3 responses to “Runny thick paint_001

  1. How you did this canvas underground? It doesn’t look like the one on the video tutorial “001 New Papers and Skript Library “. Thank you

    • I used the same paper, but I didn’t use the script “Paper Overlay” to apply the paper to a layer. To do it this way, first select the paper you want to use, then fill the layer with a color. Next, go to the Menu Bar and select Effects > Apply Surface Texture and a window will open. The first drop down menu should be set to Paper. Then adjust the rest of the sliders to make the paper look like you want. Tip, I usually take shine to zero. I usually adjust the amount to 40% or less. I usually increase the softness to between .25 and 1. But this can change depending on the paper. Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you. I’ll follow your advice. I’m a new Corel Painter user and I already love it 😉 Have a good day

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