricing for Painter 2017

Hey Everybody,

In my last post I announced that Corel had released Painter 2017.  I am seeing many folks asking if the special upgrade pricing is available.  I wasn’t sure, but then Debbie posted on FB how she got the special price.  The following video will show you how to find the special pricing.  I do not know how long the special will last…so grab it quickly.  In my video the price is $99.00 US, but the price will vary from country to country.

Get your copy today!!!



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  1. Being your video was not closed captioned I could not follow it to find out where or how to get the special upgrade pricing for 2017.

    • Open up Painter 2016 and go to the Help Menu and select Welcome. That will open up the Welcome Window. Now click on the Learn tab and then the first entry should be about 2017. Look to the right and you will see a learn more tab. Click it and it will take you to the discounted price page. Hope this helps. Skip

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  3. Hey Skip

    Who is Debbie? And where can I find the video with det special upgrade price?


    > 9. aug. 2016 kl. 17.47 skrev Skip Allen Paints : > >

    • Debbie is a friend of mine. Do you not see the video on my blog? The video on the blog will show you how to look for the upgrade pricing. Please let me know if you cannot see it.

  4. Hi Skip. Appreciate the video re: 2017 upgrade but I’ve opened and closed numerous times and never get to the screen you indicated. I’m using 2015. Any suggestions? Or maybe I should just call them.

    • I am not sure what to tell you Ken. I had the same thing happen. I opened the program and then quit and the offer popped up. I tried a second time and I got a notice to update Painter 2015. I tried a third time and nothing happened. Then on the fourth try I got the link when I opened Painter 2015. I think your product needs to be registered to get the notices. Did you register your product? If not, try doing that and see if it helps.

      • Skip, my 2015 is registered and I still can’t bring up the discounted upgrade. Called the 877-582-6735 number and the rep seemed baffled. She asked me to send a screen shot that referenced the deal so I did. She is allegedly going to call me back. We’ll see.

        Thanks for all you do for us.

        • This morning I got a download link from Corel support. The offer is valid through September 10th. They give me heart failure when they say the offer is only for one day and I can’t get through! The rep I spoke to yesterday was clueless. But I am downloading as I type! 2 minutes to go. Thanks again Skip.

          • Great news…so glad you got it. And glad to know the date as well. I had heard it on FB after you mentioned it was good for only one day. So maybe the Sep 10th date is a good one. Thanks Ken.

  5. Skip,

    I just ordered the $99 upgrade which upon speaking with a representative he said is good only for today but as always can be extended.

    Used phone number 1-877-582-6735


    John Levins

    • Thanks John,
      I don’t know any more information than I posted. I hope they do keep the sale price in effect. It seems silly to have the sale for one day only.

  6. Darn, just when I was nicely settled into P2016, along comes 2017. Of course I couldn’t resist the upgrade and at $103 AUD it’s a bargain. Thanks Skip, you’ve done it again!

  7. How long is your Painter 2017 class? Does everything in Painter 2016 have to be transferred into Painter 2017, together with special workspace, as we had to do from Painter 2015 to 2016?

    • Hi Alice,
      I am not sure exactly how long the class will be. When doing a class for a product that was just released, I develop the class on the go…so to speak. I think it will last from 3 to 4 weeks, but we will not close the class and it will remain as open enrollment for quite some time. The official start date of the class is Saturday, Aug 13th. If you have custom stuff in Painter 2016 that you want to use in Painter 2017, then, yes, you need to transfer it from one version to the next one. This can be done a number of ways, the simplest way would be to export your workspace from 2016 and import it into 2017. Once done, you would want to do a shift start retaining some customization. I hope you can take the class.

  8. Skip,
    Thanks for the notice. I opened and closed Painter 2015 on my Mac and saw no offer then, or in the Welcome screen, so I chatted with Corel customer support. After answering questions about my operating system and sending a screen shot of the serial number from the About Painter 2015 window in the program, I received a link, as well as an email taking me to the checkout cart with the $99 price. So I purchased Painter 2017 for $99. Thank you again.

    • That is great news Mike. When I tried it, I didn’t get the offer the first time I opened and closed 2015, but eventually it did show up. But it is good to know you were able to get the offer via sales. Thanks for making the comment.

  9. Hi Skip, I purchased the upgrade for 99… However, it is not able to open. Do you know where I can get tech support? I have been having so many problems this past week with my painter 16… The only tech support I can get is email… For which I now have three “tickets” … No help. So,I decided to just upgrade and was told this would fix any issues… Well, it did not. I write you out of sheer desperation. I lost a week’s worth of work and was also supposed to meet with a client last week! Please, if you have any suggestions where I can get help from a live tech support, or even a name of someone who can trouble shoot this problem I would be so greatful. Thankyou, Nancy N. Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

    • Hi Nancy,
      I am sorry, but I do not know how to get a live person for you, but if you will describe the problem here, I will try and help. Please tell me what type of computer you are running, PC or Mac, and its specs. Please tell me what operating system you are using and the latest update you installed. Then tell me in great detail what happens when you try to open Painter 2017…but also tell me what problems you have had with Painter 2016 and anything you have done to correct the problems. It may take a few hours to get back to you, but I will.

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