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      • Skip I am running into a problem choosing my media category for shows.
        How would you describe the landscapes on this page since you are not using real brushes and paint … digital art…

        I put together my photos to create the art layout and, use various programs like Corel 2018 to paint them, use graphite techniques then I print out on canvas and use acrylics over the canvas. I have been using “mixed media” (pigment, acrylic, and graphite) and have been questioned. Should I just say photography. I explain I have been hand painting them in Corel Painter?..
        Mounted on birch board.

        MARILYN Sholin says her art is art and uses photography.????

        I would appreciate your help on this. N

  1. Love it Skip, you always inspire us. I have a question, the time you painted the bouquet of Roses in thick paint, how did you get the two tine colors in the flowers, did you go over them with the second colors. Hope you get a moment to answer, it is my most favorite painting you did.

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